JoJo's Circus

Season 3 Episode 9

Circus Town Makeover

Aired Daily 8:30 AM Jan 08, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • The Spudinskis are couch potatoes. They're so inactive that they *literally* get stuck to their couch. Then Jumping Jack shows up and puts them on the reality/makeover series "Circus Town Makeover."

    JoJo's friend Tater and his family, the Spundinskis, have never really been active like the other get-up-and-go characters on the show. When Tater misses school, JoJo and her friends decide to check up on him. They discover that he and his family have actually become stuck to their own couch due to inactivity. A news reporter, Nosey Rosie (voiced by Kathie Lee Gifford) reports on their situation and Jumping Jack (voiced by Billy Bush) catches the broadcast. He puts the whole lot of them on "Circus Town Makeover," but they have concerns.

    This was a fun episode of the show. One thing I've always liked about "JoJo's Circus" is that it's surprisingly and refreshingly in your face. It doesn't dance around the issue --- it has a family of actual couch potatoes and the characters actually say stuff like "This, my friends, is what happens when you eat lots of unhealthy snacks and stay in one place too long." Some folks may not appreciate this, but this is how this show has always been --- it's never evaded any issue.

    As a fan of reality-shows, I thought this was a fun episode. They had the characters doing confessionals and Jumping Jack used tough love to reform the Spudinskis. In the end, they showed what they were made of and impressed everyone. Another nice thing was that the whole community got involved, cheering on the Spudinskis and providing encouragement when they were feeling down.

    This episode was written by Douglas Wood, who is the major staff writer for the current season. Nick Balaban and Michael Rubin of "Blue's Clues" provided one of the songs for this episode.