Johnny and the Sprites

Season 3 Episode 3

Johnny the Mud Troll / Helpful Basil

Aired Saturday 7:30 AM Feb 02, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Johnny the Mud Troll / Helpful Basil
Johnny the Mud Troll: When Ginger flies to retrieve a cloverball, Johnny expresses how great he thinks flying must be, and the idea that he would like to fly too. Ginger gets to thinking that Johnny really wants to be a Sprite and decides to ask Sage for a spell to make him one. When Sage is otherwise occupied, she looks up the spell in his spellbook, but ends up turning Johnny into a mud troll instead of a Sprite. Johnny pleads to be turned back, but Ginger doesn't know the countercharm. The Sprites all urge her to admit to Sage what happened so he can help, but she's embarrassed. Helpful Basil: When Johnny can't get to sleep, he visits Basil so that Basil can look up information on sleeping in his Helpful Hints book. Basil helps Johnny with a great tip, but that night the key to the book is stolen. That morning, Basil faces an increasing queue of those wanting help, but feels he can't help anyone without his book. He uses a special finding spell he was taught by Sage, but only ends up finding lost items of Johnny's. Basil is sure that he can't help anyone without his book, but Johnny feels Basil is more capable than he thinks.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Ginger turns Johnny into all of the following during "Johnny the Mud Troll" -- a mud troll, a pineapple, a lamp, a soccer ball, a cactus, a large unidentifiable plant and a fuzzy.

    • QUOTES (19)

      • Seymour: Ooh! That's what it is! A butterfly cocoon!
        Johnny: Wow, Basil, that's amazing. You even helped a butterfly get born.
        Basil: Yeah, I guess I did.

      • Johnny: (singing) Problems big or problems small / If you use your brain, you can fix 'em all / Oh, I believe in you, Basil / You should too / So tell yourself that you can help to fix whatever's wrong / Take a breath / Believe in you / And sing out loud and strong / Loud and strong!

      • Johnny: You can help everybody without your Helpful Hints book.

      • Ginger: You sure do lose a lot of stuff, Johnny!

      • Johnny: Wow, my umbrella. Hey, I lost it the other day. That finding spell is really something.
        Basil: Yeah, except that it's not finding my key. Oh, where could it be!? (sobs)

      • Basil: Hey, I know. I'll use the Sprite Finding Spell sage taught me last week. (clears throat) Bubble, double, tubble, tossed! Magic, find what has been lost.
        Johnny: You found my sock. I lost it in the laundry last week.
        Basil: Oh, that's nice, but where's the key to my fix-it book?

      • Basil: Have you tried warm milk?
        Johnny: Two glasses.
        Basil: Reading a book?
        Johnny: Ten chapters.
        Basil: Hopping on one leg?
        Johnny: First on the left, then on the right. Agh!

      • Johnny: So I'm going to see Basil. You see, Basil this Helpful Hints book. It's this special book that can solve any problems you might have. I know he can help me fall asleep. Pepper, parsley, clover, clove open the bridge to Grotto's Grove!

      • Johnny: And I'm very happy I never have to get in that mud again?
        Sage: You'll never have to go through that again. (pushes him into the mud)

      • Sage: And I'll never forget the time I explored Antarctica...
        Johnny: Sage!
        Sage: Found a frozen fuzzy. Melted him and he was just fine.

      • Basil: Now you turned Johnny into a lamp, Ginger. Where did you get that spell?

      • Ginger: Biddy, baddy, wampum wham!
        Lily: Ginger, look what you did. You turned Johnny into a... pineapple. Oh. Please undo the spell.

      • Johnny: (singing) It's kind of fun to go splat in the sun when you've got time to play / But I don't have time today to be a mud troll!

      • Johnny: (singing) It's a bad day to be a mud troll / Got lots of things to do / It's a bad day to be a mud troll / Turn me back, I'm asking you.

      • Johnny: I don't think I wanna be a mud troll. Or maybe I do.

      • Johnny: I don't know what's happened, but all I wanna do is play in the mud!

      • Ginger: How to turn a human into a Sprite. Here it is. The spell words are "biddy baddy wampum whum." Biddy baddy wampum what. I got it.

      • Ginger: I never knew Johnny wanted to be a Sprite. (gasps) I bet Sage would know how to make it happen.

      • Johnny: Wow! Ginger, that is so cool that you can fly like that. I think it's amazing.
        Ginger: Yeah, I just love flying and I love being a Sprite.
        Johnny: Heh heh heh. You know, I think if I were a Sprite, I'd fly all the time.

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