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  • waste of your tv time..

    This program is a waste of your air time. I wouldn't watch her on tv if you paid me.
  • TLC without the TLC instead we see pain

    They changed the name of the show wow these people care desparate one of them leave What the.... stupid! One of them want to stay for the money what about the kids these parents care too much about their issues this drops the bomb on TLC. Its the end of TLC! I do not feel like watching it after this. We only see one of them! I hate watching shows knowing that someone quit. Care about your kids is what everyone should say to them they have to feel the pain and get dragged around too! Come on why are they splitting up beacuse they don't care about their kids thats why!
  • Loved in the beging.

    Felt so bad for the children.
  • A good show at first, but I immediately sensed the impending doom.

    I'll admit, I watched the show in the early days. And I liked it. It was a good show back then. I mainly watched it for the kids. It was fun seeing each child's personality, and how they reacted to the world around them.

    Jon and Kate, on the other hand, I favored less. On top of that, I immediately sensed trouble between them; I can distinctly remember watching earlier episodes and thinking, 'I wonder when they'll completely fall apart?'

    So needless to say, I wasn't exactly surprised when everything...well, fell apart. I began sensing it after they moved into the new house. That was my first indication that Kate, specifically, had changed. I remember watching the episode in which they got the dogs (which they had to return because Kate really didn't want them, surprise surprise), taking one look at Kate, and going "What in the crud is THAT?"

    It's only gotten worse from there. Now that the divorce is happening, Jon and Kate have been acting like completely spoiled brats, in my opinion. Divorce is hard for any kid to handle, I'm assuming; imagine what those poor children must be feeling, seeing their parents act like they are. The children are the only people I have any amount of sympathy for in this case.

    I have no sympathy for Jon or Kate, because to me, they've just become greedy, desperate for attention, and contradicting (saying they have no money to pay bills, then talking about buying jewelry; saying they want to be amicable, then saying they hate each others' guts, etc.). Bottom line, I have a hard time believing that anything either of them say is genuine at this point.

    So...there you have it. The way I see it, what started as an innocent, clean-cut show has become a disgraceful mess. I do, however, hope that Jon and Kate get their money situation sorted out; they're going to need to in order to pay for the eight sets of therapy bills they'll need to be paying.
  • Not for me...

    I imagine it must be difficult to coordinate life in general around very young children of multiple births.
    But there is nothing in the world that would interest me or make me want to watch someone do just that.
    This show and others like it, which started as "specials" should have stayed as specials. THAT I could watch, though I wouldn't necessarily...
    I love kids...have a couple of my own and I wouldn't trade them for the world (though on occasion I could be tempted by a poke in the eye with a sharp stick and a bottle of Jack!!). But I can't imagine anyone would be interested in how we raised them, and if they were interested I'd likely be calling in the law!
    Nope. Not my cuppa...and I am sorry to viewers who do like the show, but I find Kate to be really unlikable! Kids ARE cute though...
  • This show was okay until they started exploiting the kids.

    When it first premiered, Jon & Kate Plus 8 was a decent show. It documented the lives of the Gosselin family of ten. It was interesting to see how the parents would survive raising eight children. Recently, however, Jon had been rumored to be having an an affair and the focus shifted from the children to Jon & Kate's crumbling marriage. What really annoys me is that when the focus was gradually shifting back to the children, people were complaining because of that. If they are going to do this, they should at least change the name. I suggest something like "Reality Television Destroys a Family". At least that would make more sense.

    Grade: C- (newer episodes)

    Grade: B (older episodes)
  • not my show and good luck for parents

    Children, two of whom are twins, Mady and Cara, and 6 of whom are sextuplets, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel. Good luck for the parents.
    This show is not for me. I admit that the children are very cute and the parents are kind of funny but I don't care how others raised their kids. The show must stand like special. It is a useless thing to change it to series according to me.
    Why it turns out to be series? That is because of most of the watchers are parents so that the show is amusing for them and get ratings.
  • I love this series, but the editing and nonlinear story telling makes me believe the production team needs some experience. The probsbly take 12 minutes of REAL story and use it 4 times in each episode. How iritating

    This would be great with better editing and producing. Using bits of information 3 or 4 times in a singlr episode is really irratating. I love the series, but channel surf during the redundant portions. Try to just tell the story in a traightforward manner. We who love the series would love to see a simple presentation of the story and not 4 2 minute bits of information intercut 4 different times in a single episode. Seeing Collin push Alexis is cute the first time, but the 4th time you see it in a single episode you have to wonder if there really is an editor working this series.
  • Maddys mudes

    I can not understand why Maddy is such a drama queen. I don't care where they go what they do she is always upset, mad and obnoxious
  • cute

    It's a wonder how this family functions at all. The twins and especially the sextuplets give Mom Kate and Dad Jon a run for their money. Yes, they're adorable and say really cute things, but I really don't envy the task that this family has to go through. Although some of the tasks and day-to-day things the family does is kind of boring, the kids are a cute as buttons, so I don't really mind it. The twin girls, Maddie and Cara, are regular little hams for the camera-but even they are entertaining to watch. Jon and Kate show us what a real family is supposed to look like.
  • The happiness and dilemmas of caring for a large family.

    Everyone probably thinks they know what it's like to raise children, or can approximate what it would be like anyway. When you take this well-known environment and add in the factor of a large family, however, things start to get a bit different. Will the parents be able to handle it? Will the kids get lost in the confusion?

    Happily, the answer seems to be that even though dealing with no fewer than eight children is a non-stop round of things to do, the parents shown in this series are able manage to handle the difficulties without caving in. There are problems, to be sure-- everybody fights sometimes, and no one can avoid disagreements when the number of decisions to make are multiplied by a large factor-- but it's hard not to smile at all the things the kids do, and to feel a lot of sympathy for the parents. Life like this has become the source for many a sitcom. This show is proof that real life is always more strange and more funny than any fiction.
  • Cute show!

    The show started out with Korean-American Jon who meets up with Kate, a white American. They marry and then, by fetility drugs, get pregnant with twins. And deciding to have one more baby, they wanted to do drugs again. But instead of one baby, they have six babies. They have five girls and three boys. They are Christians and that they try to live by their faith. Only thing that nags at people is that Kate treats Jon like trash. And that Jon is doing all he can. To please her and the kids. Sadly it just isn't enough. Wished she treated him with respect.
  • This show became a must watch immediately. I was addicted the first season. Now that I'm busier I haven't been able to catch it quite as often, but I have it set on my dvr to watch when I have time.

    I think it is wonderful to expereience their life and how they accomplish the easy tasks with 8 kids! I get frustrated with my two, I love watching them deal with traveling. Patience - boy they have it! At first Kate drove me nuts with her ocd behavior - but I would be the same way if I had 8 kids. She makes it work and thank God Jon is a very understanding man... it takes understanding and patience to make that household run. It's good to know that this show has allowed them more opportunities to spend time with their kids and for Jon and Kate to be at home more often with the kids. I can't wait to see the first day of school for the 6. What a day that will be. Give this show a test run... now that the kids are older, there is much more interesting show topics.
  • Something I wouldn't regularly watch

    You know, I don't usually watch this kind of stuff because I don't have kids, but I really enjoyed this. I like seeing how other peoples lives are going and comparing it to mine. I am amazed at Kate's organization with 10 people in one house. She is calm most of the time when she's got 8 screaming kids. I like the husband too, he's really easy going and doesn't do anything you want him to at the momment.

    I know Im such a dork for watching this but I like how it's relaxing and fun to see each week.
  • I think that moms can learn a thing or two from Kate, whether it is organization skills, communication skills, or time management. She is an awesome icon for television.

    I hope that Kate will be able to read this and realize what an inspiration to motherhood that she portrays, especially to stay at home moms like me. I know that is only what is on camera, and even then she can seem bossy and stressed out, but who wouldn't with all of those children. I particularly like the episode of her preparing meals for the 14 days that she would be gone for her plastic surgery. She took that extra step to make sure that her kids would not eat fast food. And the idea of hiding ground carrots and celery in the meat loaf is pure genius!! I have one two year old and I like to watch the show especially when he had a "bad day" and acted out or pushed my buttons. I watch Kate budget her time at the store, and doing laundry and get the assembly line going with the kids to eat, bathe, etc., and realize that if she can do it, so can I!! The organization level is astounding of the notes to herself, husband, and the twins, maintaining that each must do their part.
    I just think that all matters concerned that she is a great mother and deserves a standing ovation for her day to day routines that are always taken for granted in motherhood. Her children are lucky and will hopefully one day learn to appreciate that aspect also and all the effort that went into raising those children.
  • I don't know how you do it!!

    8 kids. WOW. that is utterly amazing. This show has become one of my favorites, as watching it is just way fun! Whether I'm giggling at the end of an episode, or feeling as exhausted as Jon and Kate look, I always wish that the new episode was airing right away! It is truly awesome how Jon and Kate can be such loving, caring parents to each and every one of their kids. They never make exceptions or limitations because of their large family. They do things as if they have only one child to attend to. Jon and Kate plus 8 is a wonderful family show, sure to keep viewers of any age captivated!
  • A classic reality show twinged with cuteness!

    At first, I must admit, I wasn't a fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Having that many children boggled my mind and robbed me of my sympathy for them. However, upon watching it more and more the show does grow on one. The kids are adorable and realistic. Their comments and behaviors are entirely their own and unscripted, showing the unpredictablity, challenges, and rewards of raising children. Each child has their own personality and it is fun and interesting to watch them grow and become more unique and truly their own individuals. The parents, Jon and Kate, are to be commended for their work ethic and the fact that they haven't lost their sanity yet. It takes a special person to be able to work with that many children. Jon tends to be more laid back, willing to let things come and go where Kate is more upfront and assertive. Many complain about Kate's over assertiveness and sometimes antagonism of Jon, however, it passes and she has admirably qualities that overshadow that. Overall, a very entertaining show. One really does fall in the love with the children and it makes one feel like they are a part of their family. Also, it is utterly adorable!
  • Cute.

    Who can watch that show and not notice how cute those kids are? Of course, there is the flip side... they can be whiny and screamy. But what kids aren't? It's to be expected in a family with 8 kids, 6 of them 3 year olds. I really do like this show, it's quickly becoming a favorite. It's the best on that network, in my opinion. I would love to meet this family, but I can't seem to get the little ones straight. I love it and can't wait fot the new episodes. They should be interesting, I always love the "new episode days".
  • Will Jon and Kate be ending, who knows.

    I love the show. It's amazing how two parents can raise eight kids so wonderfully. Sadly I watched tonight's show and almost wanted to cry but knew it was coming. Jon and Kate splitting up is horrible but them arguing in front of their children is horrible too. I wish them well though because I have parents who were divorced and I know how hard it was but they got along once they got back together after they worked things out. I hope the children with gradually come to understand and that Jon and Kate break it to them gently.
  • adorable

    i love watching these children each week. they are all so adorable and they each have distinct personalities. ive watched since the begining i ive loved watching them grow. i only have two problems with the show. mady is an annoying drama queen i we all know where she gets it from (her pain in the you know what mother). however the cutness of the sextuplets outweights that. i do feel bad for Jon and Kate now that the paparazzi are after them and their mariage is strained but to be honest from the begining i didnt think they would last. she is just too uptight for him.
  • what a great family. the kids are so adorable. it's really interesting to see how a large family manages their daily lives.

    i started watching this show because the family actually lives only 2 hours from my own hometown in pa. i was proud that my state is being portrayed in a positive light, a lot of ppl think pa is a rural area. the kids are so cute and since i've been watching from the beginning, i feel like they're a part of my own family. i've literally watched them grow up. my two kids, boys 7 and 8, also love this show. they have their favorites and know exactly who is who. the best eps are the ones where you see basic daily activities. lately, the family has been going on A LOT of vacations. but all in all, a great and addictiong program. if you like kids, this is one for you. i can't say it enough, they're so cute to watch.
  • A show I love to watch

    Jon & Kate plus eight is a reality TV show which follows the lives of the Gosselins and their 8 children. Jon, Kate and their kids are really part of a unique family. Jon and Kate first had twin girls, Maddie and Cara, they then decided to add another child to their family, but got more than they bargained for, Kate became pregnant with 6 babies. The show basically follows the family (Jon, Kate, Maddie, Cara, Alexis, Leah, Hannah, Aden, Joel and Colin), as they go about their daily lives. I enjoy this show, as it gives a good insight into what life is like with multiple children and the chaos which it can cause.
  • I really enjoy Jon & Kate plus 8, this is a really good real life show, life is not always a bowl of happiness and this shows real life..enjoy it. Why is more of Kate's & Jon's family members a part of helping? grandparents aunts uncles?

    I really enjoy Jon & Kate plus 8, this is a really good real life show life is not always a bowl of happiness and this shows real life..enjoy it. Why is more of Kate's & Jon's family members a part of helping? grandparents aunts uncles any other family that would love to be these childrens lives? I look forward to watching them grow. God bless Jon & Kate for stying together threw it all, they are a perfect couple. They stick by one anothers punishments for the children and they work well together, God has blessed you both by giving you not only a healthy twins, but also 8 healthy new born babies born all together. You are a Saint!
  • Jon and Kate plus 8 follows the life of Jon and Kate Gosselin and their kids, twin girls Mady and Cara and Sextuplets Alexis,Hannah,Leah,Aaden,Colin,and Joel.

    I LOVE this show i think i am obsssed with it,i never miss a new episode. All of the kids are so cute,my favourite is Leah cause she is just so small and adorable! Im pretty sure i've seen every episode! I liked it when each of the kids got their own special day and got to go to a place with Jon and Kate (but the boys just went with Jon) Some episodes are not as exciting as others,but they are still good. I think the way Jon and Kate raise the kids is great. It's fun watching these cute kids grow up :)
  • I love Jon and kate plus 8! Im obsessed i never miss a episode! The kids are soo cute. I love all of them. I hate when peope pick on them. Im soo obssesed i have a website about them and i make videos i have a wall in my room filled with pictures.

    I love Jon and kate plus 8! Im obsessed i never miss a episode! The kids are soo cute. I love all of them. I hate when peope pick on them. Im soo obssesed i have a website about them and i make videos i have a wall in my room filled with pictures. yeah i love them! my favorite episodes are
    All the Kids days. When they went down south.
    sight and sound. Mostly the new ones
    i like some old ones too. there just an awsome family. every monday i get my DVR set. i have every episode recoarded it! and im hopeing to get the DVD and book soon. i love the gosselins!
  • 8 kids! Wow! Jon and Kate do a great job with them. Its a wonderful show.

    I really like this show. It is really very interesting to see how Jon and Kate manage to raise 8 children. I was always interested in multiples seeing as my grandma is a twin. But 6 kids of the same age living under one roof is extreme. I found it hard to watch a group of kids their age at summer camp. John and Kate definitely have it down and have done a wonderful job with the kids. I think they are extremely brave to do some of the things and go to some of the places that they do with 8 kids. I think the fact that Kate is organized and more uptight and Jon is a lot more relaxed balances everything out. I give them major props.
  • I love it so much! The little ones are so cute!

    Okay, my friend got me into this show. She was always talking about so I'd figure I'd just watch it. I NEED to watch it every day! The little ones are adorable! It's way to hard to pick a favorite! I definitely haven't seen all of the episodes, but a couple of my favorites are when they go to the zoo, when they go to Disney World, and Alexis's special day. I like the older girls too, but I think Maddy just adds to much drama. I like how Cara kind of mothers the little ones. I hope this show goes on for a long time because I really want to see the kids grow up!
  • I love this show because it's awesome!

    Jon & Kate Plus 8 is a reality television show produced in the United States by Figure 8 Films about the Gosselin family, consisting of parents Jon and Kate and their eight children - a set of twins (both girls), and a set of sextuplets (3 girls and 3 boys). The show follows the family through their daily lives, focusing on the challenges of raising multiple children. The show originally aired on Discovery Health but starting with Season 3, airs Mondays at 9:00pm ET/PT on TLC. The family originally appeared in a one hour special titled Surviving Sextuplets and Twins. It's also been reported that the show draws in an average of 2.5 million viewers per episode, making it one of the most-watched reality series on TV. The family lives in Central Pennsylvania. It's amazing!
  • Now this is a show anyone of any age can watch!! My 3 year old loves this show, she cries when it goes off. I think she thinks they are her friends. I can't wait til they come on dvd.

    This is a really cute show. I hope it continues for along time. I like watch them all grow up from newborns to toddlers. They all have such differnt personalites. They really don't all look alike either. I love how they now have set aside a day for each of the kids to spend alone time with them. It seems some of them are lost without there other siblings around. It will be intresting to see if they are all kept in the same class when they start kinder. My little girl is about the same age and she will sit and watch it for as long as it is on.
  • This is a great show...Jon & kate are great. The kids are awesome. true reality. Kate is so cute, I love when she yells out "meltdown!"...They are so real, this should be on prime time.

    Truly hilarious and so real. Love it. I love the zoo episode, where are the grandparents? Is there a show on her pregnancies? I agree that Jon can be immature, but it's reality and he is a great dad, sometimes I worry about the marraige, but I think they balance each other out. Again this should be on prime time, so cute. I think the show is under rated and needs more publicity. I like the zoo episode and when the girls go to school. I wonder where in the US they live.
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