Johnny and the Sprites

Season 2 Episode 11

Ginger's Grounded / Baby Johnny

Aired Saturday 7:30 AM Jul 21, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • This episode features the songs "No Spoffle" and "Sleepytime Lullaby." The first was written and composed by Gary Adler & Phoebe Kreutz and the second by Zina Goldrich & Marcy Heisler.

  • Quotes

    • Johnny: (practicing his song for baby Daniel) I want my rattle / I want my diaper / My diaper is stinking. (stops singing)) So is this song.

    • Sprites: (singing) It's time to say goodnight to every schmole or sprite / Time to get into your tree or mossy bed.
      Root: Tree or mossy bed.

    • Root: No, no, no, Johnny. No throw the diaper. Not nice!

    • Ginger: I never knew human babies were so much work!
      Lily: They are! But they're also sweet!

    • Root: Johnny's a baby. Yeah, he made a wish and poof! A baby! Uh, a big baby!

    • Johnny: I wish I could be a baby for just one day. Then I'd know exactly what kind of song Baby Daniel would like.

    • Ginger: Hey, thanks Root. That was amazing.
      Root: Oh, it was nothing.
      Ginger: Oh, it wasn't nothing! It was spofulous.
      Lily: So I think this proves that even small sprites can have big ideas.

    • Ginger: I've never seen spoffle from the ground before. It's so pretty!

    • Root: I can make a flower grow really, really big and then I can ride it up, up, up to the spoffle!

    • Basil: (singing) There will be no, no spoffle / Coming from the sky
      Lily: No, no spoffle / Do not bother asking why
      Johnny: Forgive us vegetation, we gave it our best try
      Johnny, Basil, Lily and Ginger: And there's nothing that we can do / And there'll be no, no spoffle for you.

    • Sage: Look high and low. You never know what's going to show up. Now that's your wisdom for today. Thank you!

    • Ginger: Hey ya, Root. Are you ready for Spoffle Day?
      Root: Oh, you bet!
      Johnny: Huh? Spoffle Day? Wh-What's Spoffle Day?
      Ginger: Oh. Once a year, air sprites sprinkle magical plant food over all the seeds in the Grove to help them grow into big, big plants. The plant food is called spoffle.

  • Notes

    • William H.K. Mooney & David Pitlik provided the teleplay for the first story and Peggy Sarlin provided the teleplay for the second story. Jim Martin directed the first story and Richard A. Fernandes directed the second story.

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