Johnny and the Sprites

Season 2 Episode 9

Ginger & the Shell / Fuzzies' Day Off

Aired Saturday 7:30 AM Apr 21, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • This show is just too darn cute!

    Yes, I'm an adult and I watch a children's show. I have my reasons. Usually what makes an episode my favorite is the song. And this one has the best song I've ever heard on the song that was not sung by Johnny. I'm a ballad person. always have been, and John Tartaglia's voice handle's them beautifully. But this episode featured Ginger singing a solo song about how the right thing to do is sometimes the hardest thing to do, and it was just lovely. To me, that makes the episode among the best. As for the second episode, a very fun parody of the old beach party movies that will amuse the parents watching with their kids.