Jon and Kate Plus 8

Season 4 Episode 31

All You Wanted to Know

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2009 on TLC



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    • In this episode, Kate was asked what inspires her in life. She revealed that the parents of cancer-stricken kids are incredibly motivating to her, and Jon agreed.

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    • Kate: (when asked if she and Jon will let their kids be involved in sports despite the family's hectic lifestyle) They're already involved in sports. Cara and Mady already do sports. Cara plays soccer. Mady did a clay class.
      Jon: And skiing.
      Kate: Cara does skiing.
      Jon: And Rollerblading.
      Kate: Mady does spa and beaching. (pauses) Is that a sport?
      Jon: No, it's not a sport. Sorry.

    • Kate: (on rumors that the show is negatively affecting their children) Our kids' lives are amazingly enriched by filming. We have traveled more than they ever would have traveled. We probably never would have left our town with eight kids.
      Jon: They're so well-rounded and so well-adjusted now...
      Kate: It's so normal to them.
      Jon: And they're so warm and friendly. They just walk into a room, and they're like, "Hey!"
      Kate: People think that our kids will be "scarred for life" from doing this show. They are learning incredibly more than they ever, ever would have learned. We've all learned a lot. It's been a good thing overall. Do we think they'll be upset with us [someday]?
      Jon: No.
      Kate: I think they'll be thrilled that they'll have the funding to go to college by the time we're done with this. The kids are positively affected, if anything.
      Jon: I agree.
      Kate: We don't worry about them.

    • Kate: (on whether raising the kids has gotten easier or harder as they've gotten older) Easier in the physical way, harder in the mental way. Easier because we're not lifting kids around and feeding them bottles and running around, but mentally, with the "He pushed me, she bit me" everybody has a voice now and wants to express their opinion and have a discussion. They're learning to be sneaky and gang up on us, so I can't say easier. It's harder in a different way.

    • Jon: (asked about the best and most challenging qualities in each of their children) Cara is very easygoing.
      Kate: Sweet and kind, yet she holds her feelings and emotions in.
      Jon: Yeah, and sometimes she explodes.
      Kate: Mady? She never holds an emotion or a feeling in. But she's nice when she wants to be.
      Jon: Oh, she has a big heart. She has a really big heart.
      Kate: Alexis is very smart. Catches on fast, but she'll act like she doesn't know what you're talking about.
      Jon: She's very...yeah.
      Kate: Sneaky.
      Jon: She's devious and naughty.
      Kate: But very cute.
      Jon: Hannah? Big helper, but she can have a huge attitude.
      Kate: Yeah. She thinks she rules the world.
      Jon: How about Aaden? Everyone thinks he's cute and cuddly.
      Kate: Yes, and he is, yet he can't do anything, including dress himself. He wants to be a baby. Collin? We could talk for an hour about Collin.
      Jon: He's a character.
      Kate: He's very sweet. He's very caring.
      Jon: But...he's the most stubborn person.
      Kate: Honestly, the most stubborn person I have ever met in my lifetime. Collin is going to give us a run for our money.
      Jon: Leah?
      Kate: I can't think of anything.
      Jon: She's that kid who...she's the mastermind.
      Kate: She's secretly naughty.
      Jon: She's the mastermind behind all of it.
      Kate: I know, but I buy all her cuteness, don't I?
      Jon: Yes.
      Kate: Joel? Joel's a good kid.
      Jon: He's a little whiny.

    • Jon: (reading a question from a viewer) "Jon, do you like being a father of eight?" (pauses) I'd much rather be a father of nine...

    • Kate: I think people think that our lives are filmed 24/7, but that's not possible, nor will it ever happen. I usually say that it averages out to three days a week.

    • Jon: (reading a question) "Have you thought about adoption? Are you hoping to get pregnant again?" I'm not hoping to get pregnant again!
      Kate: Yep, I lost all my weight just to turn around and gain it!...I think eight is enough.

    • Kate: With eight kids, will we buy them a car? I don't think so. As soon as we can have them out there, they can make their own money. Maybe we'll match it. They're gonna share a car.
      Jon: They'll have Mopeds by then, like a gang.

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