JoJo's Circus

Season 2 Episode 22

Circus Town Hoedown / Time Flies

Aired Daily 8:30 AM Nov 14, 2005 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • In "Circus Town Hoedown," JoJo learned how to rhyme and had a real good time. She learned in "Time Flies" that if something doesn't work like it should, you should do whatever you can to try and fix it. She also learned that a bird in the hand tickles.

  • Quotes

    • Professor Tick Tock: Looks like everyone agrees. They're doing a cuckoo dance to celebrate the baby cuckoo finding a home.

    • Professor Tick Tock: He's a bird, yes, but not a cuckoo. He must have flown here by mistake from another forest.

    • Professor Tick Tock: Mr. Tickle. Why, it seems like only yesterday that we last met.
      Mr. Tickle: Actually, it was yesterday.

    • JoJo: You're super-duper cuckoos.

    • JoJo: Since the bird won't cuckoo, we'll cuckoo for him. (addresses viewer) And you can help, okay?

    • Peaches: That's the beauty of balloon plants. They always grow right back.
      Goliath: Ooh, balloons.

    • Mr. Tickle: So, what'd ya' learn there, partner?
      JoJo: Huh?
      Mr. Tickle: Oh. I mean --- what have you learned today, JoJo?

    • JoJo: (singing) I love to dance a hoedown / We'll dance and never slow down / Let's everybody go down to the hoe, hoedown
      Now touch your ears / Touch your nose / Blink your eyes / Wiggle your toes / Touch the sky / Tocuh the ground / And slide, slide, slide.

    • Skeebo: JoJo can call out the moves.
      JoJo: I can?
      Skeebo: Sure! You've been rhyming all day.

    • Mr. Tickle: (singing) Now we're finished / We're all done / Grab a corndog, everyone!
      JoJo: (giggles) Daddy, you're silly! Everything you say is a rhyme!
      Mr. Tickle: (no longer singing) Yes, indeedy, Miss JoJo. That's square-dance talk, don't you know?
      JoJo: Wow, that's so cool. I wanna do rhyming too.
      Goliath: Ooh! Me!

    • Mr. Tickle: We're in for a big old time. Howdy, Uncle Flippy!
      Uncle Flippy: Howdy, ya'll! Square-dancing's gonna start up lickety-split.
      Mr. Tickle: Yeehaw! (sings) Grab your partner / Do-si-do / I love hoedowns / Love 'em so. (stops singing) Yeehaw!

    • JoJo: A hoedown is a really fun dance party where everyone sings and dances and says "yeehaw!" Wanna try it? You saw "yeehaw!" at the count of three. 1 2 3. Yeehaw!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • In "Circus Town Hoedown," Mr. Tickle says "I could dance all night. This is a phrase that has passed into popular culture, along with the variant "I could have danced all night," which is the name of a song from the movie My Fair Lady.

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