Johnny Bravo

Season 1 Episode 3

The Sensitive Male / Bravo Dooby-Doo

Aired Monday 12:00 PM Jul 21, 1997 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

The Sensitive Male
Upon learning that the girl he is trying to get a date with is in love with a sensitive dancer, Johnny enrolls in dancing lessons from a singer to become "sensitive".

Bravo Dooby-Doo
When Johnny's aunt Jebedissa disappears, he enlists the help of the Scooby-Doo gang to crack the case.moreless

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  • a great johnny bravo episode,seeing johnny and the scooby doo gang was a cool thing to see in a cartoon. Especially with velma having a crush on johnny,and then later in a cartoon short,johnny was velma's boyfriend and dexter was in love with velma.moreless

    This was a great johnny bravo episode,seeing johnny bravo and the scooby doo gang was a cool thing to see in a cartoon. Especially when velma has a crush on johnny,and johnny has a crush on daphne. Plus johnny and shaggy being a cool team like scooby and shaggy. Too bad scooby didn't get a lot of screen time,but it was a johnny bravo episode.

    Later in a cartoon short dexter tries to go out with velma,and johnny is revealed to have fallen in love with velma and it's cool to see that velma didn't end up leaving johnny.

    seeing speed buggy at the end was cool too,and frank welker does a great job as freddie,speedy buggy,and the present scooby doo.moreless
  • Spoofs of both Scooby Doo and School house rocks equals grand old time.

    While The Sensitive male was a great episode, it's Bravo Dooby Doo that did it. so many classic lines and cameos make this one of the best Johnny Bravo episodes of all time. Seeing Johnny hitting on Daphne never got old, but he always gets beaten by Freddie. We also find out how Freddie gets Daphne with him heh. In my opinion the best part of it all was both Johnny's comment on Jinkies and the mask pulling near the end. "Joe Barbera? Who's that?" Awwww that never gets old. While I also love the Twilight Zone spoofs episodes, this one was what made Johnny Bravo into the classic show it was.moreless
  • One of the very fine installments of Johnny Bravo.

    This episode of Johnny Bravo sure proved that classic animation hadn't yet died out in the late 90's. With the humorous storyline and fascinating animation this show was truly an animation masterpiece. The sensitive male episode is by far my favorite. I will never forget it as I've watched it on multiple occasions. It was great seeing some Hanna Barbera crossovers in modern day cartoons as throughout most of the series, but to be honest the Scooby short could've been better. I only wish some of the later episodes could've been done in this classic style. Two thumbs up for me.moreless
Brenda Vaccaro

Brenda Vaccaro

Bunny Bravo

Mae Whitman

Mae Whitman

Little Suzy

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Carlos "Carl" Chryniszzswics (1999-2001)

Larry Drake

Larry Drake

Pops (1999-2001)

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Jonathan "Johnny" Bravo/Guy 1

Heather North

Heather North


Guest Star

Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem


Guest Star

Hadley Kay

Hadley Kay


Guest Star

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Fred/Speed Buggy

Recurring Role

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Girl 1/Girl 3

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Velma's obvious crush on Johnny later inspired a couple of short promos and bumpers which aired on the Cartoon Network:

      One of them was about a depressed Johnny sitting in a bar alongside the titular characters from the Two Stupid Dogs show and with Fred Flintstone from The Flintstones as the bartender, explaining how he fell in love with Velma, dated for a while but eventually she turned down his marriage proposal, claiming her career comes first. In the end, back in the bar, Johnny goes to pick up Melody, from Josie and the Pussycats.

      Another bumper featured Dexter, from Dexter's Laboratory falling in love with Velma and helping her with a science project she couldn't handle on her own. In the end it's revealed that her project was creating a new hair gel for Johnny, who asks her out to dinner afterwards, which she accepts, leaving Dexter heartbroken.

    • The Sensitive Male marks the first appearance of the character of the Sensitive Male.

      Bravo Dooby-Doo marks the first and only appearance of Scooby-Doo and his gang. While Scooby will later appear again on the show, the rest of the gang won't.

    • At the very end of Bravo Dooby-Doo, another Hanna-Barbera '70's cartoon character, Speed Buggy makes an appearance, offering Johnny a ride.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Shaggy: Well Mr. Bravo, I guess that's leaves you and me with the kitchen.
      Johnny: Why do I get stuck with Jughead?

    • Velma: It looks like we're up to our ascots in a mystery.

    • Daphne: Scooby, you and Fred check upstairs. Velma and I will look in the basement.
      Fred: Daphne!
      Daphne: I mean, Scooby, you and Velma check upstairs. And Fred and I will look in the basement.

    • Velma: (winking to Johnny) I don't bite!
      Johnny: (pointing to Daphne) Yeah. But does she?

    • Scooby-Doo Crew: Jinkies!
      Johnny: Jinkies? Jinkies? Isn't that a breakfast cereal of something?

    • (Frightened Scooby and Shaggy crash into Velma and Johnny knocking both their glasses off)
      Velma: My glasses! I can't see without my glasses!
      Johnny(hands covering his eyes): My glasses! I can't be seen without my glasses!
      (Velma and Johnny take each other's glasses)
      Velma: Jinkies! Everything's dark! I've gone blind!
      (Johnny makes the necessary switch)
      Johnny: I'm only gonna say this once. (firmly) Don't... touch... the glasses!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Aunt Jebedissa's disguises:

      At the end of the episode Bravo Dooby-Doo, when the Scooby gang and Johnny try to unmask the Ghostly Gardener, the following people/characters can be seen:

      - Professor Hyde White, from the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! episode "What A Night for a Knight" (1969). As an extra note, this character wasn't the villain in that episode, just a suspect/victim of the real villain.

      - Harry the Hypnotist, a.k.a. The Ghost Clown, from the Scooby-Doo Where Are You! episode "Bedlam in the Big Top" (1969).

      - Bigfoot, the legendary creature/monster, but drawn to resemble the "ghost" of Bigfoot that Scooby and the gang encountered in the New Scooby-Doo Movies episode "The Ghost of Bigfoot" (an episode which guest-starred cartoon versions of famous comedy duo Laurel and Hardy). The main difference between the designs of the two Bigfoot creatures is that the one featured on this episode of Johnny Bravo is colored, whereas he was only white/light grey in the original Scooby episode.

      - Don Knotts, (1924-2006) American comedy actor. As an extra note, he did guest star in 2 episodes of The New Scooby-Doo Movies in 1972. And would eventually also encounter Johnny, towards the end of the series. His animated alter-ego would later make a couple of cameos in another Scooby animated series, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, between 2010-2013.

      - Joe Barbera, (1911-2006) American animator, director and producer, among others. Part of the legendary duo of Hanna-Barbera, the producers of all the past Scooby-Doo series since 1969.

    • Jughead:

      In Bavo Dooby-Doo, Johnny calls Shaggy "Jughead" which is the same name as one of the Archie characters.

    • American Gothic: In Bravo Dooby-Doo when Shaggy and Johnny are hiding from the Ghostly Gardener, they pose and outfit is identical to the painting called American Gothic by Grant Wood.

    • The Sensitive Male: - Music

      Much of the musical score in the episode The Sensitive Male spoof the style of the music from the classic children's show, School House Rock, an educational program that used music to teach young kids about math, science, and a plethora of other subjects.