JoJo's Circus - Season 1

Disney Channel (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • Charlie the Clown Baby / Fire House Day
    "Charlie the Clown Baby" JoJo is excited about getting to help her parents with babysitting her cousin Charlie. Having raised JoJo, Mr. and Mrs. Tickle feel they have baby-care down pat, but baby Charlie's lively antics throw them for a loop. Fortunately, JoJo is a good helper. "Fire House Day" JoJo and her friends and family are attending a cookout at the firehouse. As the food is cooked up, Fire Chief Seltzer cleverly teaches the group fire-safety without them even realizing it by having them play follow-the-leader. Later, they get to put their skills to the test.moreless
  • JoJo to the Rescue / A Clown Ride
    "JoJo to the Rescue" After watching a superhero cartoon on TV, JoJo decides to emulate her favorite superhero. She searches for someone with a problem to solve, but finds that her antics are seemingly more comic than heroic. "A Clown Ride" JoJo is going for her first ride on a horse, but gets more than she bargained for when the horse she tries to ride at Uncle Flippy's Funny Farm goes wild. Both she and her father wonder what could be wrong with this crazy horse.moreless
  • Funny Bunnies / Ivan the Bearable
    "Funny Bunnies" JoJo and Skeebo have been playing a fun game of pretending to be statues. Jumberto the Jackrabbit shows up and has some problems with his wand, so he asks JoJo and Skeebo to look after his bunnies while he goes to get it fixed. It seems easy at first, but it turns out that it's not very simple to keep them either asleep or still. "Ivan the Bearable" While JoJo's clown class is learning pantomime, Mr. Tickle comes in to make a big announcement: Ivan the Bearable is coming all the way from Circuslavakia to Circus Town to perform his world-famous act. An unfortunate event causes his needed materials to be left on his train, so a unique solution is needed to communicate with him.moreless
  • A Case of the Sillies / Hide and Go-Liath
    "A Serious Case of the Sillies" While at the big top, JoJo notices rather odd behavior among the circus performers. Everyone seems to be giggling and acting goofy, rather than working on their acts. When JoJo begins laughing like crazy too, it's a good thing that she's just caught up with Dr. Seltzer. "Hide and Go-Liath" It's bath day for Goliath and, as is usual with him, he's hiding everywhere to avoid taking a bath. As he keeps slipping out of JoJo's grasp, it seems that JoJo's attempt to get him clean is just getting her dirty.moreless
  • Skeebo's Pet / Follow That Rainbow
    "Skeebo's Pet" Skeebo really wants a pet, but his parents aren't sure he's responsible enough to take care of one. After some serious pleading, the Seltzers agree to start him off with a practice toy ducky to test his responsibility. "Follow That Rainbow" It's been a rainy day in Circus Town, but as Mrs. Kersplatski's clown class comes to order, the sun comes out and a rainbow appears. Mrs. Kersplatski decides to take the class on a bit of a field trip as they follow the rainbow to its end. As they do, they encounter obstacles including a taffy bog and a tickle thicket.moreless
  • The Last Roar / Helping Hands
    Goliath is invited to do a performance by Terrific the Tiger Tamer. He gets so excited that he practices too much and gets roaritis. It seems at first that the show won't go on. - Mrs. Tickle is making a tasty confection out of gumdrops and she sends JoJo and Goliath out to pick some. After getting some help, they pick a large amount, but find transporting them to be a difficult task.moreless
  • A Circus Town Christmas
    When an important Tickle family ornament is broken, JoJo must make a tough choice between giving a gift to her parents or helping a creature in need. Although she's torn, she knows that she has to follow her heart. As all of Circus Town celebrates Christmas, JoJo wants nothing more than for her friends and family to be happy. A circus celebration includes singing, banner acts and a lot of holiday cheer.moreless
  • Hamster-Cize / Shoo Fly Shoo!
    "Hamster-Cize!" Mr. Muscles visits the class to do some teaching and afterwards the class has recess. Tater is so tired and sleepy that he does not join. When JoJo goes to get him, she and Tater end up trying to catch the class hamster Hogan who has escaped from his cage. "Shoo Fly Shoo!" The Circus Town Band, conducted by Mr. Tickle, is putting on a big performance of the "Row, Row, Row Your Boat Symphony." Mr. Tickle wants everything to go well, but finds that a pesky fly is causing in to conduct the music in ways no one would ever expect.moreless
  • The Clown Family Picnic / Dinky's Dance
    "The Clown Family Picnic" JoJo is part of an annual relay race during a Circus Town picnic. She's angry when she learns that Skeebo is going to be competing against her for the top prize, but learns an important lesson about friendship and good sportsmanship. "Dinky's Dance" Mrs. Kersplatski gives the clown class an assignment to each come up with their own dance. Dinky wants to sit it out, but JoJo helps him to see that despite his apparent clumsiness, he too can come up with a creative dance.moreless
  • Mirror Mirror / Trina Trips Up
    "Mirror Mirror" After Trina demonstrates a tradition of her family, Mrs. Kersplatski encourages JoJo to seek out a tradition in her family too. She gets some unexpected help when her grandparents pay a visit. "Trina Trips Up" Trina is a great clown performer who is known for never making a mistake, but it has to happen to everyone sometime. Trina is particularly devestated when it happens to her during a routine she's quite proud of, but Mrs. Kersplatski and her friends help her to see that everybody mistakes and that they can even be fun.moreless
  • Jojo Signs Up / The Un-Average Day
    Jojo and friends helps Peaches advertise for the circus; Jojo learns that running errands can be fun.
  • Zero Heroes / The Spudinski's New Act
    "Zero Heroes" JoJo makes an interesting discovery when her clown class is assigned a project to get a pictures of their favorite heroes to place on a special wall. "The Spudinski's New Act" Mr. Spudinski has grand dreams and thinks that the Spundinski circus act needs a snazzy new ending. JoJo decides to help out by seeing if there's somebody else in Circus Town they can team up with.moreless
  • The Watchamadoodle / What's the Trick?
    "The Watchamadoodle" JoJo and her friends are out playing when a strange object falls from the sky. Not knowing what it is, the group dubs it a "watchamadoodle" and starts thinking up all sorts of neat things that it can do. "What's the Trick?" JoJo and Goliath are up early and heading for the Big Top to meet up with Terrific the Tiger Tamer. Once there, he dazzles them with the act of his best performer, Tippoo. This inspires JoJo to try to teach Goliath some neat tricks as well.moreless
  • Messy Mess / Pop Up!
    "Messy Mess" JoJo and her friends have been making Mrs. Kersplatski special portraits for Teacher's Day and when she leaves for a special lunch, Mr. Tickle helps them to make something else. It's a lot fun, but it creates a big mess that Mrs. Kersplatski certainly wouldn't want to see. "Pop Up!" Skeebo is laugh-out-loud, on the floor entertained when JoJo brings a jack-in-the-box for show-and-tell, then does her best impression of one. Right in the middle of his own presentation, he comes down with the polka-dot spots. JoJo and Goliath have both had it before, so they wait outside with Skeebo while his Mom comes to pick it up. Later, JoJo decides to stop by his house to cheer him up.moreless
  • Flower Shower / The Itchy-Oochy Scratchy Patch
    "Flower Shower"

    Mr. Tickle needs a squirting flower to be ready for work, but the one he's been using is all dried out. JoJo volunteers to go pick a new one, but discovers that picking the flowers isn't easy if you have no idea what you're doing.

    Note: "Flower Shower" appears on the 'Animal A Go-Go' DVD.

    "The Itchy-Ootchy Scratchy Patch"

    JoJo, Skeebo and Goliath are out playing ball when they all accidentally fall into the itchy-ootchy scratchy patch. It causes them to itch all over and scratching seems to help, but not for long. Unsure what to do, they find that sometimes help from another person is needed.moreless
  • Drum Roll Please / Cannonball JoJo
    "Drum Roll Please" JoJo is excited about getting to watch the circus. She's less excited about accidentally breaking a drum needed for the drumroll used in the Froginis' performance. She must make a difficult decision as to what to do. "Cannonball JoJo" JoJo wants to blast out of a cannon just like her Dad does to get to work every day. She's told that she's not old enough, but that the key to success if practice.moreless
  • Circus Shh Shh / The Little Big Top Boogie Band
    "The Circus Shh Shh" JoJo's Dad, Mr. Tickle, gets a bad case of sneaky sneezies on a special Play Day. JoJo tries to get her friends to play quietly, but it just doesn't seem to work. "The Little Big Top Boogie Band" JoJo and her friends decide to create a band. Croaky feels left out when it seems that there's no instrument for her to play and she's not a good singer.moreless
  • The Legend of Clownfoot
    After going trick-or-treating, JoJo, Goliath, Skeebo, Trina and Croaky pay a visit to Clownfoot Lodge to hear Mr. Tickle's annaul telling of "The Legend of Clownfoot." This spooky interactive story lets the listener play along by adding sound effects such as the howling of wind and knocking at a door. Viewers practice silly faces with JoJo to keep from being too scared and then need them when suddenly the lights go out. Skeebo is delighted, though, as he's been hoping to get a photo of the real Clownfoot. Trina poo-poos the idea, saying that there's no such thing. After the lights are turned back on, the kids following a trail and start searching for clues. They make a surprising discovery as to what caused the lights to go out, the trail they're following, and the eerie moaning noises they've been hearing.moreless
  • Seal Fright / Skeebo's Missing Hat Trick
    "Seal Fright" JoJo meets a performing seal who's a bit nervous about his routine. He has a song to sing, but he keeps forgetting the lines, as if they were just slipping away. JoJo and the viewers help him with some useful tips to remember the song. "Skeebo's Missing Hat Trick" Skeebo feels he can't perform well without his hat, so it's a big deal when a magician makes it disappear. He learns an important lesson about self-confidence.moreless
  • Cotton Andy / Nighty Night
    JoJo and Goliath help Cotton Andy run a cotton-candy machine; JoJo learns to do her bedtime routine by herself.
  • Try These on for Boing! / Happy Birthday Tater!
    "Try These on for Boing!"

    JoJo tries to wear adult shoes with springs.

    Note: "Try These on for Boing!" appears on the 'Animal A Go-Go' DVD.

    "Happy Birthday Tater!"

    JoJo must keep a promise to a friend.
  • Confetti Caper / JoJo on the Tightrope
    "Confetti Caper"

    JoJo tries to help her parents with a performance involving confetti. She and her friends follow a confetti trail.

    "JoJo on the Tightrope"

    In clown school, Mrs. Kersplatski gives an assignment to come up with an act that will make people say "wow." Watching Trina, JoJo decides to try doing the tightrope, even though she's never practiced it before.

    Note: "JoJo on the Tightrope" appears on the 'Take A Bow' DVD.moreless
  • Hide and Go Dinky / Fire Chief Says
    Dinky runs away when the other kids forget him; the kids clean the firetruck.
  • Uncle Flippy's Funny Farm / Up, Up and Away
    "Uncle Flippy's Funny Farm"

    JoJo and her class pay a visit to Uncle Flippy's Funny Farm. JoJo learns about responsibility after not listening to instructions.

    Note: "Uncle Flippy's Funny Farm" appears on the 'Animal A Go-Go' DVD.

    "Up, Up and Away!"

    A balloon-maker comes to JoJo's class. He makes fancy balloons, but there isn't enough for one to give Goliath. The balloon-maker goes to get more and Goliath goes on a high-rising adventure.moreless
  • Easy as Pie / Take a Bow
    "Easy as Pie"

    JoJo attends her first day of clown school and finds herself very early. She cannot resist disobeying her teacher's instructions not to push an attractive button on a robotic machine.

    Note: "Easy as Pie" appears on the 'Take A Bow' DVD.

    "Take a Bow"

    JoJo is worried about a new student coming to her class named Croaky Frogini. She worries that she won't be able to do Croaky's neat tricks. She then finds out that someone else is just as nervous as her.

    Note: "Take a Bow" appears on the 'Take A Bow' DVD.