Johnny Bago

Season 1 Episode 4

Lady Madonna

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Lady Madonna
The 'bago runs out of water (as does Johnny himself) at a rhubarb plantation. Johnny gets some water from a pump, and then foreman Kenny tells him since the land is irrigated, and they have to pay to get the water in, Johnny will have to pay to get the water out. Since he's short on cash, he's forced to work off the debt cutting rhubarb alongside the migrant workers. He talks with one worker, Gloria, about the strike they're planning, since the owner promised to build them a church two years ago. He offers his own kind of help, but she declines. Then, however, an image of the Madonna appears on the 'bago's windshield, and the workers take it as a sign from God. Johnny isn't too pleased about that, until the workers start making monetary donations in the hopes of receiving miraculous answers to their prayers. Reno, the much younger gold digger wife of plantation owner Hub, wants to get out of the farming business. She's been waiting for Hub to die since his stroke two years ago, which left him unable to move or speak. Reno decides to open a religious theme park with the Madonna as the centerpiece, but Kenny doesn't want Johnny around, and warns him to get out of town after he sees him on a TV show, "America At Large." Meanwhile, Beverly meets a priest who convinces her to give up her pursuit of Johnny, but wants her to find and confront him first. Of course, he later turns out to be- you guessed it- the latest hit man. Eventually Hub recovers and kicks out both Reno and Kenny. Reno makes desperate appeals to Johnny, Hub, and Kenny, and each in turn reject her. Hub renews his promise to Gloria and the other workers to build their church. Beverly and the "priest" show up, but a dust storm and a small set of miracles allows Johnny to escape.moreless

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      • Reno: "So, uh, how much do you charge for someone who's broken... four, five... seven commandments?"

        Johnny: "Oh, hell, honey, I'll give you the group rate, whattayou, kiddin' me?"

      • Johnny: "Don't they say that God usually works in wacky ways?"

      • Kenny: "When I found myself without dinner plans, I just turned on the idiot box, there. Y'know, I always wondered why they called it that, until all of a sudden, up popped a picture of you."

    • NOTES (2)

      • Johnny's letter: Dear Ma,
        I been thinkin' about Mrs. Carducci lately, and her pizza. Now, don't get mad, but maybe she wasn't lyin'. Maybe it happened like she said, while she was in the other room, yakkin' on the phone to her sister. Cheese and tomato sauce could burn naturally like that, with the dark spots ending up making a perfect picture of Jesus.
        I know you think the bishop was duped, Ma, and was a complete idiot for blessing the pizza, and calling it a miracle. And maybe Mrs. Carducci was nothing but a phony social climber. But out here on the road, I've seen things, Ma. And I've come to believe that even the most undeserving people can experience a moment of grace. Not to mention that was the same summer Maria, Mrs. Carducci's daughter, unbelievably lost her mustache. Plus not to mention something else I happen to remember.
        The nuns used to tell us, "Act as if you had faith, and faith will be given to you." Well, I'm tryin', Ma. And I want you to keep the faith, too. Okay? Until that miraculous day,

      • At first I thought it odd that Anna Berger wasn't listed in the guest starring credits, even though she's there reading Johnny's letter at the end; then I noticed that her scene looked suspiciously similar to her scene in "Johnny's Mannly Act."

        Tim Stack (Dick Dietrick from Night Stand) plays different local reporters in several episodes. I don't think his character had a name in this episode, but he was either playing a woman or a transvestite. I dare not venture to guess which it was supposed to be.

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