Jon and Kate Plus 8

Season 5 Episode 23

Never Before Seen

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on TLC



  • Quotes

    • Kate: Jon doesn't typically, like, do projects with the kids. It was more kind of like a 'Hmm, what's another thing we could do at home?' kind of a thing. He is on the phone a lot. Um, the, I do have to say, though, I would come home, and the kids would say...I'd say, 'Oh, did Daddy play with you?' [and they would say] 'No.' [I'd say] 'What was he doing?' [They'd say] 'He was on the phone.' Um, and you know, I think, I have to be careful because I'm on the phone a lot, but my guess is that a lot of his phone messages are, you know, personal, like, 'Hey, what's up?' friend calls, and mine are more work-related. I mean, I'm not on the phone unless I have to be. I miss the Jon that used to roll around on the floor and wrestle with the kids, and giggle and laugh, and, um, you know, entertain them while I was making dinner. And, uh, I miss that because, um, you know, that was the Jon that Cara and Mady remember, and even the little kids. I guess, in this whole situation, I wish that he could put aside his issues with me and not kind of transfer that onto the kids.

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