Johnny and the Sprites

Season 2 Episode 1

Turbo-Car Johnny / Ginger's Antenna Dilemma

Aired Saturday 7:30 AM Jan 13, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Notes

    • Premiere of the full-series version of Johnny and the Sprites, following on the popular series of five 5-minute short segments that premiered in 2005. Full series now takes place in an expanded set, featuring several new characters --- Lily the water Sprite, Root the earth Sprite, the wise Sprite known as the Sage, and Johnny's friend Gwen, an African-American woman who in this episode brings Johnny a package, though she has many other jobs as well. Miss Moldystew, Johnny's cranky neighbor in the original short segments, is no longer present.

      Story title, teleplay and director credits are now shown at the beginning of each story. The closing credits state that the program is "Based on a series of short films written by John Tartaglia & Jill R. Gluckson & Louise Gikow & Michael Schupbach & Daryl Watson."