Jon and Kate Plus 8 - Season 5

TLC (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 Bike
  • 11/23/09
    After five years on the air, the Gosselins bid us farewell in their show's final episode. On their separate custody days, Jon helps the kids organize a lemonade stand to benefit a local fire station, and Kate takes them to a dairy farm. Later, the soon-to-be-divorced couple discuss the ups and downs in their lives over the years, why the decision has been made to end the series, and what matters the most to them in life.moreless
  • Never Before Seen
    Episode 23
    Recent scandals involving Jon and Kate this past summer have resulted in bits and pieces of footage that never evolved into actual episodes. Now Kate is going to narrate those scenes and events, including an ill-fated trip to Korea, housebreaking moments with the infamous Gosselin dogs, and the arrival of Jon and Kate's 10th wedding anniversary. Why were these activities shielded from the audience until now? Tune in and find out!moreless
  • 11/16/09
    With only a few episodes to go, we get some new footage of the Gosselin children for the first time in a while. Kate has enrolled all the kids in gymnastics classes, and the tumbling begins. Later, when it is Jon's turn to be with the kids, he takes them to a local minor league baseball game and lets them eat all the junk food they want!moreless
  • 11/9/09
    After conducting a poll on their website, TLC has put together a collection of video clips that audiences have loved the most, complete with some voice-overs from Kate. This gives viewers an opportunity to revisit the family's less scandalous days and see how much they've grown and changed since we first met them.moreless
  • Kate: Her Story
    Episode 20
    With the Gosselin children unable to film at this time, Kate sits down with NBC's Natalie Morales to discuss what life has been like - not only as a single mother of eight, but as a woman in the spotlight. Viewers will get a better understanding of where the show is going and whether or not Kate will continue in the television world without her kids' participation.moreless
  • 10/26/09
    The Gosselins have addressed fan questions in previous seasons and episodes, but never before have they been confronted with so much scandal and controversy. In this special one-hour episode, Kate sits down by herself and answers as many as she can. How will she handle the more difficult questions, especially the ones that involve the emotional impact of filming and the well-being of the children?moreless
  • 10/19/09
    Kate is still out in Florida with the little girls, where they visit a large butterfly house, come face-to-face with various insects (much to Kate's dismay) and enjoy an early-morning ride in a hot air balloon. Jon, meanwhile, has the twins and the boys at the house, so they spend their time playing with an inflatable rocket and water balloons.moreless
  • School Days
    Episode 17
    Since their children were tiny, Jon and Kate have dreamed of the day that they would all be in school at the same time. With the twins in third grade and the sextuplets starting full-day kindergarten, that time has come, but it's different than what their parents expected. Now Kate is bracing herself for an empty house, and with no husband or rambunctious little ones running around, how will she fill her day?moreless
  • Time to Organize!
    Episode 16
    If you ask Kate about the "love of her life" these days, it's the opportunity to finally organize the basement to her liking! After hiring some professionals to help out, Kate gets busy, boxing and shelving everything she can find. What kinds of precious memories will she come across as she is cleaning? More importantly, what will she do with the growing box of Jon's personal items?moreless
  • Tea Party
    Episode 15
    After spending quality time with her sons, Kate is now leaving them with a nanny and giving her three youngest girls a special day with Mommy. She takes them on a carriage ride through a small town before visiting a traditional tea room, making homemade bracelets, stopping for ice cream, and doing some shopping. Meanwhile, Jon has the twins at home with him, where they plant seeds, make a bonfire, and design Father's Day cards for Daddy.moreless
  • Farm to Table
    Episode 14
    Kate takes the kids back to their organic food provider. The Amish farmer is famous for supplying excellent organic products, especially fresh fruit and vegetables. Once they return home, Kate immerses herself into preparing a delicious, healthy dinner for the family, and then she hosts a game night with the kids. Later, after a long and exhausting day, Kate must take Cara on a late-night trip to the doctor.moreless
  • Movie and a Catch
    Episode 13
    For her evening with the kids, Kate plans a grill-out and sets up a movie in the backyard, complete with a popcorn machine! The next day, when Jon is alone with the kids, they go fishing in a nearby cove, then make their own pizzas and have a picnic outside.
  • 8/31/09
    Kate takes her three sons on a trip to Wyoming, where they can get a reconstructed glimpse at the Wild West - and relish in the paparazzi-free environment. Meanwhile, Jon takes care of the girls at home, where they go on a scavenger hunt that takes up most of the afternoon. The real question is, how far will Daddy go to entertain his daughters during a game of dress-up?moreless
  • 8/17/09
    Still on vacation with the sextuplets, Kate leaves the three little girls with a baby-sitter and plans some special time with just her sons. She takes them to see the U.S.S. North Carolina, then finds a place for them to get a much-needed haircut. Back at the house, Jon bonds with the twins, who have returned home early for their end-of-the-year school picnic.moreless
  • 8/10/09
    As Jon oversees the installation of the new kitchen cabinets, Kate takes the kids to a beach house for a couple days. They enjoy soaking up the sun, playing in the ocean, and even painting their entire bodies with pudding! Later, the cameras document Kate's reaction to seeing the new kitchen for the very first time.moreless
  • Camping Out
    Episode 9
    In Jon's absence, Kate finally agrees to take the kids camping, even if it's only three feet away from their back porch. This means that Kate must pitch a tent, start a campfire, and oversee everything by herself. Will everyone have a good time? Throughout the episode, Kate also talks about how her role as a mother has been changing in recent weeks, and how she intends to make things as normal as possible for the kids during this time.moreless
  • 8/3/09
    After a six-week break, the show returns for its first new episode since Jon and Kate announced their separation. Now viewers will get their first glimpse at how the kids are coping, and what the future holds for the entire family. At this time, Jon and Kate decide that their kitchen could use some more organization, so they use what little communication they have left with each other to choose new cabinets. As Jon installs them, Kate takes the kids to a nearby beach to avoid the mess and noise involved.moreless
  • Once upon a time, before Jon and Kate Gosselin were associated with so much personal scandal, they were a tight-knit, loving couple doing their best to raise an unexpectedly large family. In the wake of their separation, the producers have put together clips of their past ten years, showcasing how how they originally wanted just three kids, but fate had a much bigger plan for them. We also learn more about how they ended up starting the show in the first place.moreless
  • 6/22/09
    For this one-hour episode, Jon and Kate have ordered four "crooked houses" to set up in the backyard for the kids. Throughout the grueling installation process, Kate leads the children in a series of backyard games, then spends time arguing with Jon over where to assemble the play houses. Of course, it's nothing compared to the huge announcement that the Gosselins are about to make about their lives and the show.moreless
  • Bikes & Trikes
    Episode 5
    The gang from American Chopper visit Jon and Kate. They have a great project planned for Jon and the boys.
  • Bam! 100th Episode
    Episode 4
    "Bam!" is the catch phrase of the day as the Gosselins celebrate their 100th episode. Chef Emeril Lagasse helps teach the kids simple meals that they can make with their parents. Jon and Kate look back on the past 99 episodes and address more questions about where the show is headed.moreless
  • 6/1/09
    Kate takes Mady to San Diego, California for a special one-on-one vacation. Back in Pennsylvania, Jon has his hands full with the other seven children. He decides on some outdoor activities, but one of the kids ends up getting rushed to the doctor.
  • 6/1/09
    For her birthday, Kate plans on spending a quiet day at home with her kids, but Cara and Mady have teamed up with the show's producers to put together a special surprise for Mommy. Elsewhere, Jon honors the memory of his late father by volunteering at a skiing site with children who have special needs, but on the flip side, he is not with his family on his wife's birthday. Throughout the episode, Kate talks a bit about her traveling, the success of her books, and why her kids are enough incentive for her to push through these hard times.moreless
  • 5/25/09
    The Gosselins have been front-page news with the media throughout the summer, and now Jon and Kate are ready to set the record straight on what's true and what is not. As the sextuplets' fifth birthday party approaches, Jon and Kate speak together and separately about their relationship, the stress of living in the public eye, and why they have no plans to quit the show anytime soon.moreless