Jon and Kate Plus 8

Season 5 Episode 2

Kate's Birthday Surprise

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 01, 2009 on TLC
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Kate's Birthday Surprise
For her birthday, Kate plans on spending a quiet day at home with her kids, but Cara and Mady have teamed up with the show's producers to put together a special surprise for Mommy. Elsewhere, Jon honors the memory of his late father by volunteering at a skiing site with children who have special needs, but on the flip side, he is not with his family on his wife's birthday. Throughout the episode, Kate talks a bit about her traveling, the success of her books, and why her kids are enough incentive for her to push through these hard times.moreless

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      • Kate: My kids are the reason I have always done everything. My kids were the reason I laid on bed rest for 30 entire weeks. My kids were the reason that I wrote the books, and, um, it's always about them. And I know that it looks, you know, like it's all about me all the time and whatever, but what you don't see is down deep inside, um, it's a desperate desire to provide for my kids.

      • Jon: (about attending a skiing program for children with disabilities) It touched my heart to come here and see this, because my dad gave his whole life to handicapped children. For 30 years, he operated on handicapped kids, so it's like, giving back is, like, so awesome, and I just enjoy it. If I can help out in any way, why not here?

      • Kate: (about her birthday on March 28th) We could have gone from March 27th to the 29th, and nobody ever could have said anything, but alas, it had to be the 28th, and Jon was away, and I had plans to make my birthday fun for the kids. When you're a mom, it's not fun for you. It's fun for the kids. It was a little depressing, I guess, because, you know, back in the day, birthdays were, like, really exciting, and you always had a lot of stuff planned, and there was gonna be none of that [this year].

      • Jon: So now I'm like the stay-at-home dad thing, and Kate's the career woman, so it's different for me. I think it's different for a guy. We're not moms, nor do we try to be. (laughs) When you're here by yourself, it's a lot of work by yourself. Kate and I have always been a team, uh, regardless of what's going on, but I mean, we kind of knew what we needed to get done. But, you know, when you're by yourself, or you're with someone that's helping, then you have to explain to them, and then it's not as fluid as a team anymore, but it is a big help to have someone here helping, so we can get through the day and get things accomplished.

      • Kate: (about her life) I'm enjoying it. It's so succeeding. I'm doing so well. My books are doing great. I love what I'm doing. I love traveling and meeting people, the people that watch our show and read my books.

      • Kate: (about her book tours) It is great to travel and meet these people. Like, I'm signing books, you know, our fans. I'm signing them to our fans, thinking "Okay, there's a face of someone that sits and watches us. There's another face. Okay, that one does too," and after a while, you're like, it is really great to actually meet the people that, you know, these numbers of people, who are watching your show. It's every age range, um, you know, grandmas that say "I wish I was their grandma!" and the two-year-olds that say, you know, they imagine that their little stuffed animals are the kids.

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