Johnny and the Sprites - Season 3

Disney Channel (ended 2008)


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  • Johnny Helps Mother Nature: Looking to give his garden some extra boost, Johnny sprays it with a new spray, not realizing that its actually harmful to the environment. The foul mixture soon spreads to Grootto's Grove, polluting the water, the air and all of the plants. Mother Nature makes a special appearance to get to the bottom of the problem and to remind both Johnny and the Sprites why it's important to care for nature. The Sprites Grow a Rainbow: Grotto's Grove finds itself looking decidedly duller when it is infested by color worms, which suck the color out of anything they touch. Johnny and the Sprites consult Sage for help and find that the only solution to the problem is to grow a rainbow from scratch. They pull together to find needed items in every color, but one Sprite must make a big sacrifice when the rainbow turns out to be lacking in yellow.moreless
  • Johnny's Troll Trouble: Johnny is working on putting the finishing touches on Root's birthday party when a Make-a-Mess Troll appears in his house. The Troll loves parties, and loves making a mess of them. He starts tearing down everything and creating general disorder, leaving Johnny racing to try to salvage the party. When Root sees what's happening, he tries his magic, but it doesn't seem to help. The two realize that they'll need more help if they're to have any hope of saving the party. Basil the Dogsitter: Johnny is looking after a puppy named Rex when he receives a call for roadside assistance from Gwen. He decides to leave the puppy in the care of Basil, who seems to be very fascinated with it. Basil and the puppy have a great time, even playing games of cards together. Then, Basil, loses the puppy and is worried he won't be able to find it.moreless
  • Johnny and the Sprites Shrink: When Johnny and the Sprites arrive in Johnny's backyard for a picnic they're having with Gwen, Basil accidentally brings a magic "uh-oh berry." The uh-oh berry is a special berry used in Sprite shrinking spells, and Basil accidentally activates its power, shrinking them all to miniature size. When Gwen finally arrives for the picnic, they find themselves in great danger. She believes them to be bugs and goes to get a flyswatter to swat them. Johnny's Gotta Dance: When Lily hears that Johnny is taking up dancing, she decides that she wants to help him out. She casts a magic spell on his dancing shoes to give him dancing talent, not realizing that he actually wants to practice to get better. After putting the shoes on, Johnny is dancing like a fool, but is unable to stop.moreless
  • The Sprite's Save Grotto's Grove: Johnny is enjoying a normal, peaceful day when suddenly a woman named Yolanda Ivanna appears in his backyard along with construction equipment. She announces that she's going to be tearing down his garden and the woods to make way for a new hotel. Johnny protests that he doesn't want a hotel in his backyard, but she just calls him "Johnny Cakes" and sings to convince him he'll love it. After having a Sprite Conference, Johnny and the Sprites realize they must spare no effort to convince Miss Ivanna to build her hotel elsewhere. Seymour's New Home: After big rains, Seymour finds the entrance to his schmole hole blocked. The Sprites decide to help out, but Seymour doesn't like all the noise that would accompany the fuzzies's building him a new home. The Sprites try to think up other ideas for a home, but Seymour only wants his own hole back.moreless
  • Johnny's Not Invited: When the Queen of All Magical Beings comes to Grotto's Grove, she throws a party for herself and invites all Sprites and fuzzies. The Sprites are very excited about the party, but are disappointed that apparently Johnny will not be allowed to come. Upset about this, they want to ask the Queen why he wasn't invited, but find themselves too much in awe of her. They learn a lesson in speaking up for themselves, and for others. Basil and the Beanstalk: When Basil has Root grow a giant beanstalk, he finds it stretches to a garden in the sky. He happily picks giant vegetables for his soup, unaware that he's picking food from somebody's else garden. When a giant appears, he realizes he must admit the truth about the mistake he made.moreless
  • A Johnny for Everyone: Basil, Ginger and Lily all want to do different things with Johnny. Basil wants to do some gardening, Ginger wants to have a cloverball game, and Lily is doing yoga. Rather than taking Johnny's advice to take turns, they use a magic spell to split Johnny into three, so they can all do what they want. The Johnnies, however, want too much of what they want -- they want to play, play, play all the time, even though the Sprites are getting exhausted. Lily and the Frog Princess: When Johnny tells Ginger and Lily the story of the frog prince, Lily decides to tell it to her pet frog, Francesca. Francesca likes the story and has Lily turn her into a frog princess. At first, being a princess seems like a fun idea. Francesca soon discovers, however, that it's hard to do the fun froggy things that she likes when she's a human.moreless
  • 3/1/08
    Lily's Hair: Lily loves styling and teasing her hair, but wishes it were longer so she could do even more with it. Noticing Root's skill with growing plants, she asks him to grow her hair as well. Root casts the spell, but then leaves for a flying lesson, not realizing that Lily's hair is still growing. Ginger and the Cloud: While outside soaring to new heights, Ginger discovers a young cloud and makes a new friend. She decides to call him "Fluffy" and has some great fun flying with him. When Fluffy begins to act sad, she and Ginger consult Sage, who diagnoses the cloud as being "skysick" and missing home.moreless
  • Root and the Tickle Troll: On a blustery, stormy night, Johnny faces a tough walk back home. At his house, the Sprites are waiting eagerly for his return so they can drink his special hot cocoa. As they wait out the storm, Ginger notes that it's the type of night well-liked by the tickle troll -- a mischievous troll who can tickle you so hard you'll never stop laughing. When Johnny arrives home, decked out in rain gear lent to him by Gwen, all of the Sprites except Root believe him to be one of these trolls. Ginger Goes for the Glory: When the Sprites learn about world records, Ginger decides that she'd like to aim for one. Being such a great flier, she aims to break the Sprite flying record. Ginger does her best to stay flying in the air without once stopping, finding it to be quite a challenge.moreless
  • The Sprites Plan a Party: When Johnny goes away to visit one of his sisters, the Sprites plan a surprise "welcome home" party for him. When Johnny returns home early, they're left scrambling to try to keep the party a surprise and get everything together. The Sprites take turns trying to distract Johnny while everyone gets everything ready. They don't realize, though, that Johnny is very tired and would like nothing more than a nap.

    Basil and the Magic Watermelon: The Fuzzies are all falling asleep and floating in the air and nobody knows how to stop it. Johnny and the Sprites decide to consult the wisdom of Sage and learn from an ancient book that every so often, the Sprites become too light. They require a magic watermelon of great weight in order to bring them back down to the ground. Basil and Root go on a hunt for the watermelon and learn the power of perseverance.moreless
  • Johnny and the Love Bug: It's Valentine's Day and Johnny is making Valentines for all his friends and family, including the Sprites. When Lily sees this, she decides she wants to do something really special to show how much she appreciates Johnny. She decides to make him a love bug, not realizing that the old legend about the love bug is true -- that if one lands on a human, he falls in love with the first thing he sees. In Johnny's case, he starts going hopping wild for a frog named Francesca. The Twenty-Foot Root: Root is tired of always being told that he's too small to do certain things. As he uses his magic to cause some plants to grow, he decides to use the same magic on himself. Root is suddenly twenty-foot tall. He finds that there's many things he can do, but he's scaring all his friends with his stomping, and he can no longer do many things he enjoys, like sitting in Johnny's lap.moreless
  • Johnny the Mud Troll: When Ginger flies to retrieve a cloverball, Johnny expresses how great he thinks flying must be, and the idea that he would like to fly too. Ginger gets to thinking that Johnny really wants to be a Sprite and decides to ask Sage for a spell to make him one. When Sage is otherwise occupied, she looks up the spell in his spellbook, but ends up turning Johnny into a mud troll instead of a Sprite. Johnny pleads to be turned back, but Ginger doesn't know the countercharm. The Sprites all urge her to admit to Sage what happened so he can help, but she's embarrassed. Helpful Basil: When Johnny can't get to sleep, he visits Basil so that Basil can look up information on sleeping in his Helpful Hints book. Basil helps Johnny with a great tip, but that night the key to the book is stolen. That morning, Basil faces an increasing queue of those wanting help, but feels he can't help anyone without his book. He uses a special finding spell he was taught by Sage, but only ends up finding lost items of Johnny's. Basil is sure that he can't help anyone without his book, but Johnny feels Basil is more capable than he thinks.moreless
  • The Bridge Troll: When Johnny, Gwen and the Sprites head to Grotto's Grove for a picnic, a troll appears to block their path. He tells them that he's a Bridge Troll and will not let them cross unless they do the one thing that will make him ha-ha-happy. Everyone is shocked that their path is blocked, especially the Sprites, who can't get home. They find themselves stuck, however, and realize they must try to satisfy the troll if they're going to get anywhere. They try various ideas, all while not realizing that the troll has already told them what he wants. This is Your Life, Johnny!: It's Johnny's birthday and the Sprites and Gwen are throwing him a big party. When Johnny shares family photos, including a real photo of him when he was four, the Sprites get an idea to create a play about one of his birthdays when he was young. They assign roles and put together a great play. They also invite everyone from the Grove. The play seems to go well, but it turns out that Ginger has a case of stage-fright.moreless
  • Gwen Meets the Sprites: Gwen is over visiting at Johnny's while the Sprites are outside using magic. When Ginger misdirects a spell to turn a cabbage into a rabbit, she ends up causing Gwen to start slowly transforming into a rabbit instead. The Sprites call for Sage's help, but he tells them that in order to perform the countercharm, they'll have to be in a place where they can see her, and she can see them. They have never revealed themselves to any grown-up human other Johnny before, but decide to give it a go. Despite their fears, Gwen turns out to be a great new friend, and is impressed when they take her to see Grotto's Grove. A Biddow for Root: When all the dust on Root's special cuddle-toy, his "biddow," causes Lily to sneeze, she decides to give it an extra-thorough cleaning. Root reluctantly parts with it and she takes it to her stream to use magic cleanings spells on it, but ends up ruining it instead. Root is upset by the loss of his biddow, but Johnny and the Sprites have an idea. They all get their own biddows from when they were very young and offer them to Root.moreless