JoJo's Circus

Season 1 Episode 8

The Legend of Clownfoot

Aired Daily 8:30 AM Oct 05, 2003 on Disney Channel
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The Legend of Clownfoot
After going trick-or-treating, JoJo, Goliath, Skeebo, Trina and Croaky pay a visit to Clownfoot Lodge to hear Mr. Tickle's annaul telling of "The Legend of Clownfoot." This spooky interactive story lets the listener play along by adding sound effects such as the howling of wind and knocking at a door. Viewers practice silly faces with JoJo to keep from being too scared and then need them when suddenly the lights go out. Skeebo is delighted, though, as he's been hoping to get a photo of the real Clownfoot. Trina poo-poos the idea, saying that there's no such thing. After the lights are turned back on, the kids following a trail and start searching for clues. They make a surprising discovery as to what caused the lights to go out, the trail they're following, and the eerie moaning noises they've been hearing.moreless

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      • Trina: The giant creature we were all so scared of was Goliath? (all laugh)

      • JoJo, Skeebo and Trina: (singing) Ooh waa ooh waa! Ooh waa ooh waa! Ooh waa ooh waa! Ooh waa ooh! / Things that bump in the night
        JoJo: Fill your heart with fright
        JoJo, Skeebo, Trina, Mr. Tickle and Croaky: Like a bat in the air / Landing in your hair
        JoJo: That'll make you scared / So make a funny face.

      • Skeebo: Imagine that. The real Clownfoot was walking right here. Wow! (snaps picture) I'll bet Clownfoot walks a lot like Frankenclown.

      • Trina: Clownfoot didn't turn off the lights and he isn't in the basement because there's no such thing as Clownfoot!

      • JoJo: Okay, here we go. Get ready to knock, roar and whistle like the wind.
        Mr. Tickle: (singing to a "Monster Mash"-ish tune, with a female chrous vocalizing "ooh ahh ooh") Under the pale moonlight / A ghostly wind did howl / Was that a creaking branch / Or just a spooky owl? (Hoo hoo, hoo hoo) / There was a knock knock knock (Knock, knock, knock!) / There was a scary roar (Roar!) ...

      • Mr. Tickle: Please take a seat so I can tell you (eerie music plays) The Legend of Clownfoot.
        Skeebo: I look forward to this all year long. I've been practicing my sound effects.
        JoJo: Me too. The best thing about this story is that all of us are a part of it. So first, I gotta teach you our part. We make the sound effects.

      • Trina: There's no such thing as Clownfoot. It's just a scary story that Mr. Tickle tells us on Halloween.

      • JoJo: You're getting a lot better. I was almost really scared.
        Skeebo: You mean it?
        JoJo: Uh-huh. If you keep trying to scare us, one of these Halloweens, it's gonna work.
        Skeebo: That Halloween just might be now! Here come Trina and Croaky. Act natural. Don't tell 'em I'm here.

      • JoJo: Making funny faces always makes me laugh. And if we're laughing, we're not scared. Can you make a funny face too?

      • JoJo: Halloween is the one day when being a little bit scared can be a whole lot fun. It's also a day when you can get lots of yummy candy.

      • JoJo: (deep voice) Hello, I'm Frankenclown. (normal voice) Actually, I'm just JoJo. But today it's Halloween, so I'm pretending.

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      • Toccata and Fugue

        The music played in the organ is called Toccata and Fugue, a song played by Johann Sebastian Bach.

      • Mr. Tickle: (as female singers oooh in background) Shaking in his floppy shoes / Grandpa heard a roar / Just then he turned around / A knock came on the door.
        The lyrics of this song, the music and the background vocalizing all seem reminsicent of the one-hit Halloween wonder, "The Monster Mash" released by Bobby "Boris" Pickett.