Johnny and the Sprites

Season 3 Episode 3

Johnny the Mud Troll / Helpful Basil

Aired Saturday 7:30 AM Feb 02, 2008 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Ginger turns Johnny into all of the following during "Johnny the Mud Troll" -- a mud troll, a pineapple, a lamp, a soccer ball, a cactus, a large unidentifiable plant and a fuzzy.

  • Quotes

    • Seymour: Ooh! That's what it is! A butterfly cocoon!
      Johnny: Wow, Basil, that's amazing. You even helped a butterfly get born.
      Basil: Yeah, I guess I did.

    • Johnny: (singing) Problems big or problems small / If you use your brain, you can fix 'em all / Oh, I believe in you, Basil / You should too / So tell yourself that you can help to fix whatever's wrong / Take a breath / Believe in you / And sing out loud and strong / Loud and strong!

    • Johnny: You can help everybody without your Helpful Hints book.

    • Ginger: You sure do lose a lot of stuff, Johnny!

    • Johnny: Wow, my umbrella. Hey, I lost it the other day. That finding spell is really something.
      Basil: Yeah, except that it's not finding my key. Oh, where could it be!? (sobs)

    • Basil: Hey, I know. I'll use the Sprite Finding Spell sage taught me last week. (clears throat) Bubble, double, tubble, tossed! Magic, find what has been lost.
      Johnny: You found my sock. I lost it in the laundry last week.
      Basil: Oh, that's nice, but where's the key to my fix-it book?

    • Basil: Have you tried warm milk?
      Johnny: Two glasses.
      Basil: Reading a book?
      Johnny: Ten chapters.
      Basil: Hopping on one leg?
      Johnny: First on the left, then on the right. Agh!

    • Johnny: So I'm going to see Basil. You see, Basil this Helpful Hints book. It's this special book that can solve any problems you might have. I know he can help me fall asleep. Pepper, parsley, clover, clove open the bridge to Grotto's Grove!

    • Johnny: And I'm very happy I never have to get in that mud again?
      Sage: You'll never have to go through that again. (pushes him into the mud)

    • Sage: And I'll never forget the time I explored Antarctica...
      Johnny: Sage!
      Sage: Found a frozen fuzzy. Melted him and he was just fine.

    • Basil: Now you turned Johnny into a lamp, Ginger. Where did you get that spell?

    • Ginger: Biddy, baddy, wampum wham!
      Lily: Ginger, look what you did. You turned Johnny into a... pineapple. Oh. Please undo the spell.

    • Johnny: (singing) It's kind of fun to go splat in the sun when you've got time to play / But I don't have time today to be a mud troll!

    • Johnny: (singing) It's a bad day to be a mud troll / Got lots of things to do / It's a bad day to be a mud troll / Turn me back, I'm asking you.

    • Johnny: I don't think I wanna be a mud troll. Or maybe I do.

    • Johnny: I don't know what's happened, but all I wanna do is play in the mud!

    • Ginger: How to turn a human into a Sprite. Here it is. The spell words are "biddy baddy wampum whum." Biddy baddy wampum what. I got it.

    • Ginger: I never knew Johnny wanted to be a Sprite. (gasps) I bet Sage would know how to make it happen.

    • Johnny: Wow! Ginger, that is so cool that you can fly like that. I think it's amazing.
      Ginger: Yeah, I just love flying and I love being a Sprite.
      Johnny: Heh heh heh. You know, I think if I were a Sprite, I'd fly all the time.

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