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  • Love this show

  • One of the COOLEST shows that made my childhood.

    I love Johnny Bravo. One of the best animated shows ever made.
  • Yawn!

    Nothing but sexist garbage
  • Great, though, seemed to get worse as it went on.

    This show is great, but like many shows, as the series went on after a certain point, the episdoes got worse

    here is a summary

    season 1: great

    season 2: 2 new characters! pops and Karl, subjective to whether as good, better or worse than 1st season 3: starting to get old

    season 4: ok new animation, lose originality, and definitely not as good as the first 3 seasons, but still ok
  • Top Shows - Oh mama!

    Few ep (02-03)
  • Well done

    This show is pretty funny although I think they made Johnny a bit too dumb to be convincing. Still, I got plenty of laughs from this show and enjoyed almost every moment of it.
  • Only have 20 words to say!

    I only have 20 words to say: Hello, 911 emergency. There's a handsome guy in my house. Wait a second, cancel that it's only me. Johnny Bravo
  • This show really has to come back

    They need to bring this show back to cartoon network. this show was really funny, like how Johnny tried to pick up women, but one of his only friends is a complete dork. that's what made the show funny. now their showing crap that no one gives a shit about.

    During each season, a great thing happened. Wow aint this show amazing? Put it back on.

    Below are the season grades

    Season 1: V Good 9/10

    Season 2: It RAWKKKKKKS: 10/10

    Season 3: Great but not the best 8.5/10

    SEason 4: Ive never seen better 9.3/10

    Comedy: B+

    Coolness: B+

  • A CN Classic

    I am a little appalled by some of the criticisms regarding this show. Well, yes. This show is about a womanizing man doing stupid stuff. That is the whole point. It doesn't have to be the Animaniacs. It doesn't have to be the loud Spongebob Squarepants either.

    Not to say this show is completely stupid. Yes, I did underestimate it as a kid but eventually I took a liking to it. Looking back at this as an older person, I actually got some of the jokes I never understood as a child; mainly, the movie references. They don't always try to throw a pop cultural reference at your face and expect you to laugh, which I find more preferable. For example, the episode "Rasho-moron" whose title is based on a Japanese movie named "Rasho-mon". For those who have never heard of it, it was considered one of Japan's finest movies (right up there with "Citizen Kane" for the United States). The episode "Rasho-moron" actually parodies the movie to an extent, mainly the plot element of recounting the same story as told from different people. So to this show's credit, it did have people working on it who happened to appreciate high-quality films and animation.

    But what makes this show memorable? Well, it's one of those few programs on Cartoon Network marketed towards children that stars an adult as a main character. Naturally, this gives the show an advantage for its larger target audience. It's one of those cartoons you can look back on and feel little shame for having liked it.

    But naturally, the best thing the show had going for it was the titular character, Johnny Bravo. He is mainly characterized by putting the moves on various attractive women, which usually ends up with him getting pounded to a pulp (it's nice to know this had some slapstick). While he does come off as a bit of a jerk (and even a bully, especially towards his best friend Carl), he can also be a real sweetheart. He is also well-known for being a mama's boy who lives in a household with just his mother (and no known father).

    Most of the episodes often involve Johnny doing his standard comedic routine and due to his oafishness, ends up in weird situations. He was kidnapped by aliens, he had beaten up Santa Claus after mistaking him for a burglar, and even teamed up with Adam West to rescue his mother (who both ended up misleadingly believe her to be taken by mutant mole people). There is no general order of storyline here but aren't all Cartoon Cartoons are?

    But what about Mister Bravo himself? How is his character? Well, he may seem like a flat character at times but he does show some development (though it may only last until the end of the episode). While most women would detest his flirting, there are actually some who actually liked it (though possibly out of desperation such as the werewolf lady). There is also the fact that Johnny has a strong relationship to his mother to the point where he tries to protect her from getting hurt in new relationships and cheering her up when she's sad, which can lead to some genuinely heartfelt moments.

    I think one of the best episodes is the one explaining how he got his muscles. Apparently, he was a very thin and wimpy teenager who was often picked on by the jocks at his high school. He had an infatuation with this cheerleader girl who sympathizes with him and often tries to convince the jock boys to stop picking on him. When a dance was approaching, Johnny wanted to ask her out but he looked at himself and thought she was too good for him. So he spent a lot of time working out in the house which eventually yielded some tremendous results. Johnny's new build gave him the confidence to ask the girl out but she moved out before the dance had even happened, after which he would never see her again until several years later. This episode gave us a better understanding of Johnny's character and motivation.

    Does this show hold up? Yes, actually. A muscle-clad man with a funny hairdo who is a jerk with a heard of gold, "Johnny Bravo" shall remain a treasured classic cartoon.
  • OH MAMA.

    One of the cartoons that showed its best edges and potential! I recommend watching it.

    Plot: Johnny Bravo, a hunky man, likes to show off his muscles and his biceps on gorgeous ladies. But the ladies doesn't seem to like him! He lives with his mother, he has a geeky friend which he always bully named Carl. He always goes to his favorite diner owned by Pops, a greedy and tricky man. He always gets a visit from a little girl next door to him named Suzy, which always annoys him and sometimes freaks him out! He has a little silly nature which causes trouble for the people and sometimes even himself.

    Characters: Their stories are really simple but no annoying ones, they can annoy in an good way! Plus, each own has their silly egos, which makes this show complete.

    Voice acting: The voice acting is really perfect in anyways.

    Humor: Yes, it's humor shines from Johnny's stupidity, and the girls slapping him around. Also one of the funny things that the ugly girls are the one that's attracted to him! Their silly nature makes it more funny than it should be! And the way Johnny causes trouble, it's not irritating but more humorous! He acts immature, but it's a good point!

    Art: It's how the Hanna-Barbera does it in the good old days, it's a retro cartoon, so the art is very well nice.

    Overall: 10. This show used it's full potential to attract viewers. One of the most successful cartoon that ever made.
  • um it bad

    me being 12 i like classic like dexter laboratory and the power puff girls and some others,but this show is just ugh to me. 1.the man character is a mocho man wannabe and is always trying to score but fails 2.he talks like elvise and he annoying.the plot and tv specials are dump ugh terrible show 3.5.
  • BOO!

    Johnny is such a macho supercasanova Charlie Harper wannabe. He's too cheesy for words and alot of the women he comes across are such corny ditsy dumb blonds in a very unentertaining way. I'm glad this cartoon cancelled 7 yrs ago. Not only did this cartoon have crappy writing, but it was also a snoozefest to watch. I'm sure glad i switched the channel to something else when this piece of crap cartoon came on. . . . . . .And i don't even find Johnny all that attractive at all, even with those sunglasses and muscle. What a dope.
  • johny bravo thinks hes gods gift to girls or something stupid like that

    Okay this show is called Johny Bravo. It the worst excuse for a tv show I've ever seen!And the main character is some girl-obsessed freak!In every episode he is either going on a date or trying to get a date.There is no comedy in this show whatsoever. Its just some Elvis-Looking guy trying to pick up girls for a couple minutes. Why is this show y7, you should be at least 9 to watch this show.More people should agree this show stinks! Don't get me wrong, I like Jeff Bennet but he has done much better shows than this, and this has got to go!
  • This was one of my favorite shows on Cartoon Network, but now that's of the air, I really want it back on now!

    I miss the hunky looking, but wierdo Johnny Bravo. I have not seen this show in about 4 years. This show is about Johnny Bravo, a crazy, cool man who uses his hunk-like language to try to get a date with a beautiful woman, but his attemts mostly fail. He uses gets punched by, or thrown down to the ground whenever he gets rejected. These moments are really funny!!! The humor in this show is really great! It is funny seeing Johnny get rejected. I kind of feel bad for him though, because it is really hard trying to get someone to go out with you now-a-days. The dialog in this show is good. The lines Johnny says are really funny, and it is fun watching Carl, and Suzie bother him. The many adventures Johnny have will keep you hooked on the series. The music is good. I like the opening theme, it is great. "Do the monkey with me, C'mon". Who thought of that dance? It rocks!!! Overall, funny show, great dialog, good music, memorable characters. I wish Cartoon Network would put this show back on TV now , because in my mind, alot of people miss this show, and that it is better than about a third of the shows currently on right now. I miss you, Johnny, please come back to us!
  • Awesome.

    Johnny Bravo was a hit cartoon on cartoon network that starring a 20 year old biceps chick loving mammas boy.Johnny Bravo went back in the day of shows like ppg,ed edd n eddy,courage and dexter which I and other people really miss.Today on CN we got lame stuff like zatch bell,hi hi,juniper lee and winx club which those 4 really suck but Johnny Bravo and the CN shows on my fave shows list totally rule.
  • i use the like the old seasson of johnny bravo.the second and third is horrid!

    the first seasson was amazing!johnny bravo was so funny!every episode was cool and strange!johnny was a bit dumb but he wasnt really stupid.he was just full of himself.and the humor was a bit adult(he would call a girl sexi and ask is she wearing anithing under the dress)lol!ofcourse the girls would slap him!and suzy was so cute and would always help him.wonderfull show...until the new seasson came.i was first happy for the new episodes but everithing changed to worse!animation its strange and blocky.johnny still looks the same but his mom looks like a pink palm tree,and they ruined suzy.shes hidious now!and they added two characters pops and carl.they are both annoying and not helpfull at all.and the episodes are now just badly done parodies.and "the hot chicks"look all the same just in different colors.and its so boring and overused how they beat him up everytime.i admitt he was rude in the first seasson,but now he cant even look at them and POW! and every episode ends bad for him.why?a little score once in a while wouldnt hurt right?and why is he so stupid now?i know,cause they censored all the adult jokes and replaced with "johnny is so stupid"he slipps on a peel of banana hardy har har...this show is a waste of time!only the latest(4-th) seasson is good cause its similar to first and again it has that certain charm.thank god the old crew of animators is back!
  • Solid

    Alright the thing with Johnny Bravo is that it had its great memorable moments and its boring, pointless ones. Some episodes are really interesting. Johnny would be funny and cool to watch on television. Other episodes, Johnny was not funny. The plot would become dull and cliche. A typical Johnny Bravo plot would have Johnny interested in some chick. The chick continues to pay him no mind. Then out of wanting attention, Johnny would do something stupid and would get beat up or laughed at. His constant attention seeking became tiresome for me, which is why I could not see this going for so long. The show is still a classic well written show overall that has inspired the cartoon business.
  • A classic Cartoon from the good 'Ol days of Cartoon Network.

    I really liked this series. I grew up watching Johnny Bravo. Johnny Bravo was a young man who was obsessed with women and his body. He was always chasing girls but he never got any. I find it funny that I am just now understanding all of the dirty stuff he said after purchasing the first season on dvd. When I was younger I did not catch any of his jokes or pickup lines, but I do now. Johnny is just hilarious. I cannot believe that the show was aimed at younger people because of the content that lies within it. The cool thing though is that there is nothing bad that kids do not need to see, it is just stuff that you will not understand until you are older. Trust me, it is a good show and it is pretty funny.
  • This show is kind of not one of my favorite shows,but I maybe think it's pretty good.

    This show is very much one of the best classics on Cartoon Network like Dexter's Labortory and The Powerpuff Girls.I mean,the character doesn't let us see his eyes with his sunglasses.It's like Double-D on Ed,Edd And Eddy when he doesn't let us see his hat.So,I think that the character Johnny Bravo is not that cool.Well,this show is not that bad.It's kind of bad,but not all bad.It's like a good classic like the other Cartoon Network.Some episodes are good,some episodes are bad.Well,the Scooby Doo and Johnny Bravo cross over is my all time favorite episode of this show because the cross over shows was a good idea.
  • I used to hate this show.

    I wrote a review about this show a few years ago. In that review, I called this show extremely stupid and lame and Johnny pathetic. Honestly? I take that all back. I watched this show a few months ago out of boredom and I found it extremely hilarious, despite the fact I had seen that episode before. I actually found it really amusing and felt terribly sorry for Johnny a fair few times. This show really wasn't as bad as I thought. Sure, Johnny and Carl and some of the others can be extremely annoying and idiotic...but that's the point of it! It's for humor and I can definitely see why many people loved this show. Seriously. Those who hate this show really should give Johnny Bravo a second chance! They might just come to love it! :)
  • johnny bravo probaly one of the best cartoons ever

    johnny bravo I watched this all the time when I was around 13 or 14 thats when it was on the cool thing is when I look back on it now the best season was season 1 because if you noticed johnny bravo was cool and very one worded in some ways he didn't get really wierd and overdone until seth mcfarlane and butch hartman left(seth mcfarlane creator of family guy)the entire character of johnny changed he wasn't very cool anymore and the episodes in the later seaons were not as good as the episodes in season one but needless to say johnny bravo was great
  • a good clasic cartoon

    johney bravo was about a guy with mucles and would always try to get with the girls he would also try to pretend he knows kartai. and he was friends with a little girl and guy named carl. and it had alot of funny adventures he would go through . like with the lepracon and others . the show had alot of funny ness to it and ithought cartoon network had hit on its hands and final its being relessed on dvd. i used to watch the show all time. and that is why i gave it a 8 instead of something that was lower
  • One of the best shows i have ever saw

    I am very supprised that I have not done a Johnny Bravo review before but I have been busy. Anyway this show is great I used to watch it as a kid and still do watch it. Johnny is my favourite character and also the programs main character. He is funny stupid and thinks the ladys love him. When they do not...... Carl is a weak nerdy guy which Johnny hates and suzi is a small little girl which Johnny does not mind. Johnnys mum is also a cool character. To sum Johnny up in one word I would say sensetonial

    Johnny Bravo is one of my Favorite tv shows.
    It grabs and keeps my attention. This show will always be a classic to me because I grew up with it and loved the show ever since day one. It's funny and it always gets my attention. I love every single episode of this show. It's just a super superb show, and sadly not that much people have heard of this masterpeice. Thank goodness boomerang still has it! Well, that's pretty much my review, thank you for reading my review. See you all later.
    - A N D E R S O N 5 8 7
  • I really love this show!

    This show is awesome!Its also one of the first shows on Cartoon Network I have ever seen and I still watch it.Who is to stupid that when he looks at the mirror he thinks it a burglar?Johnny Bravo of course!He is a strong man who is always chasing woman and asks them to go out my he always gets his but kicked.Theres also Bunny Bravo Johnny's mother who really love her son,Susy-Johnny's annoying little neigbour girl,Carl Johnnys friend a geek,Pops-owns Johnny's favourite place to hang out-Pops Moon Place.This is really one of the best shows on Cartoon Network and I hope they dont cancel it soon!
  • A classic

    Johnny Bravo is one of the good shows on Cartoon Network, you know, the channel that was good 10 years ago, then started to suck because of stupid, unoriginal, pointless shows? I loved this show so much! My family thought it was a bit crude, but they still enjoyed watching it. It was creative in its own way, even if Johnny was perverted and lived with his mother. I see the show ocassionally on those short cartoon shows, where they show the old yet good shows of Cartoon Network's past. I still find it hilarious, and I think it should be continued on Cartoon Network, not the crap they show today.
  • A great show that will always be remembered by me as a childhood classic. Bring it back!!!!

    Johnny Bravo tells the story of a biceps-bulging, karate-chopping free spirit, who believes his a gift from God to the women of the earth. Unfortunately for Johnny, everyone else sees him as a narcissistic Mama's boy with big muscles and even bigger hair. In short, he is the quintessential guy who "just doesn't get it." No matter what he does, or where he finds himself, he always winds up being his own worst enemy. One of my favorite shows of all-time will be forever remember in my heart. Please bring it back this was such a good and funny show that deserves to be back on the air once again.
  • Hilarious!

    One of the Greatest Cartoon Network Shows! One of the Classics! Johnny Bravo can be such a Moron which is why I like him. The episodes are Ridiculously Funny! I wish they would bring it back though I remember a Breif Period in which they ran new episodes but that was basically only Holiday eps like the X-Mas and Valentines episodes but the Christmas episode I liked it was bit more Festive to me than the first one when Johnny hit Santa! Anyway I remember the Earlier episodes, for some reason they looked a bit different which I liked better than which they used later on (Suzies head looked a bit Taller) though I remember they used it again for those used for The X-Mas one! Funniest Cartoons good Memories!
  • Another great cartoon classic!

    Johnny Bravo is an hilarous animated series about this man who happens to have big muscles and tries to attract the ladies but however he can't because the ladies somehow hilarously think he's a jerk and hurt him all the time which makes this show funny without that the show is nothing along with him is his mother Bunny Bravo, a little girl called Suzy(refered to as Little Suzy in the first season i think), a geek buddy called Carl(first appears in the second season) and a fast food owner called Pops(first appears in the second season too) i can't believe Cartoon Network cancelled this lovely cartoon classic as i used to love it when i was about 7 or 8 i remember every evening i used to watch this lovely show and every episode has something in it that cracked me up i guess Cartoon Network would rather have crap like "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" on their channel instead of good cartoon classics like this, in fact this show was funnier than Cow and Chicken in my opinion but that doesn't mean it's better just funnier but i like Cow and Chicken just as much as i like this and i like all the rest of the Cartoon Cartoons the same come on Cartoon Network come to your senses and get rid of My Gym Partner's a Monkey and Robotboy for Dexter's Laboratory(with the creator working on it this time), Cow and Chicken and the unforgettable classic Johnny Bravo.
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