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Cartoon Network (ended 2004)





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  • OH MAMA.

    One of the cartoons that showed its best edges and potential! I recommend watching it.

    Plot: Johnny Bravo, a hunky man, likes to show off his muscles and his biceps on gorgeous ladies. But the ladies doesn't seem to like him! He lives with his mother, he has a geeky friend which he always bully named Carl. He always goes to his favorite diner owned by Pops, a greedy and tricky man. He always gets a visit from a little girl next door to him named Suzy, which always annoys him and sometimes freaks him out! He has a little silly nature which causes trouble for the people and sometimes even himself.

    Characters: Their stories are really simple but no annoying ones, they can annoy in an good way! Plus, each own has their silly egos, which makes this show complete.

    Voice acting: The voice acting is really perfect in anyways.

    Humor: Yes, it's humor shines from Johnny's stupidity, and the girls slapping him around. Also one of the funny things that the ugly girls are the one that's attracted to him! Their silly nature makes it more funny than it should be! And the way Johnny causes trouble, it's not irritating but more humorous! He acts immature, but it's a good point!

    Art: It's how the Hanna-Barbera does it in the good old days, it's a retro cartoon, so the art is very well nice.

    Overall: 10. This show used it's full potential to attract viewers. One of the most successful cartoon that ever made.