Jon and Kate Plus 8 - Season 1

TLC (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Jon Turns 30
    Episode 10
    Kate plans a surprise 30th birthday, for Jon, where she announces his fabulous gift, a trip to the Florida Keys!
  • Pancakes and Potties
    Jon and Kate have a pancake breakfast. Later, it's time to potty train all 3 sextuplets girls.
  • Shopping for Ten
    Episode 8
    Grocery shopping for a small army is not easy when you're on a tight budget. However, thrifty Kate has now mastered this task, and we get to see how she does it. Then, we watch as Jon and Kate navigate through a crowded toy store with 8 unhappy kids.
  • Twins Turn 6
    Episode 7
    Cara and Mady are turning six, and to celebrate, their parents are taking them on a train ride to New York City to visit American Girl Place - every little girl's dream! It may sound like a great plan, but with two crabby kindergarteners on a long trip, it's bound to be pretty interesting. Back at home, three different baby-sitters have been hired to stay with the sextuplets.moreless
  • Garage Makeover
    Episode 6
    Jon and Kate decide on remodeling the garage. The garage remodel is going smoothly until Kate brings the kids out into the garage. Will Jon finish the garage?
  • Gosselins Go West
    Episode 5
    When a church in California asks the Gosselins to speak to their congregation, Jon and Kate jump at the chance to get out of Pennsylvania. But the logistics of a cross country trip, from drafting a will to packing up all eight kids, proves challenging.
  • Housekeeper Hunt
    Housekeeper Hunt
    Episode 4
    In this episode, having reached her limit, Kate decides it might be time to get some cleaning assistance. Will Kate be able to find someone to meet her high cleanliness standards?
  • 10 Little Pumpkins
    Episode 3
    Kate and Jon want to make sure their eight grow up with traditions and Fall is prime time for family ritual. They take the kids to a local orchard for pumpkin and apple picking, and end the day with romping through a corn maze.
  • Sextuplets and Twins: One Year Later
    This special comes a year after the Gosselin's first special, Surviving Sextuplets & Twins. We find out that the Gosselins are coming together nicely as a family.
  • Surviving Sextuplets and Twins
    This one-hour special was filmed a year before "Jon and Kate Plus 8" was made into a reality series. Here, viewers meet the two frazzled parents who struggle to raise their children--a set of 5-year-old twins, and one-year-old sextuplets. How did Jon and Kate ever end up with eight kids in four years? What does Kate's stomach really look like after delivering six babies at once? Watch as they discuss the earliest years of their marriage, the shock of having a bigger family than they bargained for, and how they somehow manage to make it all work.moreless