Jon and Kate Plus 8

Season 5 Episode 6

Houses & Big Changes

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 22, 2009 on TLC
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Houses & Big Changes
For this one-hour episode, Jon and Kate have ordered four "crooked houses" to set up in the backyard for the kids. Throughout the grueling installation process, Kate leads the children in a series of backyard games, then spends time arguing with Jon over where to assemble the play houses. Of course, it's nothing compared to the huge announcement that the Gosselins are about to make about their lives and the show.moreless

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  • The decision is made...

    Jon and Kate have finally made the decision to divorce. They plan to leave the kids in the house, and Jon and Kate will flip flop. That way, the kids can stay in their favorite house, and only Jon and Kate will be the ones leaving. I think it's a ridiculous plan, but what can you do? It's their decision, and they'll have to see if it works. I don't want to see how the children take this...they're going to be hit hard by this decision...poor things...but, divorce does seem to be a part of life, so things will work themselves out...I hope...the other part of the episode was cute. The kids got little play houses to play in. I loved the part where the kids claimed there was a bear behind the pirate ship XD It was adorable XDmoreless
  • it's over.. :(

    Jon and Kate Gosselin announce their separation and how they think this will help end the tensions and the unhappiness roaming around the house. Making the kids unhappy is the greatest of their worries. Kate has trouble expressing the pain she is feeling toward her marital status. Meanwhile, the eight kids get their own designed houses installed in the backyard and discover the secrets behind them. The Gosselin kids and Kate make a picnic outside while their homes are being installed. Jon argues with Kate and the contractors on the location of the homes. Later, the Gosselins head to the restaurant to celebrate Mother's Day, and Jon thinks after his divorce with Kate they will stay good friends.moreless

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    • Jon: We've come a pretty long way, and now [the kids] are gonna be in all-day school next year, and we always looked forward to that, and now I'm gonna miss [having them home], because I'm not gonna see them as much, you know? Things change, but, you know, everyone says things change for the better, but I haven't gotten there yet. You try to think that, take it day by day, and do the best you can, you know, but not every day is the best...when we're around them, I think both of us, we don't think of our relationship. We think of our kids and how much enjoyment they're getting. So I think, you know, if we just keep that going, maybe our relationship will become friendship or whatever. I just want my kids to be safe and healthy and understand why, and have a true understanding why, and what we did for them, why we did it. Showing them that Mommy and Daddy loved them, and that it will be okay.

    • Kate: While no one's perfect, I have, um, done my best to, um, keep our family together, to make my kids' lives happy, to not only look at who they are now, but who they will become, and um, try to help form them to be the best that they can's, um, just renewing that commitment to my kids and doing the best I can for them. Turn the page. New chapter.

    • Kate: (about her kids) I think the biggest tragedy of "my parents are not together" is, um, not only the everyday, but also the holidays. I state it very boldly: I will never not see my kids on a holiday, so I will be able to provide peace [with Jon] in order to be able to be with my kids. I can shelve my anger and my upsetness and whatever, but my ultimate goal is to handle birthdays and holidays in a manner that I can always be with them.
      Jon: I guess, ultimately, we both would like to be here on holidays. Christmas and stuff like that. But like I said, it's so fresh and new, our decision...we don't know, you know? We'll still make joint decisions. We'll still make decisions for our kids together.

    • Kate: It's the next chapter, um, not a chapter that's been brought on by our show. Not a chapter that's, um, been caused by our career choices at all. I believe that it's a chapter that probably would have played out had the world been watching or not, now, in hindsight, looking back.

    • Jon: (about his marriage to Kate) I was too passive. I just let her rule the roost and do whatever she wanted to do, and I went along with everything, and now I finally stood up on my own two feet, and I'm proud of myself.

    • Kate: It's very uncomfortable at this point, um, because, um, Jon has a lot of anger toward me, and I would love to discuss it with him, and he won't talk to me. That's the truth. So I, you know, I'm kind of lost. He won't hold a discussion with me. He won't talk to me. Every once in a while, he holds a couple minute conversation, um, and I see a window into his world, and that's about all. I don't know that he knows that he wants still. I don't know if he knows where he's going. I don't know if he even realizes the repercussions of the decisions he's making today, what that's gonna do down the line. I don't even know if this is really what he wants.

    • Kate: I love my kids. I have become very hardened, very crass, very jaded, maybe, and I'm sure that is what people see about me, but that is my survival self digging in and saying "I will not lay down and die." I will go on for my kids, and I'll say it until my dying day. They matter so much to me, and if I've got to pull this whole ship on my own, I'm gonna do it. I will survive, and they will survive.

    • Kate: It doesn't matter where Jon and I are in our relationship. My kids still matter the most to me. If I have to put on a happy face to have a picnic with them, and put all those issues aside, I do. Do I always feel jovial and happy and wonderful? No. Am I thrilled with how things have turned out? No. Did I ever think I would be in this situation and in this position? Absolutely not. Ever. But I still can have a picnic with my kids and smile. How can't you smile when you see those little faces smiling up at you? How can't you be happy?

    • Kate: While I've had a rough few days, facing the music and what needs to happen, and while I had half a day where I let myself fall apart, and hyperventilate, and sob harder than I've ever sobbed in my life, um...(long pause) by the time I woke up the next morning, this morning, um, I had decided I just need relief now, and, um, I need to turn the page. It's a fork in the road, and our goals are different now. But I don't hate [Jon]. Never have. Never will. He's the father of my children. They're great kids. The best.

    • Jon: I do have a lot of fond memories of filming and what it has captured. I am still on the show, but we will film separately. We will both do new and different things on the show.

    • Kate: It's going to be rough, but if you're determined to see the good and positive in any situation, it's there. I want it to be a story of...I know there's so many families out there that go through this, and it's going to give me a whole new empathy for the people that do this. It's rough, you know? It's not natural. It's not ideal.

    • Jon: I don't know what's gonna happen. I, you know, and the whole thing, looking for a friendship with Kate, and we don't have that now. We don't have anything now, you know? We're just like two people that happen to live here. It's been like a total breakdown of's life, it's a roller coaster. It's the way it happens, and sometimes you go off the track.

    • Producer: What worries you the most, about the kids?
      Kate: Um the label that we failed. (struggling) How they'll be another statistic. How they'll be looking back and saying, yeah, my parents split up when I was "fill in the blank" age. And I really don't want to be alone. I don't want to do this alone.

    • Jon: I don't hate Kate, know...I have to do what's best for me and my's been so stressful, you know? And...I mean...thank God we have the show, so we can tell what we want to tell. But people just tell what they want, anyway. It's been a hard seven, eight months. It's been a really hard last four months. This is the hardest episode ever. I was two hours late to shoot, because I had reservations about doing it, because I didn't know what to say.

    • Jon: I mean, there's paparazzi, both [Kate] and I, 24/7. It's a shame that our society's come to that. I mean, we have soldiers over in Iraq dying for our country, and all these people care about is, like, what I eat for lunch. And the interest I mean, of our relationship, that's our deal, you know?

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    • On the day this episode aired, legal proceedings were made to dissolve the 10 year marriage of the Gosselins. The news broke early, revealing the announcement that would take place in this episode: that the Gosselins, were indeed separating.