Jon and Kate Plus 8

Season 3 Episode 22

Mady's Day

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 14, 2008 on TLC



  • Trivia

    • Until this day and this episode, none of the Gosselin children had ever eaten lunch alone at a restaurant with Jon and Kate. Even before the sextuplets were born, and they just had their twins, they never did anything like that.

    • Jon and Kate originally made a rule that their daughters couldn't get their ears pierced until they were much older. However, they made an exception for Mady, since it was something that she obviously really wanted.

    • In this episode, Kate revealed that out of all eight kids, Mady looked forward to her Special Day the most. She literally counted down the days and was really excited about it.

  • Quotes

    • Interviewer: So, you don't ever fill up the car with gas?
      Kate: Who?
      Interviewer: You.
      Kate: (long pause) No. Rarely. It's kind of like the unsaid trash law in our house. The men take the trash out, and the women do not fill the cars with gas. He just has always done that for me. Right?
      Jon: Yeah.
      Kate: Even back when I worked, he would take my car at night to fill it so I didn't have to. Isn't that nice? (pauses) Isn't that normal?

    • Kate: Mady was awesome the entire day. The attention put all on her was doing very well for her, and it just showed me that when she does act out and act poorly, it's possibly because she doesn't get enough attention, or undivided attention.

    • Kate: (about Mady) She's one of the oldest. She's six minutes younger than Cara, but obviously is an oldest in our house. And, um, she has a very sweet heart and a very kind heart. She's actually very loving, but she also has her very "oh dear" side, where she is just very, um...tries to be manipulative and controlling and in charge all the time. Has trouble minding her authority. Tends to have trouble telling the truth at times, but she's a bundle of energy, full of life, and says very witty and says mature things. I would say she's our child that just really...keeps us...uh...I don't know. Confuses us.
      Jon: Speechless.
      Kate: Yes. She keeps us speechless.

    • Jon: After ear piercing, we went to Red Robin...
      Kate: To eat lunch.
      Jon: To eat lunch.
      Kate: I don't think we've ever taken [Mady] out to lunch by herself.
      Jon: No. Not even when we didn't have the six.
      Kate: So we let her choose whatever she wanted. She could have whatever drink she wanted. She could have whatever she wanted to eat, she could have whatever desserts. We try to make their special day excessively special from start to finish.

    • Mady: It was really fun to just have time with Mommy and Daddy, and nobody cutting me off when I was talking. And I also told Mommy something--that when me and Cara were little, we cut our hair.
      Kate: Mady's telling us...she's divulging secrets. She said that a long, long time ago, they cut their hair. Her and Cara. She's like, yeah, we, like, held our hair out...
      Jon: And one hair.
      Kate: And cut one hair. And I was like, well, thank you for at least...they did it when they were, like, three, and she needed to 'fess up, out of the blue. It was funny. I didn't remember either of them saying, "Hey, let's play the confession game!" But she 'fessed up to that.
      Jon: I guess she just felt comfortable.
      Kate: Yeah.
      Jon: And secure that she could say that.

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