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If You Had All 8, What would you name them?

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    ButterflyAlias wrote:

    twins: madison and carrington (cat)

    sextuplets: allison (ally), eliza, quinn - girls jack, brandon, sawyer - boys

    wow, i have had my top name choices for a girl or a boy for years but it was tough to come up with 6 more names off the top of my head...lol

    AHH my name is Sawyer :] :] except i'm a girl! :]

    okay, my names...


    .Brooklyn Grace (Brooke)

    .Shaylyn Margrette (Shaye)


    .Lindy Raye

    .Anna Michelle

    .Leighton Jade (Elle)


    .Gabriel Aiden

    .Nathan Ross

    .Parker Daniel

    awh this is fun! :] But i really hope i NEVERRRR have this many kids :]

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    My sister's name is Cathy. Mine is Cindy. Having the same initials was a pain. Identifying what was mine or hers was difficult. Any label either had to include our middle initial or put our whole first names on it.

    My sister has twin friends named Katie and Kathy. Twin cl@$$ates of mine were named Jimmy and Joey. When my sister was pregnant with twins, she wanted to make sure the names did not rhyme nor shared the same initial. Her twin girls are

    Karena Michelle and

    Melissa Yvette


    I have to say I would have been tempted to have the names of the septuplets go from A to F, but this is what I came up with.

    Twin Girls:

    Christina Eva Marie (after my husband's sister and paternal grandmother)

    Brianne Lysandra, called Bri

    Septuplet Boys:

    Scott Thomas, my eldest son's name (after hubby's maternal grandfather and two of our uncles)

    Matthew William, my youngest son's name (after my husband and two of our uncles)

    Edward George (after my dad and two our uncles)

    Septuplet Girls:

    Nicolina Alma, called Nikki (after his mother)

    Kaitlyn Dorothea, called Katy (after my mother)

    Amanda Michaela


    Jon and Kate had great names because they picked names they just liked

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    twin girls:

    sam and lindsey (after my best freinds)






    Taylor (after Tayor swift)

    selena (after selena gomez)


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