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  • Cool Hand Johnny/ Johnny Strikes Back Again!
    Cool Hand Johnny: Whacko's plan to imprison all the kids in Porkbelly seems to be working when Johnny and Dukey get trapped in his "No Escape" prison video game. Susan and Mary need to get inside the game and reprogram the Robo Guards to set them free. Johnny Strikes Back Again!: Porkbelly is in trouble and Johnny X and friends need to save it!moreless
  • My Dinner with Johnny/ The Return of Johnny Super Smarty Pants
    My Dinner with Johnny: Johnny and his dad strike a bet that Johnny can't show proper table manners. To ensure he wins, Johnny turns to Mr. Mittens, and his butler Albert for some help. The Return of Johnny Super Smarty Pants: A pair of pants have taken over Johnny's brain, and have made him a genius! The twins and Dukey have to find a way to destroy the pants to get Johnny back to his less-smart self.moreless
  • Johnny's Ultimate Treehouse
    Johnny "borrows" his sisters' worker drones to build the unltimate treehouse to impress Sissy.
  • Lawn Gone Johnny
    Lawn Gone Johnny
    Episode 7.1
    Johnny, his friends, and his enemies compete with each other in a lawn mower race.
  • Black & White & Johnny All Over
    Johnny and Dueky help Mr. Black and Mr. White catch a runaway robot dog before it explodes.
  • Johnny's Rat Race
    Johnny's Rat Race
    Episode 6.1
    Johnny uses his sisters' genetically altered rat for a school project, only to have it stolen by a desperate circus owner to save his failing show.
  • Johnny Irresistible
    Johnny Irresistible
    Episode 5.2
    Johnny wants to increase his charisma when he becomes jealous of Gil's popularity.
  • Johnny Swellville
    Johnny Swellville
    Episode 5.1
    A time-traveling mishap sends Johnny and Dukey back to the 1950s.
  • Johnny of the Deep
    Johnny of the Deep
    Episode 4.2
    Mary turns Johnny and Dukey into sharks when Bling Bling Boy hypnoyizes Susan into falling in love with him.
  • Cat Scratch Johnny
    Cat Scratch Johnny
    Episode 4.1
    Johnny and Dukey bring characters in a scinece-fiction movie to life with Susan and Mary's 3-d glasses, and now the aliens in the movie want to conqure the Earth.
  • Johnny's Treasure
    Johnny's Treasure
    Episode 38
    Johnny's Treasure: Johnny, Dukey and the girls discover a treasure map in the attic and set off to find the lost treasure of Pie-Eyed Pat. The only things standing in their way are some tricky clues and a pesky Bling Bling.
  • Johnny vs. Bling-Bling: The Final Battle
    Tired of all of the Johnny vs. Bling Bling battles with no winner, the Test sisters and Bling-Bling's science team make a bet to see who is the final winner of the battles.
  • Spotless Johnny
    Spotless Johnny
    Episode 3.1
    After Johnny and Dukey track mud in the house, they use a special stain-remover designed by Susan and Mary, but also learn it can make Johnny invisible.
  • Johnny's World Record
    Johnny is completely obsessed with the Frothy Book of Crazy, Insane & Useless Records. With the help of his twin sisters, Susan and Mary, his faithful dog, Dukey, and his parents, Lila and Hugh, Johnny sets out to break a world record and earn his own spot in the book that he adores.moreless
  • Johnny Germ Fighter
    Johnny Germ Fighter
    Episode 27
    Hugh walks into Johnny's bathroom and is disgusted at what he finds. Unable to deal with Johnny's filth, Hugh orders Johnny to clean the bathroom immediately. Instead of cleaning the bathroom normally, Johnny gets a special cleaning product from his sisters' lab. Unfortunately for Johnny, the product wasn't ready to be used, and has devastating effects on his bathroom.moreless
  • Lakeside Johnny
    Lakeside Johnny
    Episode 26
    Johnny agrees to go to summer camp because he thinks he will get to do a variety of things he can't do in Porkbelly. However, a group of snobby rick kids threaten to ruin Johnny's good time. In order to prove to the rich kids that he is just as good as they are, Johnny recruits a team of friends to help him beat the rich kids in a boating contest.moreless
  • Roller Johnny
    Roller Johnny
    Episode 25
    Susan and Mary desperately want to win a roller derby match, however, they don't have enough girls to make up a team. Since they are desperate, the girls temporarily turn Dukey and Johnny into girls in order to compete in the contest. Everything is going according to plan until Dukey receives a devastating blow to the head. Can Dukey keep up appearances, if he has amnesia?moreless
  • Johnny's First Annual Snowball

    Johnny invites everyone to his house for a snowball fight, but forgets to put the word "fight" on the invitation, which misleads everyone into believing it's actually a "Snow Ball" dance. When some of Porkbelly's most famous denizens arrive for the ball, they are outraged and begin their own snowball fight against Johnny.

  • A Holly Johnny Christmas

    All Johnny wants this Christmas is an awesome snowball making machine. The Test family tries their hardest to get Johnny the toy in time for Christmas. Unfortunately, the Porkbelly mall runs out of the toy. Now Johnny must learn the true meaning of Christmas.

  • Cool Hand Johnny
    Cool Hand Johnny
    Episode 22
    Cool Hand Johnny is the twenty-second episode in the fifth season of Cartoon Network's Johnny Test. Johnny and Dukey must band together and find a way to escape their current desperate predicament, which involves being trapped in a video game by an evil villain. Who will save Johnny and Dukey?
  • Johnny Alternative
    Johnny Alternative
    Episode 21
    Johnny Alternative is the twenty-first episode in the fifth season of Johnny Test on Cartoon Network. Johnny and his trusted dog, Dukey, are bored and can't find anything to do, so they convince Johnny's genius sisters to make Porkbelly more fun. However, when the girls grant Johnny's wish, he quickly wants to take it back.moreless
  • My Dinner with Johnny
    My Dinner with Johnny is the twentieth episode in the fifth season of Johnny Test on Cartoon Network. Hugh thinks Johnny is disgusting when he eats. However, Johnny disagrees with him. To see who is right, Hugh challenges Johnny to complete one entire meal without doing a single disgusting thing.
  • Johnny Susan Susan Johnny
    Johnny Susan Susan Johnny is the nineteenth episode in the fifth season of Johnny Test. Johnny's twin sisters, Mary and Susan, are disappointed that they cannot win a new science award, because eligibility for the award requires you to be male. However, they are able to talk Johnny into helping them with their problem.moreless
  • Nightmare on Johnny's Street

    Johnny's sisters, Susan and Mary decide to invent a device that can make their dreams a reality. When the device accidentally brings Johnny's nightmares to life, he and the girls must figure out a way to stop the monsters from the nightmares before they destroy their home and city and get them into trouble.

  • Johnny Trick or Treat

    When Johnny and Duke hear news of a contest that requires them to stay in a haunted house to win a ton of candy, the friends jump at the chance. But what they didnt realize is that the house really is haunted and the two may not be able to make it the entire night.

  • Fangs a Lot Johnny
    Fangs a Lot Johnny
    Episode 16

    When Susan and Mary ask Johnny to turn them into vampires, he agrees. Little does he know, the girls plan to bite their neighbor and crush Giles in order to make him fall in love with them. When Johnny realizes their plan, he must figure out how to save Giles and turn his sister back to normal.

  • Johnny Two-Face
    Johnny Two-Face
    Episode 15

    Johnny's sister Susan and Mary decide to teach Johnny a lesson when he fails to tell the truth. They use their scientific knowledge to give Johnny an extra mouth. At first Johnny find his new mouth fun, but then he realizes it tells the truth about everything, causing a lot of trouble with his friends and family.

  • Johnny's Winter Jacket

    Johnny is forced by his mother to wear a heavy winter coat to school. When the kids at school see his coat, they make fun of Johnny. To stop the teasing, Johnny's sisters do some scientific work and make some changes to his coat. As usual, Johnny finds himself in trouble.

  • Johnny's Keys to Success

    When Johnny Test gets his hands on a special key, he realizes he can unlock any lock in his home town of PorkBelly. But as usual, what Johnny sees as a fun adventure, ends up getting him in a lot of trouble. Can Johnny, his friends and family fix the problems he has unlocked?

  • Johnny Testosterone
    Johnny Testosterone
    Episode 12

    When Johnny becomes tired of being short and puny, he asks his sisters, Mary and Susan, to help make him taller. The girls create a special serum that is made from testosterone. When Johnny accidentally takes too much he becomes huge and must rely on his sisters to bring him back to normal.

  • Johnny Daddy Day
    Johnny Daddy Day
    Episode 1.2
    Johnny, the twins and Lila realize it's Father's Day, and they don't have a gift. They try many disastrous attempts, making Hugh wish they had never remembered!
  • The Return of Johnny Super Smarty Pants

    The super smarty pants return to Johnny and attempt to help him become the smartest kid in his classroom. When Johnny's sisters Mary and Susan realize Johnny may be becoming smarter than them, they create a plan to remove the smarty pants from Johnny. However, removing the pants may be harder than they think.

  • How to Become a John-i Knight

    Johnny decides to train to become a rib-eye knight in hope that he can defeat Dark Vegan and protect all aliens from his wrath. As usual, Johnny find himself in over his head and realizes maybe his training wasn't as strict as it should have been. He must call on some friend for help.

  • Johnny's World Prank War I

    Johnny is determined to win the Super Duper Pranking World Super Cup and sets up a series of practical jokes and pranks. But when the Test household begins to see the effect of the jokes and pranks, Hugh decides to put a stop to them. Can Johnny still with the Pranking World Cup?

  • Johnny Goes Camping

    When Johnny experiments with his sisters' inventions at school, he accidentally releases monsters from another invention. As punishment for the damage he caused to the school, the school guidance counselor forces Johnny to go on a camping trip with his dad. Johnny soon realizes his dad has some exciting ways for the two to bond on their trip.

  • In part one, Johnny and his friends decide to race their lawn mowers to decide who will have to mow the loser's lawn. In part two, Johnny decides to borrow his sisters' construction drones to rebuild his current treehouse into a large and elaborate treehouse that he plans to use to impress Sissy.

  • Johnny's Rat Race / Black & White & Johnny All Over

    In Johnny's Rat Race, Johnny decides to hypnotize his sisters' lab rat so he can train it to be part of the circus. In Black & White & Johnny All Over, Johnny is asked by a group of secret agents to help locate their most dangerous rogue agent, a puppy. But what happens if the puppy doesn't want to be found?

  • In Johnny Swellville, Johnny and Duke discover a way to time travel, they decide to have some fun with it. Soon they find themselves back in the 1950's. In Johnny Irresistible, Johnny becomes jealous of the perks Giles received for being good-looking. He asks his sister to make him more irresistible. But the sister's accidentally hit the wrong person with their irresistibility ray.

  • Cat Scratch Johnny: Johnny and Dukey bring characters in a science-fiction movie to life with Susan and Mary's 3-D glasses, and now the aliens in the movie want to conquer the Earth. / Johnny of the Deep: Mary turns Johnny and Dukey into sharks when Bling Bling Boy hypnotizes Susan into falling in love with him.

  • Spotless Johnny / Johnny vs. Bling-Bling: The Final Battle

    In Spotless Johnny, Johnny decides to use his sisters' spot remover to make himself invisible so he doesnt have to clean out a huge mess he made in his home. In Bling-Bling: The Final Battle, Johnny and Bling- Bling must battle again to see who will be the champion. Will this battle end in a draw like previous battles?

  • 6/20/11
    Johnny Cruise: When Johnny receives a free cruise getaway in the mail, the family decides to tag along. Unfortunately, Johnny and Dukey learn that the cruise is simply one of Bling-Bling's latest schemes. Rated J for Johnny: After buying the new 'Smash Badger' video game, Johnny becomes dissatisfied and plans to buy a newer, older-skewing video game. Unfortunately, Johnny isn't able to buy the game due to its 'mature' rating. So instead, he tries to trick his parents into buying the game for him.moreless
  • 6/13/11
    Johnny Goes Nuts: When the annual Nut Festival comes to Porkbelly, Johnny is excited to be able to participate. Unfortunately, his mom thinks that running with the squirrels in the festival is too dangerous and won't let him go. Now it's up to Susan, Mary and Dukey to help him sneak out and be a part of the festival. Johnny Daddy Day: When the gang forgets to get Dad a gift for Father's Day, they scramble to find him something at the last minute. They settle on giving him a robot-dad that will do all the hard work that Dad doesn't want to do. Unfortunately, it backfires and gets jealous of the real dad. Now the gang has to figure out exactly what to get him for Father's Day.moreless
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