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Imagine having a lollipop that gives you the strength of a hundred men or a rocket-powered backpack that can send you to the Moon or genetically altering your dog to make him talk. Johnny Test can do all of that... and more! So it's not just another day in the life of a boy. Johnny Test chronicles the adventures of a fearless 11-year-old boy, his genetically engineered super dog Dukey and his 13-year-old super genius scientist twin sisters, Susan and Mary, who use Johnny as their guinea pig for their out-of-this-world scientific experiments. And half of the time their experiments cause something bad or earth-deadly to happen. Then they have to save the day after they started it. Broadcast History: Johnny Test originally premiered on Saturday, September 17, 2005 at 11:00am (ET) on Kids' WB! The show ran for three seasons on that network before premiering its fourth season Thursdays at 8:00pm (ET) on Cartoon Network. Season five premiered on Monday, June 13, 2011 at 7:00pm (ET). New episodes premiered in the series' new timeslot of Wednesdays at 7:30pm (ET) on January 11, 2012. New episodes currently air Wednesday at 7:30pm (ET) on Cartoon Network.


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  • At least Season 1 was good.

    My how quickly this show went down hill ever since they changed the animation to flash in Season 2. And the show immediately began to suck from there. Let's get to the main review.

    Season 1 had beautiful animation. It was smooth and not to slow, it just worked perfectly! That was also when the characters weren't stupid.

    Then Season 2 came. Now, Season 2 was alright. The first few episodes were good. In fact, the only that thing that changed was the animation. Although, near the end of the season you could see something was wrong. The characters slowly became dumb near the middle of Season 2 and would later become mentally ***ed in Season 3. Overall, Season 2 was an OK season but this was where the show started to go downhill.

    Then came along Season 3. The episodes were slowly getting worse and like I said when I was talking about Season 2, the characters would lose all of their IQs. Johnny turned from an innocent kool kat into a spoiled brat here, too. The other characters just got annoying. So Season 3 is pretty much where the show went from awesome to okay to bad.

    Now comes Season 4. It wasn't bad at all, it was HORRIBLE!!! Now the episodes are becoming EVEN MORE boring and god awful than before and the characters now have dropped from 130 to a -200. Now I have lost 95% of my faith on this show.

    In Season 5 I just stopped watching because this show went from wonderful to horrible and now I have lost 100% of my faith and now we're hopeless because this show is now an overrated shit pile.

    I haven't watched Season 6 but it doesn't look good either.

    Season 7 hasn't even come out yet, but I know it's gonna be bad. Luckily I heard the seventh season will be the show's last.

    Overall, here's my scores for the seasons:

    The first season (2005-2006) was brilliant. 7/10

    The second season (2006-2007) was merely OK. 5/10

    The third season (2007-2008) was an abomination. 2/10

    But by the fourth season (2009-2010) the life in the show was gone.

    As for the others? Well, let's just say that's a completely different show.

    UPDATE APRIL 23, 2014: The show got renewed for a seventh season but I heard it'll be the show's last! OMFG it took seven seasons to convince Scott his show sucked but finally it's gonna end!

    This show gets a 5 overall. 9 for Season 1, and 1 for Seasons 2-7.moreless
  • F*** this show

    I recently came up with a theory. That this show was thought up by a lazy ass high schooler who thought he was an artist because he won a lot money in the lottery. The only way he kept the show going was bribing Cartoon Network. Johnny test is by far an abomination or should I say "johbomination". Every episode feels like a recycled episode that's based on cartoon episode reuse like a talent show episode. The show acts clever when the make a reference like "this feels familiar" or some bullshit. Even worse the show doesn't make any sense. Like a darth vader villain keeps saying toast or most of the animation comes from zooming in and out of the characters. Oh and speaking of the animation the characters all look like magnets you put on a fridge. Johnny is an obnoxious douchebag who acts like he hip and cool. Making quack pack look like a damn masterpiece. All the characters are annoying to Johnny but you still want everyone to be punished. Instead your rewarded with an "oh so close from the characters. Oh yeah and remember when I said episode scripts are recycled there's at least 10 battle royal episodes between the characters(race episodes) and they're always predictable, all the characters cheat but then work together and beat the stereotyped new character in the episode. Then they all celebrate leaving you I satisfied. I hope the creator of this show gets punished for what they did. Reused music, potato chip bland chracters, terrible music, recycled over and over scripts, horrible voice acting, and eating time slots that could have been for better shows, these were the ingredients to make the worst show ever but cN added an extra ingredient SHIT. Thus joint test was born, which should have been crucified after cN saw the pilot.moreless
  • i loved but not anymore

    hes a stupid 11 year old boy go smart idiot!!!
  • F*ck This

    God this has got to be one of the worst shows I've ever seen. It's so horrible that I get mad just by saying the name, JOHNNY TEST. I wasn't even really into Johnny Test when it was a new show, but it just got worse with every season made. I can't believe that James Arnold Taylor and some of the pony voice actors had to voice in this, I personanally feel really sorry for them. It's also often considered a rip off of Dexter's Labratory and Jimmy Neutron, but I also think that it's also trying to rip off Johnny Quest too (with the name at least). This show has been on for almost 10 years. Maybe when the 10th anniversery happens, they should cancel it. I can't really like any of the characters and I can't relate to them in any way, shape, or form. With something like a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I can very well relate to them with my personalities, but not with Johnny Test. IT's basically Cartoon Network's version of SpongeBob. What also pisses me off is that this show has more episodes than episodes than either Dexter's Labratory and Jimmy Neutron, the shows that it's trying to copy.

    THIS SHOW SUCKS.moreless

    I HaTe It WiTh AlL Of My InTeRnEl OrGaNs AnD WiLl DeStRoY AnY DvDs I SeE WiTh A BuRnInG WrEnCh WiTh NaIlS ThAt CaSt WaTeVeR ThEy ToUcH To ThE DeEpEsT DaRkEsT PiTs Of HeLl

    and die
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