Johnny and the Sprites - Season 2

Disney Channel (ended 2008)


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  • "A Very Spritely Holiday" As Johnny decorates for the holidays, the sprites watch excitedly. They're even more interested when they see him and Gwen giving each other presents. Wanting to do something nice for him too, they design him a very pretty gift. With Sage's approval, they give it to Johnny. They learn that there's something important they didn't know about holiday gifts, but also learn the true meaning of the holidays. "A Sprites Snow Day" When heavy snow comes to the wood, the sprites head for the Grove only to find the entrance blocked by snow and ice. They decide to stay over at Johnny's who has offered them hot chocolate, but Gwen shows up just as they do. She really needs to get on her way, as she has the only snowplow in the village, but she can't remain outside without some type of snowshoes. The sprites come up with many ideas and think hard to help get Gwen on her way.moreless
  • 9/15/07
    "Laugh, Sprites, Laugh" When out hunting for Onions, Basil and Root instead come upon a growth of laughing lilacs -- special flowers that spread contagious laughter to anyone that comes in contact with them. Johnny comes to investigate the laughter and falls under the spell too. It's a bad situation, as he has a formal dance to attend with his friend Gwen that evening. He and the Sprites need to find a cure for the laughter quickly. "Hola, Lily" When Lily returns from a big trip around the world, she speaks excitedly of all the new friends she's made. She had so much fun that she's invited them all for a party, in Johnny's backyard. To welcome them, she has the idea to teach the rest of the sprites and Johnny how to say "hello" in many languages. Despite her best efforts, though, it seems like everyone keeps forgetting the words.moreless
  • 7/21/07
    "Ginger's Grounded" It's Spoffle Day in Grotto's Grove and Ginger is excited by the prospect of spreading spoffle all over to make plants grow. She's come up with her own special way of accomplishing the task, but ends up injuring her wing while trying to accomplish the convoluted flying trick. Sage tells them that they must come up with another way to distribute the spoffle and Root begs them to listen when he comes up with an idea. "Baby Johnny" When Sprite Wish Day comes to Grotto's Grove, the mist from Wishy Wash Falls wafts over to Johnny's house as well. It just so happens that Johnny is working on a song for his baby cousin Daniel and wishes for a baby's perspective, not realizing that his wish will come true. When the sprites realize what has happened, they do their best to take care of him, and give him inspiration in the process.moreless
  • 5/19/07
    "Basil's Band"

    In the midst of preparations for a potluck dinner, Johnny takes a moment to watch a video of a group dancing to his new song. When Basil sees this, he decides to join a band with the fuzzies. Unfortunately, he forgets various promises that he made to Johnny and the Sprites to help them with their food preparations. When Basil realizes his mistake, he decides that he has to do his best to put things right.

    "The Sprites' Rules"

    When Ginger and Basil get into an argument about their work, Johnny tells them that they need some rules to keep things functioning smoothly. The Sprites like the idea, but get carried away with it, and soon find themselves overwhelmed with continuous dancing, singing and humming. They go back to Johnny to find out what went wrong.moreless
  • "Ginger & the Shell"

    Lily is returning from a conference and the Sprites are throwing her a "welcome home" party, but she has depressing news. She lost a really neat seashell that she received for making the most beautiful waterfall and can't find it anywhere. Johnny and the Sprites all agree to help and when Ginger is late to the party, she learns of the news. She agrees to go search Grotto's Grove, but when she finds the shell, she begins to think it might be better off with her.

    "Fuzzies' Day Off"

    As Johnny cleans up his instruments, the Fuzzies in Grotto's Grove prepare for their 15th Millennial Day Off. As they throw a huge beach party in Johnny's backyard, the Sprites struggle to take care of Grotto's Grove without their help. They discover that there's more to the job than they ever knew.moreless
  • "Spring Tuning"

    It's been a long winter and Johnny and the Sprites are all excited by signs of spring. Basil alerts all the Sprites that it's Spring Tuning Day, a day when some very incredible Sprites called the Spring Tuners come and visit Grotto's Grove to put on a performance to wake up the Earth. The Spring Tuners, however, send a message saying that they won't be able to make it, so the Sprites take action themselves to ring in spring.

    "Where's the Water, Lily?"

    While Johnny and the creatures of his garden are enjoying a brand-new fountain, the Sprites have found that all of the water has disappeared from Grotto's Grove. Lily, as the Water Sprite, is especially disturbed by the lack of water. When Basil's logs reveal this to be an unprecedented event, she consults with Sage. He advises her that things don't simply happen without a reason, so she needs to figure out what's changed that could be causing the problem.moreless
  • "The Sprites Sleep Over"

    When the Sprites learn about the concept of a sleepover, they decide to have one with Johnny, as they've never had one before. Not having any experience with them, they have no idea what to do, but Johnny helps them to see what happens at sleepovers. When the Sprites learn that sleeping happens during a sleepover, they're worried because none of them except Lily have slept outside of Grotto's Grove before.

    "Seymour the Sleuth"

    When a few melons disappear from Johnny's garden, Seymour the Schmole decides it's a mystery worth investigating. He dresses up as a detective and starts searching for clues. Seymour finds himself stymied in his investigation, not realizing that the culprit is closer than he ever could have imagined.moreless
  • 2/10/07
    "Seymour's Guest"

    Seymour the schmole has a guest from Down Under --- a schwombat cousin named Russell. Seymour is the middle of fixing up his borough, so he asks the Sprites if Russell can stay with them. The Sprites agree, but soon learn that Russell is a nocturnal animal when his noisy activities keep them up at night.

    "Root of Passage"

    Root is facing a big moment in his life --- the first time he makes the journey to the portal to Johnny's yard on his own. Root goes through a special ceremony and chooses Johnny as his friend to wait for him at the end of the portal. The others encourage Root to make his journey, but Root is scared and worried that he's not ready.moreless
  • 2/3/07
    "Ginger Listens"

    After winning a beanball game, Ginger eagerly and excitedly tells the story of her great victory over-and-over. Soon, everyone is tired of hearing, but Ginger doesn't seem to realize that she's not giving anyone else a chance to talk. When Ginger temporarily loses her ability to speak because she has run out of words for the day, she begins to realize the importance of listening.

    "Aloha, Johnny"

    When Johnny gets a letter from his sister Lina inviting him to spend a week in Hawaii, he makes immediate plans to leave. The Sprites overhear him, but believe that he's leaving forever. At first, they are mad at Johnny, but they receive calming advice from Sage.moreless
  • "The Sprites & the What?!"

    Johnny is cooking for dinner with Gwen, hoping to get everything perfect for the first time. Though he encounters some problems, he manages to get everything together, but then can't find his colander. Unbeknownst to him, Seymour found his colander and wasn't sure what it was. He's showing it to all the Sprites, who not knowing what it actually is, come up with many creative uses for it.

    "Doctor Basil"

    When Johnny gets a bad cold, Basil decides to take care of him. He tries out various remedies, but none of them seem to help Johnny. He turns to Sage for advice and discovers something very important that he forgot to do.moreless
  • "Johnny's Sister Tina"

    Johnny is excited by a visit from his sister Tina (Tony award winner Sutton Foster), but the Sprites have no idea what a sister even is. Johnny has difficutly explaining it to them, but comes up with the idea of singing a song to express his feelings about his sister. The Sprites understand and observe as Johnny spends time with his sister. Johnny expresses that he misses not being able to see his sister more often, but the Sprites remind him that he has family in the wood --- them!


    While Johnny makes balloon animals for Gwen, the Sprites all prepare for the most important Sprite holiday --- Spritesgiving. Everyone has a lot to do and Basil is in charge of preparing the vegetables. He's convinced that Spritesgiving will be great this year, but then discovers that the vegetables have all caught the forgetgful fungus. Johnny suggests asking Sage for advice, but it turns out that Sage gets the day off. Johnny decides to encourage Root, knowing that since Root is good at gardening, he may be able to come up with a solution on his own.moreless
  • "Roots Dadoots"

    As Johnny struggles to write a new song, Root gets the dadoots --- the Sprite hiccups. The Sprites do their best to help them, offering a number of suggestions to help make the dadoots go away. When none of the suggestions work, they consult Sage, who has good advice, but advice Root may not be quite ready to hear. Johnny, however, finds a way to bring his song together by integrating Root's dadoots.

    "The Rare Nospotalotacus"

    When Johnny and Lily are outside talking to each other, they hear a strange but catchy noise --- kaa-lakachaka woo woo! When the Sprites all tell Sage about it, he tells them that it's the sound of the endangered nospotalotacus and they need to get it out of Johnny's garden and to Grotto's Grove right away. Nobody is quite sure how to get a nospotalotacus out of hiding, but they all have different ideas. They discover that teamwork, combining their ideas, is the best solution to the problem.moreless
  • "Turbo-Car Johnny"

    After winning his first-ever cloverball game, Johnny receives a package from Gwen containing a new video game called Turbo-Car Racer, which he declares to the best video game ever. He tries to explain the concept to the Sprites, but they don't understand what's fun about sitting around controlling something on a TV screen. As Johnny becomes more and more involved in the game, the Sprites try various ways to get his attention and get him back outside. When they ask Sage for advice, he tells them that humans have a short attention-span and Johnny will eventually come to his senses. Johnny ends up dozing off and gets a wake-up call in the form of a disturbing dream.

    "Ginger's Antenna Dilemma"

    When Lily paints portraits of the Sprites, Ginger discovers that her antenna are much curlier than she thought and she thinks that they look weird. Though nobody else dislikes her antenna, Ginger is convinced that her antenna make her look stupid and girly. She tries everything from hiding herself to hiding her antenna. Her friends do her best to help her to see that her antenna help to make her special.moreless
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