Johnny Bravo - Season 5

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Short #14: Yoga
    Short #14: Yoga
    Episode 14
    Johnny tries to impress the ladies in a yoga class with some of his moves.
  • Short #13: Stump the Stump
    Johnny participates in a television game show, where he looses to a common tree stump.
  • Short #12: Lion Taming
    Johnny tries to tame a wild lion at the circus, but ends up being eaten by the lion.
  • Short #11: Liberty Bell
    In the times of the American Revolution, a lady hits Johnny with the Liberty Bell, causing the bell to crack and causing Johnny immense pain.
  • Short #10: Intelligence
    Johnny is sent through a maze to get a piece of cheese like a lab rat, but he is not able to complete the experiment successfully.
  • Short #9: Idiot meets his Echo
    Johnny starts arguing with his echo, believing there is someone else claiming to be prettier than him.
  • Short #8: Going next door
    Johnny is sent next door to borrow a cup of sugar, but he accidentally ends up lost in the desert.
  • Short #7: Gladiator
    Johnny is participating in a chariot race in ancient Rome, but he is more interested in picking up ladies.
  • Short #6: Evolution
    Johnny demonstrates he has not evolved enough by fighting with a monkey for a banana.
  • Short #5: Dumb Cartoon Guy
    Johnny demonstrates he is just a dumb cartoon guy when he drops a bus on his head.
  • Short #4: Chess
    Short #4: Chess
    Episode 4
    Johnny is playing chess with a super performant computer, which malfunctions when it sees how stupid Johnny can be.
  • Short #3: Beautiful Day
    Johnny is having a beautiful day until he notices he forgot to wear any pants.
  • Short #2: Ancient Tarpits
    Johnny proves he is not any smarter than a dinosaur, by trapping himself into a prehistoric tar pit.
  • Short #1: Activity Time
    Johnny has to find a rhino hidden somewhere in a room.