Jon and Kate Plus 8

Season 5 Episode 23

Never Before Seen

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on TLC



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    • Kate: Jon doesn't typically, like, do projects with the kids. It was more kind of like a 'Hmm, what's another thing we could do at home?' kind of a thing. He is on the phone a lot. Um, the, I do have to say, though, I would come home, and the kids would say...I'd say, 'Oh, did Daddy play with you?' [and they would say] 'No.' [I'd say] 'What was he doing?' [They'd say] 'He was on the phone.' Um, and you know, I think, I have to be careful because I'm on the phone a lot, but my guess is that a lot of his phone messages are, you know, personal, like, 'Hey, what's up?' friend calls, and mine are more work-related. I mean, I'm not on the phone unless I have to be. I miss the Jon that used to roll around on the floor and wrestle with the kids, and giggle and laugh, and, um, you know, entertain them while I was making dinner. And, uh, I miss that because, um, you know, that was the Jon that Cara and Mady remember, and even the little kids. I guess, in this whole situation, I wish that he could put aside his issues with me and not kind of transfer that onto the kids.

    • Kate: You know, we show up at these book signings, and it starts at 7, and it's flattering, but it's, like, crazy. I mean, it's shocking to me, but I appreciate the support, and if there's no fans, there's no show. And if there's no show, I mean, that's my job. And, um, that's the way I feed my family and take care of my kids, so I need them to go on, and that's the first thing I say is thank you.

    • Kate: (about her book tours) Uh, there's many women that come through with a version of my haircut, and, um, they're very happy when I notice, 'Oh, you got your hair cut like mine!' I know my haircut takes a lot of flak, in terms of, you know, what people call it and whatever, but it works for me, and, um, I have very thick hair, and, I mean, it's easy [to manage], and that's what I need.

    • Little Girl: (at a speaking engagement with Kate in North Carolina) My question is, have you ever thought of having any more kids?
      Kate: Bite your tongue, little girl! (audience laughs) The answer to that is undeniably, never changing no. Thank you. We set up for three, and we had eight, you know what I mean? Five more than we were planning for. I think we've done our job.

    • Kate: Uh, one of my dreams was to do one book tour. I just wanted to go on one book tour. You know, at first, I just kind of wanted to do it for the experience. Uh, you know, you work so hard on the book. You put it out. You want to sign it. It makes people happy, and I just wanted to experience that, and in the end, I found a whole, whole, whole bunch of fans who just were so glad that I was there, and you know, they're so excited, and they have such enthusiasm that it kind of, you know, splashes onto me, and it just, you can't help but smile and be really happy. And you kind of get addicted to it because you're, like, making people's day. It makes you want to do more and more and more, just to make people happy, and, um, so, it was very beautiful to have a line wrapped around the building.

    • Kate: I was kind of feeling really sad on our anniversary. Of course we made it to ten years [because we weren't yet divorced at the time], but we didn't celebrate it together, which was, like, really a bummer, actually. And so I woke up that morning, and I had two choices. Um, I could wallow in self-pity all day and do nothing, or I could make the day, uh, fun for the kids. So I decided, with our gym equipment and pretty much things that we already had--I got a couple of extra things--I was going to do an obstacle course for the kids. I designed the obstacle course as a way to do something fun on a day that felt very didn't matter who was fastest or slowest, but the kids had a lot of fun.

    • Kate: I was really, really happy that the kids were getting passports, because I was really hoping, for their sake, that we could collect those memories for them and, um, you know, and travel abroad. It was really my biggest goal...and we didn't end up never happened because Jon didn't want the kids to go, which made me very sad, because it was a lifelong dream of ours to get our kids back to Korea, uh, where their ancestors came from.

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