Jon and Kate Plus 8

TLC (ended 2009)





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  • I love to watch this show. I tend to learn new things everytime I watch it. The kids are adorable. It is just a fabulous show to watch. It is truely my favorite. I look foward to watching it every monday.

    This show is wonderful. I find myself learning new things everytime that I watch it. Like the episode where Kate is getting ready to go in for sugery. She prepares meals for Jon and the kids. I noticed when she was cooking meatloaf she just threw everything that needed to be chopped up in the food processor and put it in the mixture. I sat there and thought you know how much time that would save me for when Im cooking. I have Eczema on my hand and it gets really bad where if Im chopping things that the food irritates it. But Im planning on getting a food processor soon. I think that is a great idea. Thank you Kate!!!