Johnny Bago

CBS (ended 1993)


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Johnny Bago

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After spending five years in prison, having been set up by his mafioso cousin Vincent, John Francis Tenuti falls for another set-up by Vincent (within hours of his release), this time being framed for murder. Going on the lam, he soon acquires a Winnebago, and assumes the alias Johnny Bago. He's constantly on the run from hit men sent by the mob, as well as from his ex-wife Beverly, who is also his parole officer. And just in case you couldn't tell from that description, it's a comedy. A pretty good one, in my opinion.

Every episode ends with a voice-over of Johnny reading a letter he writes to his mother. (Of course, Vincent's people always get the letter first, so Don Roselli can read it and they can track Johnny; when they're done with each letter, they put it back in Ma Tenuti's mail box.)

Johnny Bago's Theme by Jimmy Buffett
Life's too complicated, it's too complex
Bounced from town to town like rubber checks
Didn't know at the time
I'd pay double for the crime
Not to mention a serious problem with the opposite sex
I guess that's friggin' that
Like an anchovy to an alley-cat
Johnny Bago's gonna have his say
A little further down the lost highway
You see, that's friggin' that
Talkin' to a 'bago diplomat
Johnny Bago's gonna have his say
A little further down the lost highway
A little further down the lost highway