Johnny Bravo

Season 4 Episode 12

Some Walk By Night / Adam West Date-O-Rama

Aired Monday 12:00 PM Aug 20, 2004 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Johnny's date in Adam West date-O-Rama is the Black Widow, an old Hanna-Barbera character first seen as an enemy of superhero Space Ghost on the Space Ghost and Dino Boy in the Lost Valley animated series, which originally aired on CBS from September 10, 1966, to September 7, 1968. There she was also known as Spider-Woman, and appeared in two episodes, but was also featured in the series finale, the six-part story titled "The Council of Doom".

      She was later briefly seen in an episode of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! ("Don't Fool With A Phantom" from 1970), though with slightly bluer skin and a different hairdo.

      Most recently, she was a recurring character on Cartoon Network's Space Ghost Coast to Coast series, which featured footage from the 60s animated show but with re-dubbed dialogue to make it seem a reality talk-show parody. The show originally aired on the Cartoon Network, but was later moved to its night-time programming block, Adult Swim due to the show's more mature nature.

    • The titles that showed up with Johnny's date with the Black Widow:
      "Charity Begins At Home"
      "Driving Miss Crazy"
      "Your Mudder On The Eyes"
      "Getting Johnny's Goat"
      "Spider In My Soup"
      "Throw Out The Babe With The Bath Water"
      "Hitting The Pavement"
      "Home Is Where The Heart Isn't"

  • Quotes

    • Man: There's a giant dog in the park giving away free fruit.
      Curtis: Giant dog?
      Allyce: In the park?
      Johnny: Free fruit?!
      Man: Is there an echo in here?

    • Johnny: (to Marina) I could stare at you all day long, but then I wouldn't have a chance to look at me. I hate that part!

    • Adam: Johnny knows the alphabet.
      Johnny: "A", blee, that curvy one, uh..."A", blee, three!

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