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Imagine having a lollipop that gives you the strength of a hundred men or a rocket-powered backpack that can send you to the Moon or genetically altering your dog to make him talk. Johnny Test can do all of that... and more! So it's not just another day in the life of a boy. Johnny Test chronicles the adventures of a fearless 11-year-old boy, his genetically engineered super dog Dukey and his 13-year-old super genius scientist twin sisters, Susan and Mary, who use Johnny as their guinea pig for their out-of-this-world scientific experiments. And half of the time their experiments cause something bad or earth-deadly to happen. Then they have to save the day after they started it. Broadcast History: Johnny Test originally premiered on Saturday, September 17, 2005 at 11:00am (ET) on Kids' WB! The show ran for three seasons on that network before premiering its fourth season Thursdays at 8:00pm (ET) on Cartoon Network. Season five premiered on Monday, June 13, 2011 at 7:00pm (ET). New episodes premiered in the series' new timeslot of Wednesdays at 7:30pm (ET) on January 11, 2012. New episodes currently air Wednesday at 7:30pm (ET) on Cartoon Network.

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Fan Reviews (241)

  • How did this abomination ever come to be?

    OMG!! Johnny Test is one of the most annoying shows ever made along Fanboy and Chum Chum!!!!

    Here's why. Toilet humor, overused annoying jokes, ugly animation and design, stupid plots and really fucked up characters. It's always the same these days. I don't know how i should speak about the plot, but here I go.

    The plot is really always recycled and involves Johnny and his stupid dog friend going around town going on so called "crazy" adventures. I've heard this one before.

    Animation: abysmal. Non creative, ugly and really old.

    To sum it all up, this show is a ripoff of Dexter's Lab, only that it shares the ways of Fanboy and Chum Chum. May this show go fuck itself. I'm done CN. I'm on your channel just to see Regular Show and Gumball.moreless
  • Is not that is crappy is just that it has a lot of annoyingness in it.

    While the show has had it's good moments through the can be still a lot bettet I don't think the show has toilet humor or fart jokes on the show started out good but it can still be a lot better first need to take the soundtracks of each sound Make the characters less grumpy and last change some of the animation those are some of the is some of the improvements it needs nothing really gross about the show

    Gets a 4/10moreless
  • Stupid parody of Dexter's Laboratory

    People who enjoy Johnny Test are blind. Its obviously the same show with a gender reverse.

    Let's start with Johnny: The version of Dee Dee. curious, non intelligent, adventurous, blonde & blue eyes and invades the lab everytime he wants stuff. Johnny is more annoying than her and acts like a total brat getting everything he wants, his attitude makes me sick.

    His sisters: Both a copy of Dexter. Smart, same color hair, similar glasses, have their own lab, spend most of their time in there. Theres no coincidence there.

    Bling Bling: Bad guy inlove with Susan and enemies with Johnny, like Mandark inlove with Dee Dee and enemies with Dexter. His worst enemy like Bling Bling being Johnnys worst enemy.

    His parents: dad with same color hair just like dexters dad. They just made a reverse on the parents making Johnnys mom a hard working woman and the dad stays at home

    This is a fail! Hell, this show is ridiculous. The General character makes the show even worse, hes too idiotic just like the black and white men. The villians are ignorant looking, stupid looking, easy too beat, LAME

    The difference between dexter and johnny? Johnny and his sisters get along and the main character is the idiot one instead of the brilliant ones (sisters) come on. 98% is a parody, heck, they even have a pet monkey in the lab like Dexter!

    The show has the same problem like the fairy odd parents, theres never a moment of SILENCE. Too much talking too much noise, i cant stand it, too many sound effects = stupid annoying. Fuk you Johnny testmoreless
  • Love this show!!!

    I love this show. It's funny and it has the same imaginativeness as Phineas and Ferb.
  • Every show must have an end.

    I don't know if it's cancelled yet or going to get renewed, but at least give it's 6 season a dying breath, I hate cliffhangers that's why I want it to have it's ending without shooting it in the head try stabbing it with a sword and waiting for it to die. But I am a fan of Johnny Test and I don't want it to die, To those haters who hate Johnny Test KEEP in mind, this show is for children, and not meant for adults, so your preservative may be different. I can't imagine how many Johnny haters there are in this world. But you guys can't just start a debate saying that you want it shutdown because remember there are people who love johnny test and don't want it to end. Here are some things you can do other then hate: Not watch it AT ALL, Not focus on the whip cracks, Or tell them to hold back on the whip cracks and give them SUGGESTIONS on how to improve their show instead of hating on a show that many KIDS like. Remember this show was made for kids not selfish grown up Jerks. Besides you don't realize the whip sounds if you don't focus on them. This show is one of my favorite childhood shows.moreless
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