Johnny and the Sprites

Season 2 Episode 1

Turbo-Car Johnny / Ginger's Antenna Dilemma

Aired Saturday 7:30 AM Jan 13, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • This episode features a total of four songs. "I Just Can't Get Enough" was written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the song-writing duo known as Pasek and Paul. Both "Muddle in the Puddle" and "Nobody Quite Like You" were written by Mark Hollman. Gary Adler and Phoebe Kreutz served as the writers for the song "Heads Up."

  • Quotes

    • Johnny: (singing "There's Nobody Quite Like You") So, tell me now how do you feel about your outward appeal?
      Ginger: My antennae may be curly but they make me look girly!
      Lily: Curly and loving it, that's the stuff
      Johnny: You're a heck of a Sprite, can't say it enough!

    • Johnny: You know what? To use a Sprite word, your antennae are spofulous.
      Ginger: Hey, my antennae are spofulous!

    • Ginger: (singing "Nobody Quite Like You") Don't tell me I'm unique, that's absurd.
      Johnny: But you're one-of-a-kind, I give you my word. There's nobody quite like you.

    • Ginger: (regarding her antennae) I have an idea. I'll hide them. That way, nobody will know they are on my head.

    • Sage: Ginger, you know, my good friend Fennel had curly antennae too. He used them to catch wheatleberries and he was magnificent and so are you.

    • Basil: Ginger, I think your antennae look very nice.

    • Ginger: (singing "Muddle in the Puddle") I look weird. It's much worse than I had feared. These dumb antennae curl so much I wanna hide.

    • Ginger: (singing "Muddle in the Puddle") How could this muddle in the puddle be me? I can talk to thunderclouds and make them see my side and I'm friendly with the meanest bumblebee.

    • Johnny: Ginger, you say "no problem," but you're sure acting like there's a problem.
      Lily: No. Johnny, Johnny. She just needs some time alone.
      Johnny: Oh.

    • Ginger: I'll just take my weird, curly antennae out of here. Bye, Johnny.

    • Seymour: (in dream sequence) Johnny! What are you doing up? I haven't seen you on your feet in 75 years.

    • Sage: (mumbling while knitting) Knit two, pearl four, carry the one, divided by pi, square root --- no, no...

    • Sage: (regarding Johnny) He's a human. They have short attention spans.

    • Johnny: I just got 300,000 points! Whew.
      Basil: What in the world is a point? And why does he need so many of them?

    • Johnny: (singing "I Just Can't Get Enough") Yes! A thousand more points --- my turbocar can really fly, shifted into superdrive. And I pass the other cars and take the lead.

    • Lily: Johnny! Johnny?! Why isn't he answering me? I don't understand what he's doing. And it really isn't very polite. (She starts shouting at him in a torrent of Spanish.)
      Basil: Lily, Lily, Lily. Breathe.

    • Johnny: You see, it's just like TV, only you make everything happen. Okay now, if you click this button here, the car moves this way. And if you click this button, it moves that way.
      Ginger: What fun is that?

    • Johnny: (opening packaged received from Gwen) Yes! It's Ultimate Turbocar Racer! This is the coolest video game ever!

    • Johnny: Incredible! This is the first cloverball game I've ever won!

  • Notes

    • Louise Gikow wrote the teleplay for the first story and Peggy Sarlin wrote the teleplay for the second. Both stories were directed by Richard A. Fernandes.

    • In this and future episodes, Natalie Venetia Belcon receives a "Featuring as" credit for her role on the program as Gwen. Tartaglia receives a "Starring as" credit, while all other cast members are featured under "Also starring."

    • Root, the Earth Sprite, puts in a brief appearance in this episode. He is seen talking to Sage in "Ginger's Antenna Dilemma." However, Root is not seen in any major capacity until the first story of the full series' second episode, "Root's Dadoots."

    • Premiere of the full-series version of Johnny and the Sprites, following on the popular series of five 5-minute short segments that premiered in 2005. Full series now takes place in an expanded set, featuring several new characters --- Lily the water Sprite, Root the earth Sprite, the wise Sprite known as the Sage, and Johnny's friend Gwen, an African-American woman who in this episode brings Johnny a package, though she has many other jobs as well. Miss Moldystew, Johnny's cranky neighbor in the original short segments, is no longer present.

      Story title, teleplay and director credits are now shown at the beginning of each story. The closing credits state that the program is "Based on a series of short films written by John Tartaglia & Jill R. Gluckson & Louise Gikow & Michael Schupbach & Daryl Watson."

    • Following the premiere of this series, Playhouse Disney aired one of its first-ever promo spots for the new CGI-animated series My Friends Tigger and Pooh. This return to the Hundred Acre Wood features familiar friends, but also two new characters --- a little girl named Darby and her dog Buster.

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