Johnny Test

Season 3 Episode 13

JX5: A New Beginning / JX5: The Final Ending

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Mar 01, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

JX5: A New Beginning: It's time for the Earth Day carnival and the Johnny Stoping Evil Force 5 (with Zenthar, King of the Mole People, replacing The Bee Keeper) returns and obtains the same mutant powers as Johnny X and Super Dukey. Can Johnny stop them? JX5: The Final Ending: Following the events right after "JX5: A New Beginning," Darth Vegan returns to destroy the Earth with an upgraded armarda. Can Johnny and his new powers save the earth?moreless
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  • i love this episode i was so excited to see this it that i basically talked through it by accident but it was still good especially in the end.

    johnny was my favorite character other than dukey and the show's kinda cute for some reason. i thought in this episode was gonna have johnny sacrifice himself and don't come back but of course "He's the star of the show" so he can't die.yay i finally saw the last episodes and hopefully see more seasons if cartoonetwork orders more! i not gonna give up on this show and will email the network if i have to.this is like the third or fourth show that makes kids proud to be a kid such as Codename:Kids next door,and Fairly odd parents.I love Johnny Test!!!!!!!!!!! i pretty much loved everything in this episode especially when johnny teleprted and the freezing kid farted power poots at johnny and dukey by accient.moreless
  • Johnny fights the evil force five one more time then teams with them to fight Darth Vegan in the series finale.

    This episode is definitely one of the better ones. Although it's a two parter, it did feel like 2 separate episodes that were very slightly connected. The first half wasn't too exciting, but it made for a great setup for the second half. It was nice to see so many old characters come back for the series finale, including the Mole king, someone who hasn’t seen around much at all in the show. The second half of the episode was far more exciting and interesting (nice to see the Johnny haters work with him to save the world). If this episode stays the series finale, I'd say they wrapped it up really well. Grade : B+moreless
  • Johnny Test Rox!

    I started watching Johnny Test 1 month ago. It turned out to be my 2nd favorite show(because my #1 favorite show is Spongebob Squarepants).I am very upset knowing that this is the last episode of Johnny Test EVER.I wish they would make some more,or do this episode in a few years.Luckily,Every weekday of monday-thursday,you can watch 4 episodes of it.I always do.Johnny Test is one of the most awsome shows on Cartoon Network.That show and the clone wars are the only shows i watch on cartoon network.(oh yeah,i forgot Flapjack,i watch that too.)My 2 favorite channels of all time,no doubt,is Nickelodeon,and Cartoon Network.moreless

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