Johnny Bravo - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • As I Lay Hiccupping
    Johnny eats to quickly and gets a severe case of the hiccups. He then visits a beautiful doctor who tells him that if his hiccups persist he can come back for her hands on treatment. So to get that Johnny tries to avoid the remedies of everyone in town.

    Marine Maroon
    Johnny is taken to Sea Land when he is caught in a fishing net after he was sucked into the sea by a ripe tied, and he believed that he has found the lost city of Atlantis.

    Thunder God Johnny
    Johnny pulls a hammer from a block of ice in the style of sword in the stone and becomes a viking god with all sorts of power. He is told by the gods that he must fight an ice giant.moreless

  • Loch Ness Johnny
    Johnny and Mrs. Bravo go to Scotland and Johnny bought some haggis, the Loch Ness Monster tries to get it from him.

    Den Mother Johnny
    Johnny gives Mrs. Bravo smushweed,which she is allergic to and Johnny has to take over Mrs. Bravo's duties as den mother to Suzy's troop.

    Quo Doofus
    Johnny trips into Carl's time machine and is teleported to ancient Rome where he is forced to fight in the collusium.moreless

  • Yukon Yutz
    Johnny and Mrs.Bravo go to Canada and Johnny tries to get a mountie girl and ends up catching Slimy Pierre, a criminal.

    Prep School Johnny
    Johnny goes to a prep school and three students: Todd, Nigel, and Piggy try to get him in trouble after Johnny gives the school a hard time.

    Send in the Clones
    Mama has Johnny deliver the electric bill but Johnny accidentally goes to a mad scientists laboratory where he is cloned. Then Johnny must prove to everyone else he is the real Johnny.

  • Good Knight Johnny
    Johnny follows a girl dressed as a damsel to a renaissance carnival. He believes he has gone through a time portal and is really back in the middle ages. He tries to impress the locals with his 20th century knowledge only to ruin all the events at the carnival.

    Balloon Platoon
    After getting hit by a kid who has a crush on little Suzy, Johnny recruits the best he can to overcome their evil forces.

    The Clueless Kid
    Johnny's Karate teacher, Master Hama, claims the worst of his students could beat the best of his rival's. His rival takes him up on the challenge. So Johnny in order to protect the honor of the dojo must ude all he has learned to defeat the rivals student.moreless

  • The Unsinkable Johnny Bravo
    Johnny is a poor third class peasant who falls in love with a rich first glass girl, whose name is Shelia. Just like Titanic, the boat sinks but the interesting part is that Shelia breaks up with Johnny.

    Three different variations on a story taken place in the part where everyone was hurt, was told by Carl, Suzy, and Johnny.

    Free Pookey
    The annual Weasel Roundup is interrupted by a beautiful animal rights activist. She says she's think differently of Johnny if he'd help animals. With the best of intentions, Johnny saves a piñata he names Pookey to return it to its native Mexico.moreless

  • Look Who's Drooling
    When Johnny takes a bite out of Pops' hot chilli, he uses Carl's fountain of youth potion to cool down the flames. This made him revert back to a baby until 4:00pm, but her mother didn't care as she liked the idea of her baby boy being little again.

    Law and Disorder
    Johnny becomes a security guard at the mall for a power trip. Instead of stopping crooks, he's picking up chicks and playing video games. Mama comes to the rescue when Johnny is held hostage by the crook.

    Tooth or Consequences
    Johnny posses as the tooth fairy after feeling guilty for telling little Suzy she wasn't real. To prove his identity Suzy makes him grant her three wishes.moreless

  • Pop Art
    Johnny takes Suzy to an art museum and Johnny becomes an artist after he made a butt print on the wall.

    Dude Ranch Doofus
    Johnny and Mrs. Bravo spend a day at a dude ranch and Johnny tries to train D'Ablo, a horse, to win a girl's heart.

    A Cake Too Far
    Mrs. Bravo and Suzy enter a baking contest, but after Mrs. Bravo injures herself playing football, Johnny has to take her place and loses the recipe.moreless

  • Hail to the Chump
    When the entire town council comes down with food poisoning at the annual picnic, Johnny is given the duty of mayor.

    A Fool for Sister Sara
    Sister Sara helps Johnny after a cologne induced hallucination, and that she would have a date with Johnny if he is nice.

    Days of Blunder
    When Johnny takes Mama's hot rod Carl convinces Johnny to enter an auto race, where Carl controlls it by a joystick but when the joystick short circuts Johnny is left to drive on his own!moreless

  • Galaxy Boy
    Johnny bumps into a straship captain in the park and is beamed aboard his ship. There, Johnny wages war against the alien captain, Kharlok.

    Damien's Day Out
    Johnny takes care of a little baby who is left on his porch and finally realizes that the baby can unleash evil powers.

    Noir Johnny
    Johnny becomes a detective (because the ladies love detectives) and takes the case of Suzy's missing dolly.moreless

  • El Bravo Magnifico
    Johnny is mistook for a karate expert and agrees to help a "South of the border" town defeat an evil bandit.

    Johnny O. and Julliet
    Johnny tries to end the feud between his Mama and the new next door Mama so he can have a date with the tuba playing daughter.

    Clan of the Cave Boob
    On an archeological dig, Carl tells Johnny of what he was like as a caveman who struggled to find a home.moreless

  • Brave New Johnny
    Johnny falls into a pool of hair gel and travels 500 years to the future.

    Johnny joins an Amish community and everybody thinks he's a relative from very far.

    Carl Be Not Proud
    Johnny decides to be nice with Carl, thinking he's going to die and Carl takes advantage of that.

  • A League of His Own
    Johnny poses as a girl who is "Large for her age" in order to help out little Suzy's softball team.

    Johnny Goes to Camp
    Johnny gets on the wrong bus and ends up at computer camp with Carl as his councelor.

    Bafoon Lagoon
    Johnny is shipwrecked with a pretty girl who spends her time running from him.moreless

  • Man with the Golden Gut
    Johnny orders an Ab machine, but instead of getting a six pack, his muscles form the shape of Mount Rushmore making him a tourist attraction.

    Welcome Back, Bravo
    A clerical error results in Johnny having to pass the 4th grade all over again.

    Aunt Kate's Farm
    Johnny takes Little Suzy to her favorite Kiddies show and ends up as one of the cast.moreless

  • Panic in Jerky Town
    Johnny wins a free trip for two to Jerky Town and takes Pops. Johnny was going to be named successor of Jerky Town and Pops found out the secret ingredient in the jerky.

    Alien Confidental
    An alien lands on Earth with the secret of universal peace and then after Johnny takes to him to Pops a mob started chasing them and in the end he ended up on T.V.

    Mama's New Boyfriend
    Bunny gets herself a new boyfriend named Raul Montoya but Johnny thinks that he's only loving her just to get at her cookie jar money! But in the end, our man Bravo finds out that Raul paid Bunny back!moreless

  • Johnny and the Beanstalk
    Johnny trades the family cow for some magical hair tonic initiating a fairy tale.
    A Boy and his Bird
    In an attempt to get a date with a dog loving girl, Johnny adopts a pet emu which proves to be more than he bargained for.
    Ape is not Enough
    Johnny visits the South Seas, where a giant gorrila falls in love with him.moreless
  • I, Fly
    While guarding Carl's science project, Johnny accidentally turns himself into a fly. Now he has a human head and a fly's body while the fly has to live with the body of Johnny and has a head of a fly.

    Schnook of the North
    When Johnny loses his mother in a store, he is given away to a foster family in the arctic.

    Charm School Johnny
    Pops attempts to take Johnny and turn him into a gentleman worthy of high society within 7 days.moreless

  • Doommates
    When Bunny puts in a V-Chip to limit Johnny's TV-watching, he moves into a trailer with Carl as his new roommate.

    Johnny's Telethon
    When it is announced that Johnny's favorite beef jerky store will be running out of buisness, Johnny decides to stage a telethon to save it.

    Johnny's Guardian Angel
    After causing numerous disasters for Bunny, Carl, and Suzy, Johnny wishes that he'd never been born. However, his guardian angel, Maurice, shows him what life would be like if he had never been born.moreless

  • Endless Bummer
    Johnny plays lifegaurd in hopes to attract the ladies.

    Jailbird Johnny
    A mistake in the judicial system gets Johnny thrown into a womens' prison.

    Bravo 13
    Johnny becomes an astronaut when he is mistakenly launched into space with a chimp.

  • Claws
    Johnny wants to make a special dinner for his mother and buys a lobster but it won't cooperate.

    Cover Boy
    With a little help from Pops and Carl, Johnny gets a job as a fashion model (so he can meet female models). Unfortunately he gets exposed to poison ivy and is fired in the process.

    To Helga and Back
    Johnny sends away for a mail order perfect woman, but accidentally picks a Swedish woman named Helga instead. In an effort to ruin their "relationship", he takes her to a wrestling match.moreless

  • Karma Krisis
    Johnny doesn't listen to his Mama's advice and he rips up a chain letter. This results in a long run of bad luck and a timely appearance by Dionne Warwick.

    A Star is Bruised
    Johnny meets his hero Squint Ringo (a Steven Seagal-look- alike) and performs the stuntman for his show.

    The Prince and the Pinhead
    A prince from a far kingdom is bored of being ruler and sees that Johnny looks exactly like him. Thus, the two switch places and Johnny gets to be prince.moreless

  • Johnny Get Your Tutu
    After accidentally sending a picture of Suzy with his career test, Johnny is selected as a ballerina.

    Johnny's Inferno
    Johnny unwittingly walks on the grass when there is a "Do not walk on the grass" sign right in front of him, thus summoning a demon that enlists him to join on an evil rampage.

    Forest Chump
    After being swept over a waterfall, Johnny and Carl come across hot native chicks.moreless

  • Bikini Space Planet
    Johnny is kidnapped by two beautiful female aliens, who believe him to be the perfect human specimen. Johnny happily obliges.

    Moby Jerk
    After winning a luxury cruise, Johnny gets on the wrong boat. Here he meets the captain of the ship, Captain Spleen, who expects Johnny to catch a legendary bad-mouth mermaid, the Moby Jerk.

    A Gel for Johnny
    One of Johnny's worst nightmares becomes reality when he runs out of Mr. Kevin's Triple-Strength Hair Tonic.moreless