Johnny and the Sprites

Season 2 Episode 7

The Sprites Sleep Over / Seymour the Sleuth

Aired Saturday 7:30 AM Feb 17, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • This episode features two original songs --- "Feelin' Grovey" and "Seymour the Sleuth." The first was written and composed by Michael Patrick Walker and the second by Laurence O'Keefe.

  • Quotes

    • Johnny: Like our sleuth always says, watch and learn.
      Seymour: (sleeptalking) Melons, melons, melons...

    • Johnny: So what did you learn from those vegetables, Seymour?
      Seymour: Well, they didn't say anything, but they're very delicious. Uh, I mean suspicious.

    • Seymour: Hmm. Seems to be some sort of a small, fur-covered, rodent-like mammal that left these tracks.
      Johnny: Those are your footprints, Seymour. You left them as you walked backwards.

    • Seymour: (singing) I'm gonna nail them and jail them / You try to run, but you can't run from the truth.

    • Seymour: (singing) If a crime has been committed / Then the game is now afoot
      Ginger: What game? What foot?

    • Sprites: (singing, changing to a higher key) Oh, how I wish I was there right now. Right now!
      Johnny: Oh no, not a key change!

    • Sprites: (singing) We can't fall asleep / Unless we're back in the Grove / Back in the Grove.
      Johnny: Well, I think if you guys would just stop singing and give it a chance, you'd fall asleep.

    • Lily: Sleep.
      Basil: You sleep at a sleepover?

    • Basil: Johnny, in the interest of research, can we have a sleepover?

    • Basil: You know, I don't think we ever had a sleepover.
      Lily: I don't even know what sleepover is.

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