Johnny Bravo

Season 2 Episode 13

El Bravo Magnifico / Johnny O and Juliet/Clan of the Cave Boob

Aired Monday 12:00 PM Oct 15, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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El Bravo Magnifico / Johnny O and Juliet/Clan of the Cave Boob
El Bravo Magnifico
Johnny is mistook for a karate expert and agrees to help a "South of the border" town defeat an evil bandit.

Johnny O. and Julliet
Johnny tries to end the feud between his Mama and the new next door Mama so he can have a date with the tuba playing daughter.

Clan of the Cave Boob
On an archeological dig, Carl tells Johnny of what he was like as a caveman who struggled to find a home.moreless

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    Brenda Vaccaro

    Brenda Vaccaro


    Mae Whitman

    Mae Whitman

    Little Suzy

    Tom Kenny

    Tom Kenny

    Carlos "Carl" Chryniszzswics/Crok/Villager/Student/Mona Hirschbaum

    Larry Drake

    Larry Drake


    Jeff Bennett

    Jeff Bennett

    Jonathan "Johnny" Bravo/Og/Aphid

    Carlos Alazraqui

    Carlos Alazraqui


    Guest Star

    Corey Burton

    Corey Burton

    Muy Caliente

    Guest Star

    Kevin Michael Richardson

    Kevin Michael Richardson


    Guest Star

    Jennifer Hale

    Jennifer Hale

    Julie Hirschbaum

    Recurring Role

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • The Bandit from El Bravo Magnifico appears to have the habit of shouting the names of celebrities when nervous. He mentions both Celine Dion and Mario Lanza in this episode.
        Also, his horse is named Bingo.

      • Julie Herschbaum, featured in Johnny O and Juliet, resembles Daphne Blake (from the Scooby-Doo franchise), except that her clothes are different and her hair is brown.

      • In the episode Clan of the Cave Boob, at the beginning of Carl's story he said it started after the final ice age, but at the end of the story, he said "Then the ice ages begun."

    • QUOTES (15)

      • Johnny: This is all your fault! I'm not listening to any more of your stupid advice!
        Suzy: But Johnny, I was only trying to help.
        Johnny: So your saying I should rent a German tank and take out the power lines with-
        Suzy: No, no, no, no, no!

      • (After failing to see Julie)
        Suzy: Don't give up Johnny, anything is possible if you really love someone.
        Johnny: You mean, I should use your bow and arrow set to launch myself through the air and into Julie's bedroom?
        Suzy: Um, not exact-
        Johnny: I'll do it!

      • (After hearing about the wall built between Johnny and Julie's houses.)
        Johnny: Oh great, now what am I gonna do?
        Suzy: If you love someone Johnny, you should let them know.
        Johnny: What? You mean you think I should polevault over the wall and onto her balcony in a single bound?
        Suzy: Well I-
        Johnny: I'll do it!
        Suzy: Actually, I was gonna suggest a phone call.

      • Suzy: Johnny has a girlfriend! Johnny has a girlfriend!
        Johnny: How about I bury the rest of your doll collection?

      • Julie's mom: That's my daughter Julie, she's single, and plays the tuba like an angel.
        Johnny: (Wearing a flower suit) Well airrate my roots and prune my petals, I think I'm in love!

      • El Mayor: Gracious Johnny Bravo, you have tought us to never depend on a stranger to fight our battles, for he may turn out to be a useless jerk.
        Johnny: No problemo.

      • Muy Caliente: I'm going to pinch you, and punch you, and feed you to my horse.
        Johnny: Oh yeah?
        Muy Caliente: Yeah.
        Johnny: Well, alright then!
        (Johnny screams and runs away)

      • Muy Caliente: (Talking to Johnny with strong accent) So, who are you and what do you want?
        Johnny: Come again?
        Muy Caliente: (Still talking to Johnny with strong accent) Who are you and what-
        Johnny: I'm not getting you.
        Muy Caliente: Hold on (Muy Caliente reaches into his mouth) I had to take out my retainer. So who are you?

      • Muy Caliente: Steady Bingo, steady!
        Johnny: Your horse's name is Bingo?
        Muy Caliente: Si, Bingo is his name-o.

      • Villager: Senor, if you defeat Muy Caliente, the senoritas will surround you like the tortilla surrounds the enchillada.

      • El Mayor: Please accept this complimentory gift basket of stale taco shells and scorpians.
        Johnny: Yeah, nevermind that. Where are all the chicks?
        El Mayor: Our daughters are locked away out of fear for the bandito, Muy Caliente.
        Johnny: What!? No chicks? I've had it with you crazy Germans, I'm outta here.

      • villager:I have been searching far and wide for a man such as you to defend my village against the viscious bandito.
        Johnny: Why don't you just defend yourselves?
        villager: We are a village of terrible cowards. Even the meowing of the tiny kitten makes us cries like little girls.
        Johnny: Boo.
        villager: Ahh!
        Johnny: Okay, your story checks out.

      • Julie's mom: It would be an honor to have you running mindlessly after my daughter.

      • Bandit (as the villagers attack him): Celine Dion!

      • (Johnny is dressed as a woman)
        Muy Caliente: Hola chica. Caliente has not seen you around before.
        Johnny: Yes well, can't talk now. I have tortilla's on the oven.
        Muy Caliente: Come culchitta, give Caliente a little kiss.
        Johnny: But I'm too shy and sweaty.
        Muy Caliente: Surely a woman as beautiful as you has kissed a man before.
        Johnny: What?! I was young! It was news years eve! The cherry cola made me giddy!

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