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Jon and Kate Plus 8
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Jon and Kate Plus 8 revamped to Kate Plus 8 after the couple's highly publicized divorce left Jon completely uninvolved in the production of the show. From then on, the focus shifted to Kate Gosselin as a single mother. This was, of course, five years after the Gosselins burst onto the scene as one of the few American couples to have eight children over the span of two pregnancies. As the world now knows, the show was created in the first place because Jon and Kate Gosselin were a typical married couple that only planned on having about three kids at the most, but fate had a much bigger plan for them. After giving birth to twin girls named Madelyn and Cara in 2000, a set of sextuplets arrived in 2004 - Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel. This was originally a 2 hour special on Discovery Health Channel, but TLC offered Jon and Kate a deal for a weekly reality series, and now, even without Jon's regular participation, the show will continue to document the lives of Kate and their eight children as they grow and change in front of our eyes.moreless

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