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  • This show is

    Always my Childhood! PLEASE COME BACK GIRL!
  • Not bad, not bad at all.

    Not that bad of a show. Funny and witty. JoJo is such a sweetie!
  • A non-creepy, child-friendly clown filled cartoon.

    Jojo is a clown, but she's not creepy!

    Plot: Jojo, always goes around her circus to help her friends and do successful stuff. Good, since it teaches kids to be helpful and be successful.

    Characters: They move in the right place and has a nice soft attitude. I thought this show was going to be filled with annoying dialogues and voices, but I was wrong!

    Value: Being helpful, generous, nice, kindhearted, and successful kid, Jojo is one of them. I'd say yes.

    Art: Clay art, really nice. Since it's a little complicated to create a clay art.

    Overall: 8.5. The lion is somewhat a little unnecessary IMO, the lion should have been a cub instead, so that's why I gave it an 8.5 because of good education value.
  • It's so cute!

    I remember watching this show with my little brother when he was in preschool. By the time this show premiered, I grew out of Playhouse Disney, but this show was an exception.

    This show is from Jumbo Pictures/Cartoon Pizza, which created Doug (by far one of the greatest cartoons ever), Allegra's Window, 101 Dalmatians: The Series, PB&J Otter, Stanley, and lots of others. That's another reason why I like this show.

    The characters are very cute. There are no mean characters, everyone is friendly. Though yes, there are conflicts, which are solved with morals. Some of them are to play fair, share, and help others out. On an interesting note, Trina is somewhat of an expy to Beebe Bluff from Doug.

    The theme song is pretty catchy too. This show is MUCH better than the other crap they show now.
  • Lame--the word says it all.

    This show is lame, and pointless simultaneously. Okay, a young (girl) clown goes on adventures with circus animals. How lame is that?! Not only is it a waste of your time, you'll probably wish you read a book instead. To save yourself of the time consumption, don't watch it--you'll regret every moment of it.
  • Awesome! Jim Jinkins did it again.

    Awesome! Jim Jinkins did it again. Since he first released Doug, he's certain that he has a potential in Animation. Today, he created a series that is incredibly awesome.

    For me as a Anime Fan, I really love this series. JoJo and Goliath would agree to. As for the story, it tells the story of JoJo, a 6 year old clown girl living in Circus Town along with her parents and her pet lion Goliath. She has a lot of friends, goes to the Circus School, which is run by her teacher Mrs. Kersplatski.

    A good series that the preschoolers love.
  • made from Canada

    JoJo's Circus is a lively music-filled and movement focused series, produced in stop-motion animation, invites viewers to interact with JoJo, a curious 6-year-old clown, as she explores the colorful world under the Big Top and around Circus Town, the ultimate kid's playground. JoJo's Circus brings the value of learning about movement through age appropriate and imitatable games, songs,now is produced in Canada A Kids Rocket production.
  • This show is really cute and I catch myself watching it with my daughter. LOL

    I really wish they would bring back this show. I live in Texas and they dont have it on disney channel anymore. It went off the air about 3 weeks ago. I had to go out and get my daughter the dvds because she absolutly loves this show. The dvds are great but dont have all the episodes on them. I really wish they would bring it back on air so that she can see the ones that she hasnt watched over and over again. The show used to come on at 5:00 am every morning and my daughter would get up to watch it every morning. SO now she is up at 5:00 am for nothing. LOL
  • this show is telling us that your friends / bestfriends are ready to help you they are always on the way.jojo is a very kind clown hat helps her friends and family in doing the job well done.and jojo has a pet lion named goliath.

    i really like this show cause jojo likes to help people or clowns that really need her help and she is generous about it.that's what i like about jojo. she is always there for her friends and family.jojo is really cute with her pet lion called goliath i like it when goliath hides from jojo everytime jojo wakes up cause she keeps in looking for her pet lion when goliath is just at her back or wherever. i love the ballerina she's just gorgeous and dances gracefully. with her friends she will help the people in need it is relly nice watch it!
  • Perfect show for preschoolers.

    This cheerful show is geared solidly toward preschooler and kindergarden kids, especially little girls. JoJo the little clown girl and her fellow circus folk castmates are pleasant, warm, friendly and positive. The show is enjoyable and goodnatured. My kids love the bright colors and straightforward characters. They actually usually choose this show over Dora the Explorer during broadcast times (ok, Dora they can watch later in the day on videotapes). JoJo usually learns two life lessons per episode and nothing terrible happens to anyone. Usually when there is a song it's cute, only a few lame clunkers. The stop action animation adds a dimensionality that I think little ones appreciate. The pace is not frenetic which seems to be just right for little ones in the morning.
  • Get JoJo Goliath

    The only reason I even saw this show in the first place was because I saw the lion and I love animals so I decided to watch it and you know what to my surprise..... I hated it along with like every other baby show in the world. This show is just plaily freaky.
  • Perfect Kids Show!

    As you've gathered from other reviews, Jojo's Circus airs as part of the Disney Channel's "Playhouse Disney" lineup. Set in the fictional world of Circustown, the show follows Jojo Tickle and her pet lion Goliath on a series of adventures. Without going into specifics, the show really shows positive relationships between Jojo and her family and friends. Each episode strives to teach young viewers a lesson without being preachy or overly childish. Each episode ends with Jojo talking about what she learned today. The colorful animation, lively songs and funny characters will have your toddler saying "JOJO!" in no time flat. The only downside I see to the show right now is the lack of new shows, and it seems as if the same shows air repeatedly.

    All in all, a great kids show. Far better than Little Einsteins or The Doodlebops.
  • An underappreciated show. An interesting children's show. Colorful, animated characters light up the screen. It encourages young children to learn. It talks about letters, numbers, friendship and much more. It sends sweet messages to the younger children

    All you people that said it was a bad show, did you ever think about how it was for younger children? Of course you're not going to like it, because you already know most of what it teaches. It is funny at times and a pretty decent show for the younger children. I sure watch it with my sister whos 1 and adores it.

    Hey, Hey it Jojo's Circus! You people piss me off sometimes!
  • Hey, Hey! It's JoJo's Circus!

    Every morning, the Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney programming block brings delight in the form of educational entertainment to preschoolers around the country. This Playhouse Disney Show tends to be one of its most popular shows, JoJo's Circus. Its protagonist and namesake is JoJo Tickle, a curious little girl who just happens to be a clown. As such, her home, a world depicted with colorful stop-animation that seems to intentionally resemble the look and texture of Play-Doh, is called Circus Town.

    Along with her pet lion, Goliath, JoJo makes her way around school and other places in Circus Town wandering aloud about such things as thinking skills, physical activities, and moral lessons. The plotlines are loosely constructed to allow room for exploration of concepts, as well as interactivity. In fact, JoJo often asks the audience questions and pauses to give them time to respond. This pace likely enables the show to create one of the more responsive environments in preschool entertainment. Each episode is set to a lively soundtrack and features a catchy song-and-dance number. To sum up the lessons learned, JoJo herself reflects on the knowledge she's gained at the end of each episode.
  • JoJo's Circus is definitely the best animated children's show out there still regularly airing new episodes. Everything about the show tends to be right on target --- from the writing to the humor. Bright, cheerful characters and generally decent songs ad

    Ah, my first show review at the new

    JoJo's Circus is a show that I've been watching regularly for around a year now and it's lost little of its charm and fun.

    The best thing about JoJo's Circus is definitely JoJo herself. The voice for her (Madeleine Martin --- apparently a newcomer to the animation scene) is absolutely perfect. It's as if JoJo always sounds cheerful, even when she's angry or upset, but not in a way that it makes the performance seem fake or ungenuine in any way. JoJo herself is a wonderful character --- facing situations ranging from the type of things kids might face in real life to the type of wacky things that could only happen in a place like Circus Town, the town that JoJo, her family and her friends call home.

    JoJo is joined by a wonderful cast of supporting characters --- from her friends to her parents and teacher. Her best friend is Skeebo, a very funny clown and she also has a "pet lion" named Goliath. Though Goliath is called a "pet," it almost seems kind of a misnomer --- Goliath can speak and also attends clown school with JoJo.

    While this program will likely get kids thinking, perhaps the most main focus of the show is physical activity. Throughout the show, JoJo directs the viewers to get moving --- everything from normally dull exercises turned into fun games to crab-walking on the floor like a certain class pet. With someone like JoJo doing the instructing, even older viewers might sometimes be motivated to get up off the couch and follow along.

    This show is filled with fun gags and jokes and even occasional bits of humor that only older viewers of the show would likely get. The writing is spot-on and even the singing is usually pretty good, enough that this show has already had one soundtrack released and it wouldn't surprise me if another eventually came out. The animation is 3-D and very bright and colorful. At the end of each episode, JoJo is carted off a stage in a gag that never gets old to share what she learned in her "Spotlight Moment." This portion of the show is occasionally a chance for an additional gag, but the writers are careful not to overdo this.

    I highly recommend JoJo's Circus as a delightful show which pretty much anyone should be able to enjoy and maybe learn something from as well.