JoJo's Circus - Season 2

Disney Channel (ended 2007)


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  • Simply Ear-Resistible
    For Springtime Day, JoJo's clown class is pretending to be a bunny family. JoJo's had a lot of fun making her own special floppy bunny ears to wear. Mr. Tickle praises her creativity, but when she gets to school, there's a problem. Everyone else there, including Mrs. Kersplatski, is wearing ears that all look alike --- purchased from the store. The kids tell JoJo that she doesn't fit into the family. JoJo asks her Dad to take her to the store, but he doesn't think she should be so quick to give up the ears she made. He takes her to an expert, Jumberto the Jackrabbit, who tells her something that may help her feel better about her creation.moreless
  • A Snowclown for Dinky / Skating Away
    "A Snowclown for Dinky"

    There's just been a snowfall in Circus Town --- JoJo and Goliath are really excited about going out to play in the snow. They're soon joined by their friends Skeebo and Croaky, but Dinky (who was expected also) isn't with them. He had been sleeping in and so they go to wake him, but he has the sniffles. JoJo and her friends try to think of a way to cheer him up.

    "Skating Away"

    Circus Town is still covered in snow and Trina has invited JoJo and Goliath to come skating with her and her mom. JoJo agrees, but she's never gone skating before. Trina teaches her and Goliath how to skate.moreless

  • Chores Galore
    Chores Galore
    Episode 26
    JoJo and Goliath want to play hide-and-seek with their parents, but they're very busy with chores. JoJo decides that they can help out with the chores and that way they'll have time to play hide-and-seek. Mr. and Mrs. Tickle agree and JoJo thinks she and Goliath can do about half the chores. They give it a go, but things don't work out the way they expect.moreless
  • Ride Em Goliath
    Ride Em Goliath
    Episode 25
    JoJo and Goliath are having fun riding on their wacky cycles, a sort of unicycle. JoJo notes that Goliath is getting very good at riding his and suggests he take off his training wheels. Goliath agrees at first, but then gets cold feet. With JoJo's help, he learns balance and tries again.moreless
  • Quiet Magic / Too Many Toys
    "Quiet Magic"

    Skeebo is excited about a new magic trick, but his friends aren't so sure. Skeebo's magic tricks haven't always worked out well in the past and have sometimes been rather messy. Skeebo, however, pulls off a great mind-reading trick, to the astonishment of JoJo, Croaky, Trina and his cousin Alex. Perhaps not so much the last one, though, as Alex might just have a little secret.

    "Too Many Toys"

    JoJo's Mom, Peaches, is holding a garage sale and JoJo wants to know how she can help out. Peaches suggest that JoJo sell some of her old toys, but when JoJo sees some of the things that her Mom has gathered, she doesn't want to give any of them up. Then, as she sees how excited some of the kids get over these old toys that she doesn't really even play with anymore, her mind begins to change.moreless

  • The Thanksgiving Hip-Hooray Parade
    Every year, JoJo and her friends in Circus Town look forward to Circus Town's Thanksgiving Hip-Hooray Parade, put on to entertain the patients at Big Boo Boo Hospital. They help out their parents with floats and Mrs. Kersplatski leads the parade. This year, though, Mrs. Kersplatski herself ends up in Big Boo Boo Hospital. The parade plans continue, but then one of the floats flies away. JoJo's parents and the Froginis chase after it, but when they get four flat tires, it looks like the parade is cancelled. JoJo and her friends visit Big Boo Hospital to tell them the bad news, but when they get there, JoJo just can't deliver it. She comes up with an idea as to how they can still have a parade after all.moreless
  • Circus Town Hoedown / Time Flies
    "Circus Town Hoedown"

    It's the Fifteenth Annual Circus Town Hoedown, hosted by Uncle Flippy, and everyone from Circus Town is in attendance. JoJo loves the fun square-dancing and learns a new trick when Mr. Tickle teaches her how to call out in rhyme. She impresses her friend Skeebo and her teacher Mrs. Kersplatski with her new talent. Later, she's able to make her talent useful in a special way.

    "Time Flies"

    JoJo is excited because her father is returning from a visit to his friend Professor Tick Tock from Cuckoo Forest. When he comes back, he has gifts, including a cuckoo clock for JoJo. However, the cuckoo bird inside doesn't make the cuckoo sound it's supposed too. JoJo and Mr. Tickle take the bird and the clock to Professor Tick Tock, who has some surprising news on just why the bird isn't cuckooing.moreless

  • Make It Snappy / Harpo Come Home
    "Make It Snappy" JoJo and her family have taken delivery of a new machine called a shimmy-shaker-juice-maker, so JoJo and her friends decide to put it to immediate use. They make clownberry juice using berries picked from the backyard, lemons, honey, mint and cinnamon sticks. The juice machine mixes all this up and it's a big hit with thirsty circus performers stopping for a bit before heading back to the big-top. JoJo and her friends rush to make more, but in the hurry, forget a key ingredient. "Harpo Come Home" Skeebo and JoJo are playing with a frisbee-like device called a Whirling Wizmo with Harpo and Goliath. As they're playing, the gate gets open and Harpo gets out. JoJo and Skeebo get help from Dr. Seltzer, who helps them create "missing dog" posters. Worried that this won't help enough, JoJo and Skeebo find another way to spread the word --- not realizing Harpo is closer than they think.moreless
  • Best Pet in Circus Town / Picture Perfect
    "Best Pet in Circus Town" Late for school, JoJo and Goliath bump straight into the Octopus Mailman, who has a very special letter for JoJo's class. JoJo gets to deliver the letter, which announces Terrific the Tiger Tamer's first annual dog-and-cat show. Skeebo and Trina decide to teach their respective dog and cat tricks and get some help from JoJo. Goliath is disappointed that he can't enter, but is cheered up by the idea of the upcoming lion show. Then, the time comes for the big show, with Harpo and Katrina each ready with a great trick. "Picture Perfect" It's Picture Day at JoJo's clown school and Mr. Tickle assures JoJo that all you need for a class picture is a big smile. JoJo and her friends, however, have other ideas and their big plans keep delaying the school photo. Things go totally wild when Skeebo decides to pull a rabbit out of his hat. The rabbit gets loose and the madcap search for the rabbit threatens to keep the photo from being taken.moreless
  • Practice Makes Perfect / Happy Not-Birthday Skeebo
    "Practice Makes Perfect" Maya's big birthday celebration is coming up and JoJo has her present all ready --- a toy calliope. As it turns out, Maya and Mr. Muscles are arriving with a real calliope that Mr. Tickle ordered and JoJo hurries to hide the present. Then, she ends up sitting on it and it's completely ruined. JoJo's despondent, but then Mr. Tickle has a great idea --- JoJo can play Maya's favorite song on the real calliope. JoJo quickly warms up to the idea, but it'll take her a lot of practice to be ready for the party in two days, so she has to stick with it. "Happy Not-Birthday Skeebo" Skeebo just recently had his birthday with his grandparents and while he enjoyed spending the time with them, it meant he missed out on having a party with his friends. Not wanting their good friend Skeebo to miss out on this sort of fun, JoJo and the rest of the circus class plan him a secret non-birthday party. Skeebo arrives back in the middle of preparations and there's a mad scramble to keep things hidden from him. Being back home, he wants to play with his friends --- wondering why everyone's avoiding him, he takes comfort in playing with pet dog Harpo, little knowing the fun to come.moreless
  • The Cricketeers / Tickled Pink
    "The Cricketeers" JoJo and her friends are excited about seeing a performing group called The Cricketeers. Goliath is especially looking forward to seeing Gracie, who he seems to dote on. When the youngest member of the performing group needs a bathroom break, Hector Cricket finds himself waiting for the rest of his family at the Big Top. As he begins to wonder if his family is lost, JoJo and her friends help him to get warmed up. "Tickled Pink" JoJo and Skeebo are enjoying a fireworks display from the backyard of Skeebo's house. As they wait for the grand finale, Fire Chief Seltzer serves up dessert. There are many tempting treats, including banana-cream pie and merry berries --- an extremely tasty type of berry that JoJo is unfortunately allergic to. Not wanting to miss out, JoJo decides that she should be okay with just a few. It turns out that she's not okay --- she soon has a strong allergic reaction, with her skin turning pink, tingling and itching. JoJo learns an important lesson about speaking up.moreless
  • Happy Hoppy Day / Brushing Up
    "Happy Hoppy Day"

    Felini and Federico Frogini come to JoJo's circus class to introduce them to a special holiday --- "Happy Hoppy Day." Throughout tthe day, there's all sorts of fun activities, such as making frog masks. Additionally, the Froginis appear at random throughout to play a game called "Froggy Surprise." JoJo finds that she's not very good at this game, but learns that she doesn't necessarily have to be to have fun.

    Note: "Try These on for Boing!" appears on the 'Take A Bow' DVD. It's the previously unseen episode mentioned on some cases (aired after DVD release).

    "Brushing Up"

    JoJo and her friends are about to have a picnic. JoJo and Goliath have both just enjoyed a nice snack and now they need to brush their teeth --- but Goliath wants to start doing it all on his own. JoJo and her friends help him to get a tootbrush and toothpaste of his own, but worry that they might be late for the picnic.

    Note: "Brushing Up" appears on the 'Animal A Go-Go' DVD. It's the previously unseen episode mentioned on some cases (aired after DVD release).moreless
  • Follow that Monkey / X Marks The Spot
    "Follow That Monkey" Jojo's Dad, Mr. Tickle, invites her and her friends to a sneak preview of his new act. They're all very entertained by the act, in which the monkeys get loose and run straight out of the circus tent, that is, until Mr. Tickle reveals that wasn't supposed to happen! JoJo promises to help get them back in time for the big act . The monkeys start making major mischief, but a game of "Monkey See, Monkey Do" could help get them back. "X Marks the Spot" JoJo and her friends meet up with Felini and Federico Frogini, who've spotted a bottle floating a lake. The bottle contains a treasure map marked with three Xs. JoJo and her friends are on the hunt for pirate treasure and it turns out that the actions indicated by the Xs mean that they'll have to do more than just digging to find the buried pirate treasure.moreless
  • The Octopus Ride / Hiccup Helper
    "The Octopus Ride" JoJo and Goliath are very excited about heading to the Circus Town carnival. They plan to ride the "octopus ride" --- a ride that takes you up in the air and spins you around and around. JoJo and Goliath were both too short to ride it the year before and this year, it turns out that JoJo is tall enough, but Goliath isn't! He and Dinky, who also isn't tall enough, are very disappointed --- until they find a ride that's just their size! "Hiccup Helper" JoJo and her friends help Skeebo when he gets a bad case of the hiccups. They try all of the traditional cures, but nothing seems to work. Then JoJo comes up with a great idea on how Skeebo can work his hiccups into his new act.moreless
  • Get Crabby / Bouncing Bowling Ball
    "Get Crabby" JoJo and her friends all have fun playing with Cha Cha the clown crab --- the class pet of their clown class. Being a class pet, Cha Cha gets to spend nights at different students' homes, picking up new tricks along the way. JoJo is very excited when she gets to take him home and teaches him the Tickle family nose-honking trick. When Cha Cha gets loose overnight, the trick turns out to come in handy. "Bouncing Bowling Ball" JoJo, Croaky and Skeebo have all advanced to the finals of the Circus Town Junior Bouncing Bowling Ball Tournament. This is bowling with a twist --- six pins and a ball that bounces all the way down the lane. All three do very well in the tournament, leaving the final shot to JoJo. Things get crazier than anyone could have planned, however, when the ball slips out of JoJo's hand and straight out of the bowling alley.moreless
  • A Circus Town Wedding
    JoJo and her friends are out playing when they spot two lovebirds. The lovebirds make their way to Mr. Muscles and Mrs. Kersplatski. Maya informs her friends that the two have been picnicking together for a month. The next morning, Mrs. Kersplatski makes an announcement to her circus class --- she's getting married to Mr. Muscles and all of Circus Town is invited to the wedding. Everyone's excited except Maya, who explains to her friends that she's worried that her Dad won't spend time with her like he used to. The kids all seek reassurance with their own parents, but when they try to comfort Maya, she turns up missing.moreless
  • The Robot Clown / Mice-Capades
    The gang incorrectly assembles Skeebo's robot clown; JoJo helps a mouse organize a circus.
  • The Mane Event
    The Mane Event
    Episode 11
    It's time for The Big Whoop-De-Do in Circus Town, an exciting once-a-year celebration for which everyone wants to look their best. JoJo has new shoes and Goliath's headed the town beauty shop, Clown Clippers, for a new manedo. Both he and JoJo are excited about his upcoming new hairstyle and he couldn't find himself in better hands --- expert stylist Miss Spritzy! However, some fast thinking is needed when Goliath turns out not to like the radical new manedo he picked out from a magazine.moreless
  • Goliath Gets a Boo Boo / Join the Club
    "Goliath Gets a Boo Boo" JoJo and her pet lion are outside playing some fun games. Goliath takes over as the leader in "Follow the Leader," but JoJo senses something is wrong when Goliath starts crying in pain. It turns out that Goliath has a splinter and JoJo's Mom says it's in just a bit too deep for her to remove safely. She and JoJo take Goliath to the vet and he's a bit nervous at first, but with some help from Uncle Flippy, JoJo uses laughter to cheer him up. "Join the Club" JoJo and her friends pay a special visit to the Circus Town Club on Take Your Kid to Circus Town Club Day. It's a lot of fun, so much fun that they decide to start their own club. Inspired by what the saw at the adult club, they decide that they need to come up with their own secret silly signal. JoJo, Skeebo and Croaky all have different ideas, but they can't decide on what is best. JoJo wants a honking noise, Skeebo wants a motion like a cowboy lasso and Croaky wants hopping.moreless
  • Charlie the Clown Baby Returns / Fishing Trip
    "Charlie the Clown Baby Returns" Charlie, the energetic, mischievous clown baby first seen "Charlie the Clown Baby" returns and JoJo gets to take him on trip to Uncle Flippy's Funny Farm. "Fishing Trip" Mr. Tickle takes JoJo and her friends fishing at the Circus Town Bridge. Perhaps this will be a chance for one of them to get a "big catch."moreless
  • 100 Days and Counting / Hoop Happy
    "100 Days and Counting" Mrs. Kersplatski has a special surprise for her class --- tomorrow is their 100th day of school! She has some big, fancy blocks for 100 and explains some helpful tips to count up that high. She then asks each member of the class to bring in one hundred things the next day. JoJo wants to bring in 100 really big things, but all of her ideas seem to come up short. "Hoop Happy" Granny Tickle pays JoJo a visit and gives her a brand-new toy, a Hip-Hop Happy Hoop. JoJo loves the toy and all of the tricks that she can do with it. She loves it so much that she keeps playing with it without letting her friends have a turn --- and soon finds them off playing without her.moreless
  • My Favorite Frogsitters / Night of the Teddy Bear Dance
    "My Favorite Frogsitters" Mr. Tickle and Peaches are having happy anniversary dinner, so then send JoJo to stay at the Froginis for the night. Once there, JoJo notices something she never spotted before --- what appears to be a growth chart. It actually measures how far Croaky can jump over the years and JoJo is disappointed when her mark on it doesn't come very high. After some game-playing with Croaky and learning some techniques, she gains confidence for some big jumping. "Night of the Teddy Bear Dance" JoJo and her Clown Scout Troop, headed by Fire Chief Seltzer, go on a camping trip in Funny Face National Park. After setting up camp, JoJo becomes a bit scared and worried, particularly about whether or not there are any bears in the woods. Fire Chief Seltzer explains that he actually had everyone come tonight because there actually are bears --- teddy bears that dance in the moonlight! When nobody sees any, having apparently scared them away, they all go to bed. JoJo, however, remains convinced that they're around and vows to do her best to get them to come out.moreless
  • Hi There, Small Fry! / My Dinner With the Tightropes
    "Hi There, Small Fry" JoJo and all of her friends are excited about Tater's new baby sister, Small Fry. They give her lots of attention and entertain her with fun games, causing Tater to feel ignored. When Small Fry won't smile for her first baby picture, Tater learns that he's still needed after all. "My Dinner with the Tightropes" JoJo hurries to her parents after receiving a letter from the Tightropes from the mailman. It's an invitation to dinner and JoJo figures that this means that they're going to have to be very fancy. She and her parents work hard to keep themselves from doing silly clown stuff, but this doesn't seem to have quite the effect that they intended at dinner.moreless
  • Frown Fighters / Goliath the Great!
    The kids try to cheer up Cotton Andy when his cotton candy machine stops; Goliath feels neglected when a new lion comes to Circus Town.
  • The Best Breakfast Ever / Popcorn Panic!
    "The Best Breakfast Ever" Each year, Mr. Tickle and JoJo hold Sweet Peaches Day to show their appreciation for Peaches and everything she does for them. This year, they decide to make her a surprise breakfast. JoJo thinks they can do it because she's watched her Mom prepare breakfast many times. However, something goes very wrong with the pancakes they try to prepare. "Popcorn Panic!" JoJo is excited about a project in her clown class to make new things. Peaches offers her some popcorn to take along, but finds that the kernels in the strange unmarked bag found in the kitchen cabinet won't pop. JoJo decides to take the bag to school and once there, Mrs. Kersplatski has the class making all sorts of neat things with them. They then discover something very special about the popcorn.moreless
  • A New Twist / Lost and Found
    "A New Twist" When JoJo and her clown friends get hungry for a snack, it's lucky for them that the pretzel vendor Babalulu is passing by. She has some tasty new pretzels she's just made and they agree to test them. While they taste good, they don't have the twists that make pretzels interesting. Babalulu is devastated, until the group shows her how she can come up with some neat twists. "Lost and Found" JoJo and Peaches are looking through the attic when Peaches finds a treasure that belonged to her Grandma Lotta Yucks. It's a big bright clown nose and she gives it to JoJo, saying that it helped her Grandma come up with her best acts. JoJo, however, has trouble coming up with anything and then she loses it.moreless
  • Fit as a Tickle / Pedal Pushers
    "Fit as a Tickle" Each day, Mr. Tickle blasts off to work in his cannon, but today something is wrong. Instead of giving a big blast, the cannon just sputters. It'll need to be fixed, but until then, Mr. Tickle will need to take the train to work. JoJo comes with him, but he misses the train. He ends up walking to work, but finds himself getting tired out. Fortunately, Mr. Muscles has been teaching JoJo and her clown class some new exercises, which he happily agrees to show to Mr. Tickle. "Pedal Pushers" It's Mr. Tickle's birthday and Peaches has prepared a big surprise party for him. She still has a lot of work to do, so she asks JoJo and Goliath to drop the invitations in the mailbox. They happily agree, but find themselves caught in a jam after they stop to watch a performance by Fire Chief Seltzer's cyclist band.moreless
  • Sleepover Surprises / How Does Your Garden Grow?
    "Sleepover Surprises" JoJo holds a sleepover with Croaky, Skeebo, Trina and Bal Boa. Bal Boa arrives a bit late and as he comes in, he tries to reject his Mom's offer of what he calls his "stuffy-wuff." Reluctantly, he takes it, but tries to hide it and get everyone playing party games all night. JoJo helps him to feel better about what he had been trying to keep a secret. "How Does Your Garden Grow?" JoJo's Mom is growing some veggies and flowers, but has to leave the garden for a while when Mrs. Kersplatski is need. JoJo and Goliath agree to help out by planting some squirting flowers, but are disappointed when nothing seems to happen.moreless