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  • Ah, Teletoon/Cartoon Network you kept letting this dead horse be beaten.

    This show started very fresh actually, but over time, it just existed, its plots were just rehashed over time, its characters became over used and it just led to the show becoming annoying and not wanted anymore and thus its reputation became crappy and it ended with one.
  • I'm sorry haters, but I like this show....

    Don't hate me but I like this show. I admit that this is a ripoff of Dexter's Lab and Fairly Oddparents, but I still like Johnny Test, it is a good show. You can hate me, but I will like this show. Sure, the animation is not too good but overall, this is an OK show. I don't write the plot because everyone knows that. So, JT is OK.
  • Why?! This show is one of the most unbearable!

    Ever since The WB and UPN merged into the The CW and Kids WB was shut down and Cartoon Network picked up the series, this show has been nothing but trouble to this society. And I thought Family Guy was a lot more bad. When I first saw it, I really thought it was good, but now all I see is crap, nothing but horrible, horrible CRAP!!! This show is a rip-off of: Dexter's Laboratory, Scooby-Doo, Fairly Oddparents, Pokemon and so on. I glad it got cancelled, but the one character that I like more was Johnny's mother, she's attractive. Anyways, I'm happy that it's done.
  • CN's version of CatDog

    Admit both this and the other show were lame then and there lame now. And like CatDog the characters are stereotypes, the plots are nothing special and the antagonist would win at the end. If Boomerang reran this, don't waist your time.

    I hate this show, Johnny is an annoying, ***ed, ugly, stupid, spoiled little *** that needs to die and so as his family. This show is very uncreative and poorly made, the plots are repetitive, and the characters are poorly made and their personalities are undeveloped. This show possibly ended on December 25, 2014 (Christmas). Every other show is better than this shitty show that rips off Dexter's Lab.
  • This show SUCKS

    This show is characters are all douchebags, the plots are repetitive, the writing is horrible, THE WHIP CRACK, and it AMAZES me how this show is still on the air. This is sort of like an "edgy" version of Dexter's Lab. This show disgusts not to mention the animation destroys it as well. It's horrible! The animation might make you sick. Just watch something else on CN or isn't worth it.
  • Will this show just end?

    I'll admit I liked this when I was younger, but now I'm tired of it. The animation is bad and not fluid, the characters (especially Johnny) are really annoying, and they are clearly running out of ideas for episodes. They also rip off Dextor's Lab if you couldn't tell, but that show is better than this.
  • We love Johnny Test!!

    My family loves this cartoon! I hope that they make 10 more seasons!! The show is family friendly and hilarious! Love it!
  • Terrible

    Johnny test is probably worst that ever air.

    It's terrible art

    Very unfunny

    the characters just make me wanna vomit.
  • its too addicting

    I watched a whole season and a half of this series already and I have two episode ideas already
  • How did this abomination ever come to be?

    OMG!! Johnny Test is one of the most annoying shows ever made along Fanboy and Chum Chum!!!!

    Here's why. Toilet humor, overused annoying jokes, ugly animation and design, stupid plots and really fucked up characters. It's always the same these days. I don't know how i should speak about the plot, but here I go.

    The plot is really always recycled and involves Johnny and his stupid dog friend going around town going on so called "crazy" adventures. I've heard this one before.

    Animation: abysmal. Non creative, ugly and really old.

    To sum it all up, this show is a ripoff of Dexter's Lab, only that it shares the ways of Fanboy and Chum Chum. May this show go fuck itself. I'm done CN. I'm on your channel just to see Regular Show and Gumball.
  • Is not that is crappy is just that it has a lot of annoyingness in it.

    While the show has had it's good moments through the can be still a lot bettet I don't think the show has toilet humor or fart jokes on the show started out good but it can still be a lot better first need to take the soundtracks of each sound Make the characters less grumpy and last change some of the animation those are some of the is some of the improvements it needs nothing really gross about the show

    Gets a 4/10
  • Stupid parody of Dexter's Laboratory

    People who enjoy Johnny Test are blind. Its obviously the same show with a gender reverse.

    Let's start with Johnny: The version of Dee Dee. curious, non intelligent, adventurous, blonde & blue eyes and invades the lab everytime he wants stuff. Johnny is more annoying than her and acts like a total brat getting everything he wants, his attitude makes me sick.

    His sisters: Both a copy of Dexter. Smart, same color hair, similar glasses, have their own lab, spend most of their time in there. Theres no coincidence there.

    Bling Bling: Bad guy inlove with Susan and enemies with Johnny, like Mandark inlove with Dee Dee and enemies with Dexter. His worst enemy like Bling Bling being Johnnys worst enemy.

    His parents: dad with same color hair just like dexters dad. They just made a reverse on the parents making Johnnys mom a hard working woman and the dad stays at home

    This is a fail! Hell, this show is ridiculous. The General character makes the show even worse, hes too idiotic just like the black and white men. The villians are ignorant looking, stupid looking, easy too beat, LAME

    The difference between dexter and johnny? Johnny and his sisters get along and the main character is the idiot one instead of the brilliant ones (sisters) come on. 98% is a parody, heck, they even have a pet monkey in the lab like Dexter!

    The show has the same problem like the fairy odd parents, theres never a moment of SILENCE. Too much talking too much noise, i cant stand it, too many sound effects = stupid annoying. Fuk you Johnny test
  • Love this show!!!

    I love this show. It's funny and it has the same imaginativeness as Phineas and Ferb.
  • Every show must have an end.

    I don't know if it's cancelled yet or going to get renewed, but at least give it's 6 season a dying breath, I hate cliffhangers that's why I want it to have it's ending without shooting it in the head try stabbing it with a sword and waiting for it to die. But I am a fan of Johnny Test and I don't want it to die, To those haters who hate Johnny Test KEEP in mind, this show is for children, and not meant for adults, so your preservative may be different. I can't imagine how many Johnny haters there are in this world. But you guys can't just start a debate saying that you want it shutdown because remember there are people who love johnny test and don't want it to end. Here are some things you can do other then hate: Not watch it AT ALL, Not focus on the whip cracks, Or tell them to hold back on the whip cracks and give them SUGGESTIONS on how to improve their show instead of hating on a show that many KIDS like. Remember this show was made for kids not selfish grown up Jerks. Besides you don't realize the whip sounds if you don't focus on them. This show is one of my favorite childhood shows.
  • Needs to be cancelled

  • Best show ever!

    I'm a huge Johnny Test fan! I hope it never gets cancelled, I don't know why people criticize it. Haters! Its my all time favorite show. Keep in mind, this show is for children, and not meant for adults, so your preservative may be different.
  • It was... okay... kinda

    The show entertained younger me, but now it's just loud noises and action everywhere. It doesn't make me laugh anymore, but it's something to pass the time. I mean I don't hate it, but there are better shows that are cancelled.

    That animation is alright, but it's not the greatest. Also, I'm pretty sick of the whip noise at every second.
  • What is this?

    The series is just random things, high music and babbling. Deserves to be cancelled
  • Really haters?

    I can't imagine how many Johnny haters there are in this world. But you guys can't just start a debate saying that you want it shutdown because remember there are people who love johnny test and don't want it to end. Here are some things you can do other then hate: Not watch it AT ALL, Not focus on the whip cracks, Or tell them to hold back on the whip cracks and give them SUGGESTIONS on how to improve their show instead of hating on a show that many KIDS like. Remember this show was made for kids not selfish grown up Jerks. Besides you don't realize the whip sounds if you don't focus on them.
  • WELP.

    Cartoons are in a heap; you got the awesome stuff at the top, and there's this at the bottom with Sanjay and Craig. I'll list the things wrong with this show.

    1. The animation. Flash animation can be great if you know what you're doing. This animation, however, seems like it was effortless.

    2. The characters. Almost every single character, especially Johnny, is quite unlikable. The only character that seems to be the only one with the least bit of common sense is Dukey, and he's a DOG.

    3. The whip. THE. WHIP. There were 192 whip sounds in a single episode. I'm serious. That's the exact number. No hyperbole.

    4. How ridiculous Johnny is. A colossal ego (possibly bigger than Sonic's), no interest in practically anything except what he thinks is right and what he wants, and the cause of the climax in almost every episode.

    5. The references and humor. I don't really find myself laughing or even chuckling while watching this; and about the references, the seem poorly delivered or only one thing has changed. For example, in an attempt to reference Pokmon, there was Tinymon, and in Tinymon there was Bash Ketchum; one letter away from Ash Ketchum of Pokmon. Yet the producers haven't been notified by Game Freak or Nintendo of their possibly plagiarizing act.

    6. The renewing. This series has been going on for SEVEN seasons now, and I think they renewed it for an eighth season; like I said, this series is just abysmal, so renewing is just ridiculous.

    That's about it. Johnny Test is a test . Sorry, CN, but if we don't get a better cartoon in place of this, some of us are gonna crack.

    Final Score: 0.1/10
  • I would kill myself after one episode of this shit!

    Popularly deemed one of the worst shows CN has ever aired, Johnny Test is an atrocity that shouldn't exist, and I know why: IT'S HORRIBLY DONE. It has NO good jokes, NO interesting plot material, and an overabundance of the SAME GODDAMN WHIP SOUND EFFECT. It's protagonist is a ***, his sisters are overly protective, and their pet is a shameless ripoff of Scooby, and we know what happened to Scooby. All in all, I would never recommend this show. It's just a mess of unfunny jokes and stupid setups. Hopefully, people will quote me in the future.
  • Johnny brat

    Ok this show was good but now its just bad the words said in this show are obvious 1 johnny want 2 lab 3cool 4EPIC 5dog 6sisters 7johnny now im mad about how they ripped of pokemon with the word tinymon and also ripping off the DS and smash badger ever heard of SUPER MARIO its is clearly the same thing episode johnny ges bored wants something COOL ask mum or dad both say no goto lab begs sisters says he will get GIL over to there house he promises gets whats he want breaks it gets in trouble enemy goes after him wins gets yelled at and so on this show is a rip off dexters lab you can see why and in one episode it relates to when he wants a violent game but they wont let him he cries and tries everything rip off of halo and dead space possible call of duty

    Even in one episode they rip off charlie brown by the dog lieing on the dog house how DARE YOU CN has awesome shows like adventure time regular show the amazing world of gumball but this is up to its 8th season i can search the whole world and find no one who will love have everything about it even draw prn nup

    He has the case of every 2nd grade trait think he is the "coolest" kid in school

    Now my final words CN GODAMIT CANCEL THESE SHOW ben ten omniverse mixels monster beach they are the crap shows on cartoon metwork
  • A decent show.

    Johnny Test is actually quite decent because it has so many poor reviews.

    EDIT: Who gave me 4 dislikes?! God damn it!
  • Same thing every episode

    I used to watch this when i was a kid and l liked at first. but then after the years past the same thing happens every time Johnny is bored, so hes goes to his sisters to test something and it went wrong and they try to stop it its so boring and not fun to watch. So i'm not saying to cancel it i'm saying to do better
  • okay WTF

    ^ why the hell are they making a fucking 8th season!? WTF.

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  • This Show Should End and Here's Why.....

    Johnny Test had a good run, it needs to stop. It has been on for 6-7 years, MOVE ON CARTOON NETWORK! I had to admit, I liked this show at the beginning, but then it got really bad and I believe after a couple years, the writers stopped trying so hard to make this show work. Cartoon Network, please do us a favor and end this once and for all. Btw It'll only get worse.
  • Johnny Test: A cartoon with terrible ratings that somehow keeps getting renewed despite the huge amounts of criticism the show gets.

    It amazes how CN can cancel their last good shows ever made such as Camp Lazlo, Gym Partner, Flapjack, Chowder, Robotboy etc, while a show with bad ratings like Johnny Test hasn't been canceled/given the axe like it should've been a long time ago.

    Season 1 was great, the animation was so smooth and beautiful, and the plots were at least more creative. The show started to jump the shark in Season 2/3. The format changed to Flash, characters got more annoying, and the plots became more repetitive as time went on. Now I don't mind Flash animation, as a matter of fact, there are some cartoons that pulled of Flash Animation like a masterpiece, but when Johnny Test did it, the results are atrocious.

    Johnny Test centers around the Test family, but mainly Johnny in particular. Johnny is a "cool" 11 year old boy who befriends a dog named Dukie, the two of them like to break into their sisters laboratory and plan out inventions, they wind up misusing the invention and it eventually causes mayhem to the Porkbelky neighborhood, they then have to fight and deal with villians and save the day. Now on paper that idea doesn't sound too bad, but it gets terribly executed on TV . For one thing it steals the whole idea from Dexter's Laboratory, Jimmy Neutron and The Fairly Odd Parents, but mainly, Dexter's Laboratory. Johnny and Dukie are the gender bent version of Dee Dee, Susan and Mary are the gender bent version of Dexter, Bling-Blig Boy is a fat, overweight Mandark wannabe, and Johny's Parents are similar to Dexter's parents.

    The character designs are ugly, with their thick outlines, puppy dog pupils and most of their lip syncs that are off for the most part. And to mention, the character designs are rip offs too. Johnny's hairdo is sort of a cross between Johnny Bravo and Bart Simpsons, and Johnny is also blonde like Dee Dee. Susan and Mary look like Dexter except female. Johnny's Mom looks a lot like Dexter's Mom. Johnny's Dad looks almost like Dexter's Dad, and is blonde as well. Bling-Bling Boy is an obese, idiotic and richer version of Mandark, and also has a crush on Susan like Mandark has a crush on Dee Dee. It's pretty obvious a show is going to be bad when they can't come up with original character designs. The characters themself don't make this show any better.

    Johnny is an arrogant jerk and a spoiled brat who uses puppy dog eyes to get something from his parents. He thinks he's cools but in reality he's just a total douchebag. Johnny is hands down, the worst character in the show. He is lazy, selfish, mean, whiny, annoying, and spoiled. He also likes playing video games, watching TV, eating junk food, doing extreme stuff, not eating his vegetables and also hates school. He's basically how every parent sees their kid in their eyes. He also sends kid bad moral messages with his spoiled behavior and disobeyent of his parents.

    Dukie seems to be the only one with some intelligence, but he's not any better. He can be likeable from time to time, but a lot of times he can be annoying. He usually gives Johnny advice that Johnny unfortunately ignores.

    Susan and Mary are Johnny's brainy, college educated sisters who are annoying and whose calculations are wrong most of the time. They also obsessively stalk their neighbor with the most creative name, Gil Nexdoor. All I can say about Gil is that he has no personality.

    Johnny's Parents are inattentive to their son. While it is good that they punish Johnny for doing the wrong thing, unfortunately, Johnny forgets all about his punishment and continues to break the rules while getting in trouble for it.

    Johnny's Mom is barely seen in the show and has no personality whatsoever, and is just super busy all the time.

    Johnny's Dad is the generic stay-at-home father. He even yells at Johnny for the most minor reasons such as chewing gum.

    The villians aren't likeable either.

    Beekeeper is a lazy guy in a bee costume that does nothing to contribute to helping his other villains destroy Johnny Test. He also constantly makes terribly unfunny "bee" and "buzz" jokes and even laughs when people use the word "be" not meaning the insect.

    Iceman makes cheesy and unfunny ice jokes.

    Bling-Bling Boy is an obese, overweight Mandark wannabe who acts like an idiot all the time. He also tries stalking Susan like she stalks Gil all the time. But what's hypcocritical is that Susan is immune to Bilng-Bling's stalker methods, yet she stalks Gil along with her sister.

    So yeah, the villians are just bumbling morons and not threatening in the least bit.

    The set designs are okay, but the animation is a poor excuse of flash animation. The animation is slow, sluggish and cheap from season 2-present. The characters move in such an slow, stiff way and it looks odd, especially since each body part moves seperatley.

    The artwork is mediocre to say the least. However, the colors are a bit too bright and it hurts my eyes to look. Maybe if the colors were a little darker back when they were in season 1, the artwork would get more of my appreciation.

    The humor is mainly just forced humor that repeats itself over and over again to the point were it's not even funny anymore and it's rather annoying, but it's not like we're laughing at this so-called humor to begin with. It's pretty obvious this humor has been heard in other shows before. As for the rest of the "humor", it's pretty much just toilet humor. Way to be immature Canda.

    The last thing I'd like ranting about is the repetition of this show. This show is extremely repetitive and focuses on the same plot in every episode. Seriously, it feels like you're watching the same damn episode done in a slightly different way (sure Phineas and Ferb may be repetitive, but I love that show). This is how every episode is usually like: Johnny and Dukie are watching something epic on TV and they shout out "cool!" or "awesome!", Johnny wants something, his parents say no, he uses puppy dog eyes, he eventually gets what he wants, they break into their sisters lab, they find a way to get them out the lab, Johnny mususes the invention, it eventually causes the town to destruct, Susan and Mary stalk Gil, villians try to destroy Johnny Test, Johnny and Dukie fight the villains, Johnny and Dukie save the day, his parents punish him, Johnny learns his lesson. Rinse, recycle and repeat. And there you have it, there's that show in a nutshell. Everything in this show is intensely repetitive and it's annoying to comprehend. They recycle the same plots, use the same annoying sound effects, the same zooming in and out, and everything!

    All-in-all, Johnny Test should be canceled. It's a really bad cartoon (and a huge rip-off as well) with a severe lack of originality, all the characters are bumbling morons or jerks who are not likeable and rather annoying and stereotypical, ugly animation, repetitive episodes and plotlines. If you haven't seen it yet, you're not missing out on anything. I used to like this show,but not anymore. The only positive thing is Season 1, Season 2 is mediocre, but Season 3-present suck. End of story.

    Also, the theme song ends similarly to Dexters Laboratory, and in the beggining it rips offs Johnny Bravo's theme with the "1, 2 3!" thing. The tilte is also blatantly similar to Johnny Quest. The theme song also sounds like Green Day's American Idiot. I'm surprised this show hasn't been sued for copyright infringement yet.

    Update: I don't know if this is true or not, but apparently the 6th season is supposed to end in June, while the show is getting renewed this year. This show ACTUALLY has more episodes than Ed Edd n Eddy and Foster's, and that's saying a lot considering that those two are some of CN's most popular When will the creators put an end to this show?!? It's been on the air for almost 9 years now, and it's been on CN for 6 years. Like I said before, it used to be good, then mediocre, but now it's really bad.
  • whip crack

    This show is only made not because of any decent writing, characters, or plot. This is only one of those cartoons that is easy to animate, easy to produce, and its the money maker. This show is proof that not all animators care for what they make. it's animation is lazy, its sound direction is a whip crack too many, the characters are brainless, annoying, and just written poorly, the show acted like it was out of ideas ever since the 3rd season, and it was not funny. its just noise and pictures that jump around and thats all it tries to be. Even Phineas and Ferb does more than just make noise to entertain kids (i dont even like that show, and its got that going for it). but if you do plan to watch this colorful static, it has on average 196 whip cracks per episode (10 minute episodes, mind you)! this is the drinking game that will eventually outlaw the drinking game. just watch Dexter's labratory or the powerpuff girls or adventure time or anything else, but dont scare your parents by watching static.
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