JoJo's Circus

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  • Season 3
    • My Clowny Valentine / Hop Hooey!
      "My Clowny Valentine"

      As JoJo and her friends celebrate Clowny Valentine's Day, Baloney Ballooney's grandson pays a visit to their class. Bailey Ballooney normally attends Small top Hills school and is just visiting for the day. Realizing that Bailey hasn't received any Valentines, JoJo comes up with a special way to make him one. She also makes a new friend.

      "Hop Hooey!"

      When JoJo has a frustrating accident, her parents teach her a useful method for calming down. Later, JoJo and Goliath join Croaky and Trina for a hopscotch-like game called "hop hooey." When Croaky and Trina get into an argument, JoJo helps them by showing them what her parents taught her.moreless
    • Circus Town Makeover
      When Tater doesn't show up for school, JoJo and her friends become worried and decide to check up on him. It turns out that he's not ill, but he and his family have a problem --- they've become stuck to their couch. They'd been sitting there doing nothing but eating snacks and watching television for so long that they can't get up. When a newsreporter named Nosey Rosie covers the story, Jumping Jack of the program Circus Town Makeover catches the broadcast and puts them on his show. JoJo is excited, as this is her favorite TV show and TV star. As a close friend of Tater's, she too gets to be on the program. Tater and his family, the Spudinskis work hard, but discover that changing their ways requires a lot of effort. They find that it's all worth it though when they're able to do things they never could before.moreless
    • JoJo and the Beanstalk
      JoJo and her friends watch a magic show by Jumberto the Jackrabbit, but something goes wrong with his magic beans trick. Not sure what's wrong with them, he gives them to JoJo to plant. JoJo plants the beans in her backyard and the kids are surprised the next day to find a giant beanstalk.They decide to climb the beanstalk and find that it leads to Sky Top. Mayor Monkey of Sky Top recognizes them as citizens of Circus Town and invites them to put on a show as they determine the town's best laugher for the year. When a gust of wind blows JoJo's hat away, the kids find themselves headed for the house of a giant. They're warned away from it, but learn a surprising truth about the giant. They begin to realize that things and people can't always be judged by appearance.moreless
    • My Granny's Shoes
      JoJo and Goliath are invited to Granny and Grampys' house for some important news, but when they get there, Granny doesn't even remember inviting them. She eventually remembers --- she wanted to tell JoJo about the "Pass it On Show." This is a special program in circus-town in which the "old-timers" are passing down their acts to the younger generation. Grampy is in charge of the entire thing, and Granny is teaching JoJo their old act --- the "Silly Shoe Shuffle." As they get the act together, JoJo notices that her Granny still seems to be having trouble remembering things. She tells her parents about this, and they say that Granny's just getting older and so they need to be understanding. Granny and Grampy are invited to move in with the Tickles. Grampy's okay with the idea, but Granny resists, saying that she can take care of herself. But when the time comes for the big show, Granny admits to being a bit nervous that she's going to forget the moves.moreless
    • Pie in the Sky
      Pie in the Sky
      Episode 6
      JoJo and her clown scout friends are going on a special camping trip to celebrate the first day of spring. They've stopped by Uncle Flippy's farm to gather food for the trip. Everyone takes the time to express their appreciation for the farm and sing their own special version of "Old MacDonald." The first day of spring is also the start of "cream pie in the sky" season. That night, the kids watch for the flying cream pies, which are basically a lot like meteor showers. Fire Chief Seltzer explains that they usually break up in the air long before they hit the ground. Nobody's worried when JoJo spots a particularly big one, but the next morning, they find that the pie creamed Uncle Flippy's farm. With the farm a mess, Uncle Flippy feels he has no choice but to settle down somewhere else. JoJo doesn't want him to leave. She gathers the entire town to help save Uncle Flippy's farm.moreless
    • Princess for a Day
      Everyone in Circus Town is excited when royalty from Really Royal Land comes to visit. JoJo in particular is eager to welcome them as she gets to meet her cousin Josephina for the first time. It turns out that Josephina looks just like JoJo and has a pet lion named Hercules who looks just like Goliath. JoJo and Josephina visit JoJo's room, where they have fun dressing up as each other. They decide that it would be fun to trade places. The two happily swap, Josephina unfortunately having forgotten that today is her coronation day. The switch has to be set right before JoJo is crowned princess of Really Royal Land --- forever!moreless
    • The Giggle Kite
      The Giggle Kite
      Episode 4
      JoJo and her friends are going kite-flying, but JoJo's kite is ripped and can't fly. Mr. Tickle agrees to let her borrow his old "giggle kite" until he can fix up the old one. What JoJo doesn't know is that her Daddy forgot to tell her something very important. The giggle kite is powered in a special way and without this knowledge, she'll never get it in the way. JoJo helps Dinky find the confidence to fly his kite, but then finds that the giggle kite won't fly. Fortunately, Mr. Tickle soon arrives with the info she needs.moreless
    • Silly Silly Putt-Putt
      JoJo and her friends Croaky and Skeebo are going out to play silly putt putt golf. It looks to be a good time, but JoJo finds she's missing a crucial piece of equipment --- a golf ball. She asks if she borrow the ball from Mr. Tickle's golfing trophy and Mrs. Tickle agrees. Once at the course, Croaky and Skeebo take their shots. Croaky doesn't hit hers hard enough to go over the hill and Skeebo's makes it over, but not quite in the hole. JoJo decides to go for a hole-in-one by hitting the ball just a bit harder --- but it ends up soaring out of sight. She finds herself faced with a tough decision.moreless
    • Stuck on You
      Stuck on You
      Episode 2
      JoJo and Goliath are excited about a visit from JoJo's Granny and Grampy. JoJo has a brand-new trick --- juggling ten clowns, or, rather, ten balls decorated as clowns.) There's a problem with the balls, though --- they don't have clown noses. Mr. Tickle provides a solution --- super-duper clown paste. It works great, but JoJo inadvertently gets it all over the place. And when some of it gets on Goliath's hand, he and JoJo end up becoming stuck together. JoJo worries that her trick is ruined, but then she gets a great idea.moreless
    • Hula Is Cool-a
      Hula Is Cool-a
      Episode 1
      JoJo and her friends at Clown School have all had fun summer vacations and they're eager to tell each other all about it. JoJo and her family vacationed on the island of Hula Bula and she made a tape to tell everyone about it. When it comes time for her presentation, however, JoJo finds that she's left her tape at home. She's extremely disappointed, until she gets a great idea as to how she tell everyone about her vacation using something she learned on the island.moreless
  • Season 2
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