JoJo's Circus

Season 3 Episode 10

My Clowny Valentine / Hop Hooey!


Full Episode: My Clowny Valentine / Hop Hooey!


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"My Clowny Valentine"

As JoJo and her friends celebrate Clowny Valentine's Day, Baloney Ballooney's grandson pays a visit to their class. Bailey Ballooney normally attends Small top Hills school and is just visiting for the day. Realizing that Bailey hasn't received any Valentines, JoJo comes up with a special way to make him one. She also makes a new friend.

"Hop Hooey!"

When JoJo has a frustrating accident, her parents teach her a useful method for calming down. Later, JoJo and Goliath join Croaky and Trina for a hopscotch-like game called "hop hooey." When Croaky and Trina get into an argument, JoJo helps them by showing them what her parents taught her.moreless
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