Jon and Kate Plus 8

TLC (ended 2009)





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  • This show became a must watch immediately. I was addicted the first season. Now that I'm busier I haven't been able to catch it quite as often, but I have it set on my dvr to watch when I have time.

    I think it is wonderful to expereience their life and how they accomplish the easy tasks with 8 kids! I get frustrated with my two, I love watching them deal with traveling. Patience - boy they have it! At first Kate drove me nuts with her ocd behavior - but I would be the same way if I had 8 kids. She makes it work and thank God Jon is a very understanding man... it takes understanding and patience to make that household run. It's good to know that this show has allowed them more opportunities to spend time with their kids and for Jon and Kate to be at home more often with the kids. I can't wait to see the first day of school for the 6. What a day that will be. Give this show a test run... now that the kids are older, there is much more interesting show topics.