Johnny Bago

CBS (ended 1993)


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  • Season 1
    • Johnny Saves the World
      Looking for food, Johnny wanders onto a farm. The "farmer," Kurt, tells him to take a chicken and go away. Then Kurt goes back in the house and talks to Nella, and the two of them go to a hidden elevator, taking them down into the underground control center of a nuclear missile silo, relieving the two officers whose shift has just ended. This is their last day guarding the silo, as it's about to be closed, since the cold war had ended. Kurt and Nella will be leaving the Air Force, and they're planning on getting married. Nella wants to work with Kurt operating Tilt-A-Whirls. But Kurt admits he had dinner with his ex-wife the other night, and she had talked him into selling jewelry she would be making. This sends Nella into a jealous fit... Meanwhile, Johnny is back in his 'bago trying to work up the courage to kill the chicken, when it gets away from him. So he starts chasing it through the corn field. Nella decides to launch the missile, but it requires two people, and Kurt won't comply. Johnny follows the chicken down the open launch doors into the silo, and Nella gets him to help enter the launch sequence. Then Kurt tells him the missile could land anywhere, even New York, which Johnny doesn't want to happen, because his mother lives there. So he tries to persuade Nella to provide the abort code. They talk, they play strip Go Fish, they slow dance to an Edith Piaf song. Then Beverly shows up looking for Johnny. She doesn't much care about the missile, but just tries to get Nella to let him take Johnny. Until it turns out the launch doors haven't opened all the way, meaning the missile will go off in the silo. Then she tries to get Nella to stop it, but to no avail. Believing they have a few minutes to live, Beverly and Johnny make up. Then Kurt and Nella make up, Kurt agrees to the Tilt-A-Whirl plan, and the crisis is averted. At this point, Beverly once again wants to take Johnny into custody, but she's stopped by the chicken, Nella and Kurt, and Johnny gets away.moreless
    • Big Top Bago
      Big Top Bago
      Episode 7
      On the run from Beverly, Johnny pulls into a lot he mistakes in the dark for a trailer park. In the morning it turns out the trailers parked there are with a travelling circus, Bosco's Big Top. As he's about to leave, Bosco's chimp, Kimo, pretends to get hit by the 'bago, and Bosco claims the chimp has whiplash, and will need therapy. He insists Johnny stay to work off the debt, which Johnny does to avoid the police who are looking for him. While working there, Marilee, the fat lady, gets a crush on Johnny, and befriends him. Eventually Johnny learns that everyone there is Bosco's prisoner, because he has dirt on all of them. Then he finds out Johnny's wanted for murder, and forces him to stay on at the circus. He chains Johnny and Kimo together, and gives the keys to the 'bago to the chimp for safekeeping. Everyone decides to run away and take Johnny with them, but Bosco overhears their plans and calls Beverly, telling her to come to the show that night. He also plans to take care of his other prisoners. Meanwhile, Johnny gets Kimo drunk and talks him into uncuffing him. Bosco fails to feed the lion so it would eat the lion tamer, and when Beverly shows up, she and Johnny get locked in the cage with the lion. Beverly manages to get the lion to retreat to a back cage, outside the big top, where Kimo had locked Bosco in. Beverly has a little fun forcing Johnny to clown around, but Marilee helps him escape. The audience greatly enjoys the show. Later, when the circus performers find that the lion has taken care of Bosco, they decide to start their own circus. They invite Johnny to be their new ringmaster, but he declines, as he has to stay on the run.moreless
    • Spotting Elvis
      Spotting Elvis
      Episode 6
      Johnny arrives at Mystery Trees RV Park & Campground, where an "eco warrior" named Erica is looking to hire someone to find and photograph spotted owls. Johnny's looking for work, so he takes the job, and fakes the pictures. The pictures make Erica happy, but not her boyfriend David, who just wants to go back to New York. Also not happy are the local loggers, who will be out of work, since Johnny's pictures will secure an injunction for the eco warriors against logging in the owls' habitat. The loggers are about to take their anger out on Johnny, when Elvis shows up and saves him. Johnny and Elvis go back to Elvis's RV, and they get to talking. Turns out Elvis had met Hick some time ago, and he had given him the same advice as Johnny, to traipse the bergs and the byways. Also Elvis told Johnny he'd decided to disappear because he'd lost "it," so Johnny tries to help him get "it" back. When Elvis falls asleep, Johnny calls his mother to tell her who he's with, and she wants him to take his picture and sell it to the National Tattletale for $100,000. But Johnny doesn't want to do that to Elvis. David, meanwhile, has discovered Elvis, as well as who Johnny really is, and he calls the tabloid himself. Meanwhile, Erica takes Johnny out into the woods, and they chain themselves to a couple of trees. There are a bunch of other eco warriors there in the morning, all chained to trees. The loggers show up and want to hurt Johnny, so he admits the photos were fakes, which angers Erica. The loggers are still going to hurt him, when Elvis shows up and performs "Heartbreak Hotel," rescuing Johnny again. Then Beverly shows up to get Johnny, but Elvis points at her and she faints. David and the reporter from the National Tattletale arrive just after Elvis and Johnny have left. David is disappointed about that, but still wants to go back to New York with Erica. She, however, decides to stay with one of the lumberjacks.moreless
    • Johnny's Golden Shaft
      Johnny arrives at an RV park near Mount Rushmore, where he meets Valerie, who lives at the park with her son Ricky. She wants to meet a man who can take her and Ricky away and give them a good life, but Ricky always chases away the men she meets. Johnny pretends to be rich to impress Valerie, but Ricky finds out the truth about him. To get the kid not to tell his mother, Johnny makes up a story about a gold mine on the cover of a brochure, which a cellmate in prison had supposedly told him still had gold. While Johnny's on his date with Valerie, Ricky goes off and falls down the mine shaft, and Johnny has to go down to rescue him. There he and Ricky discover there actually is gold in the mine, and enter negotiations on percentages. Meanwhile, the latest hit man, Vic the Pick, offers Beverly a posh hotel room and dinner in exchange for info on Johnny. Back in the mine, Johnny finally agrees to split the mine 50/50 with Ricky, and they finally get out. But Vic and Beverly have each heard about the mine accident on the news, and head out there to get Johnny. Vic gets there first, but Beverly gets there in time to stop him from killing Johnny, who then has to make a quick escape, leaving the mine entirely in the hands of Ricky and Valerie, who now won't need any man to take them away from the RV park.moreless
    • Lady Madonna
      Lady Madonna
      Episode 4
      The 'bago runs out of water (as does Johnny himself) at a rhubarb plantation. Johnny gets some water from a pump, and then foreman Kenny tells him since the land is irrigated, and they have to pay to get the water in, Johnny will have to pay to get the water out. Since he's short on cash, he's forced to work off the debt cutting rhubarb alongside the migrant workers. He talks with one worker, Gloria, about the strike they're planning, since the owner promised to build them a church two years ago. He offers his own kind of help, but she declines. Then, however, an image of the Madonna appears on the 'bago's windshield, and the workers take it as a sign from God. Johnny isn't too pleased about that, until the workers start making monetary donations in the hopes of receiving miraculous answers to their prayers. Reno, the much younger gold digger wife of plantation owner Hub, wants to get out of the farming business. She's been waiting for Hub to die since his stroke two years ago, which left him unable to move or speak. Reno decides to open a religious theme park with the Madonna as the centerpiece, but Kenny doesn't want Johnny around, and warns him to get out of town after he sees him on a TV show, "America At Large." Meanwhile, Beverly meets a priest who convinces her to give up her pursuit of Johnny, but wants her to find and confront him first. Of course, he later turns out to be- you guessed it- the latest hit man. Eventually Hub recovers and kicks out both Reno and Kenny. Reno makes desperate appeals to Johnny, Hub, and Kenny, and each in turn reject her. Hub renews his promise to Gloria and the other workers to build their church. Beverly and the "priest" show up, but a dust storm and a small set of miracles allows Johnny to escape.moreless
    • Johnny's Mannly Act
      A local sheriff is chasing his daughter Lola, who has run off with her boyfriend. But at a gas station she ditches the boyfriend and sneaks onto Johnny's winnebago. They go to Four Corners RV park together, near the intersection of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. Johnny is enjoying her company until he finds out she's 17, and he's just transported her across 4 state lines. Beverly, on the other hand, is happy about this, as it would mean an extra 20 year sentence tacked onto his murder charge, for violation of the Mann Act. Meanwhile, she hooks up with a travelling shoe salesman, who later turns out to actually be Goose, the latest hit man sent after Johnny. At the RV park, Johnny and Lola meet a couple named Buddy and Jo, and pretend to be married themselves. Johnny wants Lola to stay with them for the night, but they insist Johnny and Lola work on their "marital difficulties." Eventually Johnny convinces Lola she's got it pretty good back home, and that she should go back there. She later sneaks into Goose's car so he'll be stopped at a state checkpoint, providing the cops with a distraction so Johnny can get away.moreless
    • Hail the Conquering Marrow
      Beverly gets deputized into Homicide so she can chase Johnny on a regular basis; Venezia and Lemsky agree to this basically to get her off their backs. Meanwhile, Johnny is in Appleview, PA, donating blood to make a little money. The clinic discovers his blood is AB negative, a match for a little girl named Agnes who needs a bone marrow transplant. The town gives him lots of stuff so he'll stick around to donate the marrow. Also nurse Bobbie encourages Dr. David to agree to a date with Johnny, even though the doctor doesn't much like him. Meanwhile, a new hit man, Frankie Five Belches, has been dispatched to find Johnny.moreless
    • Johnny Bago Free At Last
      Johnny Tenuti is released from prison and finds out his ex-wife Beverly is now his parole officer. As if that weren't bad enough, his cousin Vincent, who set him up five years ago, sets him up again. This time it's for the murder of Chico Roselli, son of mob boss Benito Roselli. Johnny goes on the run, and meanwhile Vincent becomes Don Roselli's new right-hand man. Vincent sends a hit man named Tommy after Johnny, but he escapes and sneaks onto a Winnebago driven by Hick, who's headed for Thataway RV Park, for an annual fishing contest. The prize for the biggest fish is $5000. There Johnny meets Mary, whose mother Blossom needs the money for a hip replacement operation. Tommy shows up to kill Johnny, but is stopped by Beverly, who wants to bring Johnny in for the murder. Johnny catches the prize fish, but leaves the check with Mary, since he has to leave in a hurry. Hick died while fishing, so Johnny takes the keys to the Winnebago and takes off. Johnny had told Hick earlier that his name was Johnny Bago, after seeing the Bago logo. Now he's taking some advice Hick had given him, to "take the RV route," and "traipse the bergs and the byways." Thus, the series begins....moreless