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In watching Jack Barry-hosted shows, it was evident he truly loved working with children, both as contestants and panelists. The most popular kiddie series associated with the long-time TV personality and producer included Juvenile Jury (where children are asked their opinions on various topics) and this companion series to The Joker's Wild called Joker! Joker! Joker! And to be sure, children were always encouraged to be themselves, which endeared them to many fans of Barry-hosted shows. The rules of Joker! Joker! Joker! were nearly identical to the long-running CBS and syndicated game show, where two children – usually one boy and one girl – played a game combining a straight quiz with elements of a Las Vegas slot machine. Host Barry announced a series of five categories. The players, one at a time, take turns spinning a huge three-reel slot machine, each containing the names of the categories (along with appropriate pictures) and "Joker" cards. The player chose a category depicted on one or more of the reels, with point values determined as follows: one of a kind, 50; two of a kind, 100; and a natural triple, 200. If the player answered a question correctly, he/she won the points; if incorrect, the opponent could win the points with a correct answer. Any Jokers that appeared could be paired with one of the available categories for 100 or 200 points, though the player could also go "off the board" for half the value. However, getting three Jokers meant an automatic win for that player, provided he/she answered one question correctly in any of the categories and (if the player was the challenger) held off a last chance run by his/her opponent. Often, one category had special rules and involved both players. The outcome of the game, or sometimes a changed advantage, was often determined with this question. The first player to 500 points won the game (and a $500 U.S. savings bond, which matured on his/her 18th birthday) and played a bonus round called Face the Devil. The losing contestant received whatever they won in cash (or $100 U.S. Savings Bond if they had less than that amount). The Face the Devil game – wherein one or both of the parents were invited to play along – was played the same as the syndicated round. The slot machine is now filled with various dollar amounts ($25/$50/$75/$100/$150/$200) and the Devil. A contestant could stop at any time and keep his/her accumulated winnings, but getting $1,000 without revealing a Devil won the cash and a prize package. A natural triple automatically gave the player the $1,000 win! Joker! Joker! Joker! grew out of special childrens' weeks of The Joker's Wild conducted during that series' original CBS run and during the first two seasons of the syndicated version.moreless