Jon and Kate Plus 8

Season 5 Episode 24

It's a Crazy Life, But It's Our Life

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 2009 on TLC



  • Quotes

    • Producer: What wishes do you have, knowing this is the last time you'll sit in that chair?
      Kate: Stop it! Are you trying to make me cry? He is! It's very, very, this is sad. It's cut short. It's too soon, and, um, it's been a great run. I'm very grateful for the opportunity, for the memories. For the memories on tape. I'm thankful for the support, for people who took us into their living rooms and watched, um, watched my kids grow up, supported them, supported us from the beginning. A lot of support...I was saying to myself, I'm not gonna [cry], but yeah, it's been a unique opportunity. It's been a crazy life. Um, it's not over yet, um, but I never had a clear picture of how it would end, but, um, I really, I think it's too soon.