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Jon and Kate Plus 8 revamped to Kate Plus 8 after the couple's highly publicized divorce left Jon completely uninvolved in the production of the show. From then on, the focus shifted to Kate Gosselin as a single mother. This was, of course, five years after the Gosselins burst onto the scene as one of the few American couples to have eight children over the span of two pregnancies. As the world now knows, the show was created in the first place because Jon and Kate Gosselin were a typical married couple that only planned on having about three kids at the most, but fate had a much bigger plan for them. After giving birth to twin girls named Madelyn and Cara in 2000, a set of sextuplets arrived in 2004 - Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel. This was originally a 2 hour special on Discovery Health Channel, but TLC offered Jon and Kate a deal for a weekly reality series, and now, even without Jon's regular participation, the show will continue to document the lives of Kate and their eight children as they grow and change in front of our eyes.moreless

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    • Maddys mudes

      I can not understand why Maddy is such a drama queen. I don't care where they go what they do she is always upset, mad and obnoxious
    • waste of your tv time..

      This program is a waste of your air time. I wouldn't watch her on tv if you paid me.
    • TLC without the TLC instead we see pain

      They changed the name of the show wow these people care desparate one of them leave What the.... stupid! One of them want to stay for the money what about the kids these parents care too much about their issues this drops the bomb on TLC. Its the end of TLC! I do not feel like watching it after this. We only see one of them! I hate watching shows knowing that someone quit. Care about your kids is what everyone should say to them they have to feel the pain and get dragged around too! Come on why are they splitting up beacuse they don't care about their kids thats why!moreless
    • Loved in the beging.

      Felt so bad for the children.
    • A good show at first, but I immediately sensed the impending doom.

      I'll admit, I watched the show in the early days. And I liked it. It was a good show back then. I mainly watched it for the kids. It was fun seeing each child's personality, and how they reacted to the world around them.

      Jon and Kate, on the other hand, I favored less. On top of that, I immediately sensed trouble between them; I can distinctly remember watching earlier episodes and thinking, 'I wonder when they'll completely fall apart?'

      So needless to say, I wasn't exactly surprised when everything...well, fell apart. I began sensing it after they moved into the new house. That was my first indication that Kate, specifically, had changed. I remember watching the episode in which they got the dogs (which they had to return because Kate really didn't want them, surprise surprise), taking one look at Kate, and going "What in the crud is THAT?"

      It's only gotten worse from there. Now that the divorce is happening, Jon and Kate have been acting like completely spoiled brats, in my opinion. Divorce is hard for any kid to handle, I'm assuming; imagine what those poor children must be feeling, seeing their parents act like they are. The children are the only people I have any amount of sympathy for in this case.

      I have no sympathy for Jon or Kate, because to me, they've just become greedy, desperate for attention, and contradicting (saying they have no money to pay bills, then talking about buying jewelry; saying they want to be amicable, then saying they hate each others' guts, etc.). Bottom line, I have a hard time believing that anything either of them say is genuine at this point.

      So...there you have it. The way I see it, what started as an innocent, clean-cut show has become a disgraceful mess. I do, however, hope that Jon and Kate get their money situation sorted out; they're going to need to in order to pay for the eight sets of therapy bills they'll need to be paying.moreless
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