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  • Jon and kate plus 8 is about a couple with a set of twins and sextuplets.

    I absolutely love this show.It rocks.I have finally watched enough episodes to be able to tell all eight of the kids apart.Hannah is my favorite.I think she is most like me.Very smart and mature.Leah is adorable.She speaks very very well for her age.But so tiny that one.Alexis is HILARIOUS!! She is so out there and loud.Collin is very take charge.funny little guy.Joel is "daddy's son" his own words.Aden is so cute.the professor is so in to animals.those glasses just make him even more adorable.Jon and kate have raised their kids right.Mady is a little diva, but that adds drama to the show.Cara is "mommy's helper" said by kate.Very much like her momma.
  • I love to watch this show. I tend to learn new things everytime I watch it. The kids are adorable. It is just a fabulous show to watch. It is truely my favorite. I look foward to watching it every monday.

    This show is wonderful. I find myself learning new things everytime that I watch it. Like the episode where Kate is getting ready to go in for sugery. She prepares meals for Jon and the kids. I noticed when she was cooking meatloaf she just threw everything that needed to be chopped up in the food processor and put it in the mixture. I sat there and thought you know how much time that would save me for when Im cooking. I have Eczema on my hand and it gets really bad where if Im chopping things that the food irritates it. But Im planning on getting a food processor soon. I think that is a great idea. Thank you Kate!!!
  • The best show on TLC. My fovorite show the best ever.

    I love this show. Everyone is sooooo funny it. Should go forever. It never gets old. My favorite is the one in Hawaii. The boys are the best no doubt. Me, my mom and my sisters all love this show. Even most of my friends watch this show. People who say they hate it have no taste in great shows. I think it is the best show ever. Still it is the best show E V E R. I think everyone should watch this show. Kate is More high strung than my mom. I'd hate to eat all organic food all the time.
  • I absolutely love this show! And the kids are so adorable!

    I especially love Alexis (because of her obsession with "aldergators") and Leah (because she's a little princess and very smart and hard-headed). I've seen every single episode since the show started and I'll even watch the reruns even if I've seen it 100 times. The girls (including Kate) looked very pretty in their dresses (I also loved the flowers in their hair) when they were in Hawaii when Jon and Kate renewed their vows. The boys (including Jon) also looked very handsome in their outfits during their trip in Hawaii. One of the best reality shows next to Little People Big World.
  • What a cute/enjoyable show!

    This show is so cute, and really is good. its cool to see how they can handle so many young children! the sextuplets are the cutest kids in the world, and cara is cute too!

    my favs are (inorder)
    1. leah- SO CUTE
    2. alexis- SASS! wild child!
    3. cara- sweetest girl ever!
    4. hannah- i love her long hair, mommy's helper!
    5. collin- just too cute with his huge head :)
    6. aaden/joel (TIE i cant choose!, bth so adorable!)
    8. Mady (shes the only bad part of the show, shes whiney and a diva and bratty, cant see how her and SWEET CARA are twins.)
    in conlusion this show is so great jon and kate are very good parents and i respect them alot!\

  • havent missed a show yet....

    Love the show,havent missed a one, love how organized how kate is and how jon is so involved as a dad. Their personailities for the show are great. I have seen other large sized family shows and they just arent the same. Joh and kate are perfect for each other and just the two to have this large family and have this show. My husband even keeps up with it when its on. Dont know how they manage this family and then to have camera crews also on guys rock, keep up the good work...hope they are around enough to see them as teenagers, now wont that make for some real craziness.
  • I'm 14 and I watch this show! I think its awsome and I love all the kids there ssssooo funny!

    This show is very cool! I love how all the kids have there own little personality!
    I remember one day my sister was watching this show and she was laughing cuz of how silly and funny the kids where being and I asked her what she was watching and she said jon and kate plus 8! I asked her what it was about and I thought it was interesting so i watched it with her! I love all the words the kids use like "hair pane"
    I watch this show whenever its on it always brightens up my day when my family has just got in an and my sister watch it together all the time and we always laugh!!
  • im 13 and i watch this show its the best show ever jon and kate rock.i look forward to it all the time.

    i love the show much i wish they could put it on everyday. im 13 and i watch this show my friends probably think im crazy but im not its a good show.jon and kate are such good parents i hope i can grow up and be just as good of parents as they sister is 5 and she even likes that sow.but i must admit the show is very kid friendly.i love how its a real life show.there are so many other good things about the that i cant even begin to explain.but thats all for now.hope you enjoy bye.
  • This show definitely is an inspiration to moms everywhere.

    Even though I am not a mom, this show must help thousands of parents everywhere. Jon & Kate go on with their day-to-day lives as normal & easy as possible. They're a not so normal family with eight kids, but they handle everything SOO well. It's astonishing. I really love this show. I love watching to see what the family is doing next & how they're going to deal with everything, and get the kids ready. It's really truly something amazing. They show that no one is perfect, but that everyone can do their best. I recommend this show to anyone, especially mothers with kids, or aspiring mothers.
    It shows not everything is that bad, and everyone can live through something with smiles.
    & you gotta admit, those kids are the cutest!
  • I love this show.It's my favorite!I love Aiden and Leah.They all are adorable but those are my favorites.

    I love this show. I watch every episode.Leah and Aiden are my favorites but they all our cute. I think Jon and Kate are amazing parents. I am a single mother of four and I can barely manage. I love how they make time alone for each kid so none of them feel left out.How do they keep from ripping their hair out? I hope this show continues.When the kids go to bed i turn the TV on and thank god that I don't have to watch Disney for the rest of the night.I think their amazing.
    xxx xxx Leah
  • love your show love your family all kids are cute would like your email address

    love your, show love your family, all kids are cute, would like your email address... Watch all of your reruns... You guys are so cute togheter... Like jons little outbursts... I wish i lived in your city so i could help out with your children... I love kates organizational skills... I love everything organized myself... You handle your children with a talent rarely seen, with love and loads of patience... I'm a precise folder myself and i would relish in the chance in helping your laundry folder complete that task... your show makes me extremely happy, i love you guys to pieces
  • Thank You for the inspiration

    I think you guys are a great couple and wonderful parents. Its very entertaining to watch how you deal with daily struggles. I must admit that I skipped the first season because the previews made it look like such a headache. I really missed out. I cant miss an episode, and anticipate for the next one to air. Now that I have a new baby(2mths old), I watch the show and get reminded that my lifes not so bad. Your family is truly inspiring. I wish nothing more but good health and happiness to you and your family. Keep up the good work!!
  • A great family show.

    I personally love this show. When ever it is on, I drop what I'm doing (or at least put it down) and go watch. The adventures of Hannah and Alexis and Leah and Joel and Aaden and Collin, plus big twin sisters Mady and Cara never cease to amaze me. They have to be one of the cutest (if not biggest) families I've ever seen. Oh, and failed_shammy, you sound like an idiot, so WHY ARE YOU, to quote you,"wasting my time writing a review about this crap but I dont care." It's called if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it AT ALL. Sorry if I offend anyone.
  • I love this show, I watch it every monday night with my Daughter.

    Jon and Kate Plus eight is one of my favorite shows on TV Me and My six year old little girl watch it every Monday night before bed, She love to watch the kids and she can relate to them all in some way. I think Kate is awesome and I have picked up on so many things that has helped me with my family. Jon and Kate relationship reminds me of My husbands and my relationship, and it make to laugh every time ai think about it. I think this show is awesome and for them to share there lives with us is awesome. I will continue to watch as long as it comes on TV.
  • heyy my name is jenny piper and i love ur show. i love ur kids they r so cute. and i just want u to do one thing for me never stop filming. plz

    dear: jon and kate + 8;
    hi my name is jenny piper. this sound alittle wierd but im like 11 and i have never missed a show. i love ur show no matter if its a repeat or anything i will watch it. and i love ur kids they r soooo cute. how do u keep ur house soo clean and every thing. i could never ever do that. if i ever met u guys i bet i could name everyone. but i have one question. your children are sooo cute like don't u hate not bening around then. and like omg (ohh my god) like don't u just want to hold them all the time and never let them go.

    well i hope u can get back to me.i u don't i understand but plz try i would lov to here from u. :) thanks greatly from jenny
  • Mady's Day Series

    I have watched Jon and Kate plus 8 since it was first aired and have enjoyed it very much! One can only imagine the day to day challenges of raising such a happy, healthy family. However, I was a little surprised about Kate's reaction to the gum that "Aunt Jodie" had given the children and that had subsequently stuck to some on their clothing and a much beloved cuddly bear of Collin's. Shame on you Kate for threatening and taunting Collin that you were going to throw it in the garbage...such drama. Even seven year old Mady comforting Collin had it right and tried to explain how it may have happened. Lighten up Kate...stop stressing over some soiled clothes. What's more important...the clothes or your childrens happiness? Though I do agree, gum is not for three year olds...why would you threaten to take this misadventure out on a very obviously cherised toy of your sons. We still can't believe how you freaked out about the icecream in Disney World. Taking a treat away from a child because OH NO!! some might get on their clothes...ridiculous! Just enjoy your children!
  • I have been watching Jon & Kate plus 8 from the beginning and I have to say that it is one show I would hate to miss. I have a 14 month old granddaughter and both my daughter and I think you both are amazing parents. We love you all.

    This is reality tv at its very best. Recently I have been enjoying the individual trips you have been taking the kids on. I think it gives us more insight into the different personalities of the children. It is amazing how different they are when they are with you alone. I think it is so cute when they go and kiss and hug the other kids that are staying at home. I think you are so lucky to have Jodi to help you. She is certainly a big part of the Gosselin family. I was just wondering...I thought that the family was moving into a new house and only seen you go to a few places. Are there going to be any more episodes in regards to house hunting?
  • You two are the most loving parents I have ever seen. This is by far my favorite show. The kids with their little antics are hysterical. I don't think there is a mom in the world who doesn't want to have the great friends you have.

    Your show is the best of the best! Kate I read somewhere that you have or had ocd,and if thats what ocd does to you, can I have some? Your kids are amazing and gorgeous, you & Jon have a great relationship, what more could you ask for? I had twin daughters when my son was 2, not even close to your hectic life, and I used to sit and cry. Watching you, I feel that guilt, that now they are 22 and 24 and after every episode I find myself apologizing to them. We watch it together. Please don't listen to the people that say you and Jon fight too much, or that you have no patience, I guarantee you that they don't even have twins, let alone 6 and 2 at the same age, and wanting something at the same time. Maddy & Cara are wonderfully amazing older sisters. I just finished watching the Valentine Episode again, because I was floored by the way Maddy and Cara made sure that the younger ones were so involved, (I am sure you were reminding nearby but still) but they did it wonderfully. You can just see how much the younger ones look up to them. I wish you all the luck in the world, and keep up the great work on the show please. I even tape your show just in case I don't make it home in time! Thanks for the laughs and the tears! It is funny though, that once your show aired, within a very short time, who had 19 kids and counting..There isn't any comparison..You win!!
  • What a great family show!

    The first time I watched the show... I fell in love with it! What patience those two must have. I am the mother of two young children, one that is 3 1/2 and the other is 20 months. I use to think that they were a challenge. I now know that life with my two is not that bad! I would also like to say how great it is that Jon and Kate don't put on a show to the rest of the world that they love each other. What they display in the form of love is real... It isn't kiss-kiss-hug-hug-"love you too honey." It's real life and genuinely adorable! It is the exact same way that my husband and I communicate when life is hectic, you say very little, but get your point across. I do have a few questions though, how do they discipline the children with all of America watching and waiting for them to do something wrong? Life is tough with two young children, so I must commend Jon and Kate on a job well done! She always looks good for the camera, the house is clean, the kids are adorable, and they always manage to get a life accomplished.And as for Jon, what a great dad to take care of children that are throwing up, or full of poop, how great it is that he is so active in the kids' lives! I love the show and can't wait to see more. One last question for Jon and Kate... what would you do if the children decided they didn't want to be on t.v. anymore? And did you ask them before you started the show?
  • Hopefully Jon & Kate reads this.

    I absolutly love the show and I'am so happy that they share their lives with others. I faithfully watch the show. It really helps for mothers like me. It gives me a sense of peace, knowing that I'm not the only one that goes through motherhood(stress). It's like my own little support group at home. I'm a 23year old single mother of four girls, which a set of them is twins. Their ages are, from oldest to youngest is, 4, 3(twins), and 1year. It seems as so, in my life, no one understands my cries, but I know Kate would. SO Thank you Jon & Kate for sharing your life with us and I hope you all the best.
  • All the shows are so worth while watching, enjoyment, laughter, sweet. The kids are wonderful

    This is one of the best reality shows on TV today. As viewers, we get to experience your daily adventures as well enjoy your wonderful children. Love, love it all. Watching them grow is a delight. This reminds me of my own experiences with my daughter Nicole, my china doll. I relish the ineraction the two of you have for one another. It is a pleasure to watch real people with real lives. I admire all the activites you engage in, even when it is 8x harder then most families have. Never change the format and keep on going the way you are
  • This show is the best

    I love this show because i love the way Jon and Kate raise Hannah, Joel, Leah, Alexis, Collin, Aaden, Madelyn, and Cara. I love the way that the kids play together. I like that Jon and Kate take family photos every year. Sometimes I feel for Mady and Cara because they dont get everythig the babies get. But other times they just have plain fun. My favorite characters are Hannah, Joel, Leah, Alexis, Collin, Aaden, Mady, and Cara lol I love them all. But if i had to choose it would be Cara because she is just so caring and nice. She is the complete opposite of Mady. She always cares for the babies. My favorite parent would have to be Jon because he dosent overreacet about little things like kate. But I like kate too. She loves her children and she wants the best for them. I like the fact that all of them get along together except for maybe Collin and Alexis lol but other than that they all seem to get along. They love eachother and care for one one another. This show is the absolute best and it does get better every season.
  • Jon and Kate Gosselin raise two sets of multiples, a set of seven year old twins, Cara and Madelyn and a set of three-year-old sextuplets, Hannah Leah, Alexis, Aiden, Joel and Colin.

    This is one of my favorite reality shows. I try to tune in every week, but sometimes that is difficult. I almost missed it tonight due to a glitch with my cable company, but that got fixed in time thank goodness. I think the way Jon and Kate are raising these eight children is great. I will be surprised if Kate does not one day loose her mind. I know I would with six three year olds to take care of all the time. Add into that two seven year olds and the house is somewhat like a zoo. The little kids are so cute. They can be honery, just like any kids this age, but that is normal. Madelyn, who is seven, is moody most of the time. She also appears to be a little bossy. Cara is a lot more nurturing toward her younger siblings.
  • The best show ever! You will fall in love with this family. It's so much fun to watch the kids grow.

    This is my "feel good" show full of entertainment! The children are so much fun to watch and I really admire Jon and Kate. The thing I like most about them is that they show their real side. Sometimes life is messy and full of trials but, through it all they pull together as a family and that's what it's all about. I am a mother of two and I plan to have more kids one day and this show is so inspiring. I never miss an episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8! I look forward to seeing what they will do next!
  • I love this show and have watched it since it started. My questions for this is why are there no relatives except for the kate's brother and his wife involved? When they are not filming are there other family members?

    I absolultaly love this show. I think that it shows how as a parent with patience and organizationl skills you can do a terriffic job. I have learned what is important raising kids, even though my children are grown the concept for this is marvilous. I admire Jon for his sense of humor and never afraid to laugh at himself and Kate. And Kate how she keeps the family together with her rules and keeping everyone in line(smile). She needs a great vacation and a spa week not a day. Also the camer crew are wonderful. good-luck to the show.
  • I love this show because it's awesome!

    Jon & Kate Plus 8 is a reality television show produced in the United States by Figure 8 Films about the Gosselin family, consisting of parents Jon and Kate and their eight children - a set of twins (both girls), and a set of sextuplets (3 girls and 3 boys). The show follows the family through their daily lives, focusing on the challenges of raising multiple children. The show originally aired on Discovery Health but starting with Season 3, airs Mondays at 9:00pm ET/PT on TLC. The family originally appeared in a one hour special titled Surviving Sextuplets and Twins. It's also been reported that the show draws in an average of 2.5 million viewers per episode, making it one of the most-watched reality series on TV. The family lives in Central Pennsylvania. It's amazing!
  • Now this is a show anyone of any age can watch!! My 3 year old loves this show, she cries when it goes off. I think she thinks they are her friends. I can't wait til they come on dvd.

    This is a really cute show. I hope it continues for along time. I like watch them all grow up from newborns to toddlers. They all have such differnt personalites. They really don't all look alike either. I love how they now have set aside a day for each of the kids to spend alone time with them. It seems some of them are lost without there other siblings around. It will be intresting to see if they are all kept in the same class when they start kinder. My little girl is about the same age and she will sit and watch it for as long as it is on.
  • This is a great show...Jon & kate are great. The kids are awesome. true reality. Kate is so cute, I love when she yells out "meltdown!"...They are so real, this should be on prime time.

    Truly hilarious and so real. Love it. I love the zoo episode, where are the grandparents? Is there a show on her pregnancies? I agree that Jon can be immature, but it's reality and he is a great dad, sometimes I worry about the marraige, but I think they balance each other out. Again this should be on prime time, so cute. I think the show is under rated and needs more publicity. I like the zoo episode and when the girls go to school. I wonder where in the US they live.
  • I love it so much! The little ones are so cute!

    Okay, my friend got me into this show. She was always talking about so I'd figure I'd just watch it. I NEED to watch it every day! The little ones are adorable! It's way to hard to pick a favorite! I definitely haven't seen all of the episodes, but a couple of my favorites are when they go to the zoo, when they go to Disney World, and Alexis's special day. I like the older girls too, but I think Maddy just adds to much drama. I like how Cara kind of mothers the little ones. I hope this show goes on for a long time because I really want to see the kids grow up!
  • 8 kids! Wow! Jon and Kate do a great job with them. Its a wonderful show.

    I really like this show. It is really very interesting to see how Jon and Kate manage to raise 8 children. I was always interested in multiples seeing as my grandma is a twin. But 6 kids of the same age living under one roof is extreme. I found it hard to watch a group of kids their age at summer camp. John and Kate definitely have it down and have done a wonderful job with the kids. I think they are extremely brave to do some of the things and go to some of the places that they do with 8 kids. I think the fact that Kate is organized and more uptight and Jon is a lot more relaxed balances everything out. I give them major props.
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