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Poll: Should Jon & Kate Plus 8 continue as a series if they divorce?

Should Jon & Kate Plus 8 continue as a series if they divorce?

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    i think that the show is over. its bad enough the kids are gunna grow up with this on their shoulders and the whole world knowing their lives. they need to just let it go. i love watching the show dnt get me wrong. i wish i knew those kids personally bcuz they are sooooocute. but i think for the well being of the children they need to stop.

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    You're exactly right. Yes, the kids are adorable, and I enjoy watching them, but the show is centering too much on Kate and what a brave little soldier she thinks she is in the wake of this horribly public divorce. The kids have been cute over the past few years, but they're growing up quickly. A few years down the road, the sextuplets aren't going to be these innocent little cutie pies anymore, and it's going to be increasingly toxic to have those growing pains played out on national television. You can already see it with Mady and Cara, who are almost 9 and have no choice in the matter as the cameras document their brattiest moments. That is absolutely NOT fair to them. Growing up is crazy enough as it is, let alone when you're in the public eye, being watched, and having your worst moments captured on tape.

    The bottom line is that Kate needs to look at the bigger picture. The kids aren't always going to be this little. They're not always going to be this cute and this willing to go along with everything. Soon enough, they're going to have their own lives beyond Mommy and Daddy, and if Kate isn't careful, she could lose them. The trouble is, Kate has no intention of taking herself out of the limelight. She wants to be famous, and she is using her kids to stay that way, no matter how much she denies it. Even if the show is cancelled soon, she will find a way to get herself a talk show and continue traveling around the country, talking about what an amazing mom she thinks she is. So she's not going to go away anytime soon, I don't think. Unfortunately, the people who can't stand her are the same people who continue to watch just to see how much worse she gets, and ultimately, those ratings keep her where she is. She knows that. She admitted as much in one of the earlier episodes this season when she said "If you're watching for whatever reason, I appreciate you."

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    I don't know if anyone else noticed, but didn't Kate become more of a hag after the new hairdo, face lift, body lift, and personal trainers? She was always an overbearing control freak, but Jon couldn't even get a word in edge-wise over her sniping after all the "new" Kate took over. I feel kinda sorry for him, but really sorry for the kids. He found a way to find some identity (even though it was an adolescent that he found...) but the children don't really have that outlet. I kind of want to smack her sometimes...
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