Jon and Kate Plus 8

Season 5 Episode 17

School Days

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on TLC



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    • Although they are officially old enough to be in kindergarten, the sextuplets were enrolled in "junior kindergarten" for this year. They will be attending a full-day program three times per week.

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    • Kate: Going back to my view of fans from two years ago to the present. Fans, I mean, I'll be honest. Two years ago, it annoyed me. I didn't want people staring at us. Yes, we put our world out there, but I didn't get that connection that we were on TV, and people were amazed to see us, and probably amazed anyway [because we have 8 kids]. Fast forward two years, and I've...especially in the given situation, where I am. Everywhere I go, whether I'm speaking, traveling, or in an airport, I have seen major, major support saying, "We're behind you Kate. You're doing the right thing. Keep doing what you're doing. Don't give up". Um, and it actually almost makes me cry, because I feel like giving up, and just to know that people out there really see my heart and see my goal, and see really, really, really what's important to me, and that I'm fighting for it hard, as hard as I can, um, it's amazing. I just feel very supported, and I just have to say, again, thank you.

    • Jon: It was a big day for them. My little kids are getting on the school bus. That's all we ever talked about when we had them, and when we saw Mady and Cara get on the school bus, so, um, it was really important for me to be there. It starts wicked early. I mean, my kids got up at 5:30, just to get to school. Even though we're getting divorced, and we're not husband and wife, we're still Mom and Dad, and we're technically still family, you know? As long as our kids know that we're there for them, regardless of what's going on around us, and they know that...we're supporting them, nothing else matters.

    • Jon: It's, like, bittersweet, because it's exciting, yet it's sad. I mean, your kids are growing up. Now they're gonna, like, learn to be independent and be on their own. You only get 18 years with your kids. They're gonna spend the rest of their lives outside your house.

    • Kate: I have to say, after I put my kids on the bus, and, um, I was walking towards my car, as was [Jon], um, it was very, um, strange and very sad not to have somebody there to say "Wow", like, "We did it". I mean, in the olden days, we probably would have slapped by and said, "Wow. I mean, we survived. We got here. The kids are going to school". Um, but I kind of said it out loud to myself. I did. I said it out loud because I couldn't not, and, um, I had my little cry, and by the time I got back here, I was all right. Um, it's just a very momentous occasion.

    • Kate: (about the kids' first day of school) I have to say there was not a tear, and, um, I just need to say, that has to speak to how well-rounded and how adaptable my kids are. This is plain ridiculous. I've thought about this my whole life. I mean, just, what's the word? It amazed me, because I did expect some sort of tears or clinging, or whatever. No way. They were, like, so ready to board that bus. Off they were. I thought Jon was gonna be in Las Vegas on the first day of school, so it was a big surprise when he showed up and helped me send the kids off to school.

    • Kate: You know, again, um, you know, all other decisions aside, um, at least when it comes down to it, um, we are able to keep the peace for the sake of the kids, for the important events. Um, and I know personally, I will cause that to continue. Um, I can't speak for [Jon], but I'm hoping that that is how it will be.

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