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1000 reasons why we hate Johnny

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    [1]Mar 25, 2013
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    1. He's selfish

    2. He's bratty

    3. He makes puppy eyes

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    [2]Sep 16, 2013
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    4. He wants everything

    5. He whines whenever he does not get anything

    6. He is a smartass sometimes

    7. Other than that a dumbass

    8. Basically terrorizes the whole town

    9. He is the main character of this show

    10. He thinks he is so cool

    11. He is a liar

    12. He does all so "innocent"

    13. Combines whining with monolouging only so he gets what he wants

    14. Messes up everything he has in his hands

    15. Risks his life just to look cool

    16. Always survives literally evrything in these cases

    17. Annoys the living crap out of his father

    18. Annoys the living crap out of his sisters

    19. Annoys the living crap out of his History teacher

    20. Think about it, the teacher just wants to teach everyone history the right way, but Johnny fucks it up

    21. The teahcer has all right to scold him

    22. Annoys the living crap out of literally everyone else

    23. Plays bland violent games in his age

    24. He is basically a bully

    25. And technically a worse one than that Ginger who is supposedly the bully

    26. He is an asshole

    27. He wants to get that blonde girl, and when he gets to, he just annoys the fuck out of here

    28. Pisses on everything she likes

    29. He does not deserve a girlfriend

    30. He does not deserve any driends at all

    31. Oh wait, he has none

    32. He has his dog, but I do not count him

    33. His dog puts up with all the shit he does

    34. When Dukie (his dog) beats some sense into Johnny, Johnny still whines

    35. And also uses the whine-monolouge

    36. Admires a shitty rip-off of Pokemon

    37. And is a stereotypical 12 year old wannabe at this

    38. He is a sterotypical 12 year old wannabe at everything

    39. Steal literally any shit from his sisters

    40. Does not give a shit about it

    41. Does not give a shit about when his town is being destroyed

    42. Actually finds it "cool" to destroy his town

    43. Sets up shitty championships

    44. And thinks they are "World" championships

    45. But they are just pointless

    46. Like Johnny himself

    47. Like this whole show

    48. Because he just exists

    49. His father should just have pulled out

    50. Abuses everything he has in his hands

    51. I can not really think of 1000 reasons to hate him

    52. So I just fill this list up with otherwise convenient things

    53. Did I mention he is an asshole?

    54. He always wins at anything for being an asshole

    55. Fuck you

    56. He sucks at life

    57. Does not do anything productive

    58. Does not do anything at all

    59. Does not give a shit about that too

    60. Does not give a shit about anything ever

    61. Is always "the chosen one"

    62. Gets called by the military often

    63. Because the military needs his help

    64. I did not make this up

    65. He is not worthy of being called by a military

    66. Is not worthy of having a dog

    67. Is not worthy of living in a house

    68. Is not worthy of living at all

    69. Is not even worthy of being a background character

    70. You would still hate him for that

    71. But since he is the main character it is dangerous for everyone

    72. His sisters should just erase his memory

    73. Or better yet just destroy him

    74. Not wait, that is too exaggerated

    75. Just cancel this fucking show already

    76. He is worse than the new Spongebob

    77. He traveled with a time machine to the past just so he does not have to go to school

    78. No shit, he really did that

    79. Fucking asshole

    80. Did I mention that already?

    81. He makes me want to break a wall...

    82. ...and tear down my house...

    83. ...and kill a puppy...

    84. ...and a kitten...

    85. ...and find a way to get into the television...

    86. ...Just so I could break the living shit out of every bone in his body.

    87. Anyone that likes him is mentally retarded

    88. I respect other peoples opinions, but Johnny sucks, and that should be undebateable

    89. His name has been used a lot of bad characters

    90. I do not know everyone who has this name, but I know that this Johnny is the worst one ever

    91. He will probably plan a world domination in the future

    92. Oh wait, I forgot, he does not plan, he just does shit all the way

    93. He terrorizes his town already, so that is enough

    94. He pretends he learned a lesson, but fucks it up all over again the next episode


    96. Just seeing a part of him has a physical reaction in me

    97. I actually bashed my keyboard out of anger writing all of this.

    98. I got a new one and continued from here

    99. I just hate his fucking guts

    100. He has no guts at all

    101. He is a fucking pussy

    102. Already over a hundred

    103. I am eating Oreo cookies while writing this

    104. There were episodes where he almost died, the ones where I wished he would have died

    105. Sorry, that was a bit exaggerated. I wish he would have died in every second of my already shitty life seeing him

    106. He is worse than Marvin Marvin

    107. That is just my opinion

    108. Atleast Marvin was stopped before he could do any harm to our brains

    109. Johnny is still alive terrorizing our beloved Cartoong Network

    110. And Nickelodeon as well

    111. But I do not give a shit about Nick anyway

    112. He is also worse than Fanboy & Chum Chum...

    113. ...together

    114. Forget reason #76, he is not worse than the new Spongebob

    115. He is worse than anything I have ever seen in my life

    116. He rips off more things in single than any show ever could do

    117. Mainly Dexter's Lab...

    118. Dexter's Lab was cancelled, and yet this show is still alive

    119. Anyone that likes this show has no taste

    120. I know that

    121. Did I mention he annoys the living crap out of his father?

    122. I can not come up with anything else right now

    123. Please continue for me.

    124. Oh wait, I have some more

    125. He makes Marvin Marvin look like an Emmy contender

    126. No fucking shit

    127. You have to try hard to achieve that

    128. He makes the villains look good in comparison

    129. Even though they are shitty villains

    130. There is a Darth-vader ripoff that loves toast...

    131. Just putting that out there

    133. I want to vomit

    134. You just noticed I forgot #132

    135. You probably checked just to see if there was #132

    136. Ah fuck it, here it is.

    132. Johnny made me hate little 12 year old kids forever

    137. He is also worse than the new Patrick

    138. Can you imagine that?

    139. Ok, I am done

    140. I will try to come up with more reasons

    141. Johnny is a terrible human being

    142. I think he is no human at all

    143. He is an alien

    144. Or just stupider than any law allows to be

    145. This show sucks

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    [3]Dec 16, 2013
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    that just shows that you have nothing better to do then sit here and critisize a cartoon character? you have issues. and I think this of johnny:

    * he is funny

    * he is attractive

    * he is caring

    * he identifies how a lot of people

    * hes likeable

    *he always ends up doing the right thing

    *his voice actor is reaally good

    * and he has 100 episodes because his show is GREAT!

    and because I have a life unlike you, I am not going to waste all my time on writing more about him that is great since I don't need to convince a person like you all the good stuff about him since you probably sit around on the computer all day.

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